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Has anyone ever used WEN hair care products?

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I have really dry and curly hair and this WEN stuff is supposed to be a good product but the thing is ..it's sooo expensive. Ok, expensive for me cause I tend to be cheap but I really want to do some thing to make my hair look better (don't think I'd really be into the whole no poo thing). I was wondering if any of the Mama's on here have actually tried and if so is it worth the $ ? Tia



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any natural shampoo should be just fine.  although no poo is really simple.  i have curly hair and did that for awhile and my hair looked great. you can also get shampoo bars. 

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Sally Beauty Supply has a knock off on this conditioning cleasner, called Hair One.


I've used it in the past, but not certain I noticed any real difference over using just a cheaper over the counter conditioner.


Sauve is cheap and lacks the nastiest of the ingrediants for conditioners (no silicones, etc).


I went with conditioner only for 6+ months, never had many issues, my curly hair did fine, until i started using oil to cleanse my face. Now due to the excess oil I introuce to my skin using OCM, I need to shampoo my hair 1-2 times a week or it just hangs around my face.


Have you done conidtioner only before? or just now interested because of Wen?



best of luck trying things out.


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All it is is sulfate-free shampoo, which you can get at any drugstore nowadays. Just go to where you normally buy shampoo and look for ones that say sulfate-free, they will be the pricier ones but will be way cheaper than Wen!

Also, I am going to be trying unshampoo, soon! Its supposed to be great for your hair, even curly hair.
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I love Wen. The sweet almond mint is my favorite. However, the Sally knock-off, Hair One, worked just as well for me, without the extra expense. I do prefer the scent of Wen, but I can't justify the price difference just for scent. One thing you can do is sign up for the trial offer from www.wenhaircare.com and then cancel after the 1st shipment. They will send you a "we want you to come back" offer that is $10 less than the original price, so $25 shipped for the kit. The intense moisturizer, Re-moist, is incredible. And I LOVE the styling creme and texture balm (the texture balm is great to make bangs a little bit "piecy"). Then keep canceling, and they'll keep sending you the "come back and save $10" offer.

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Thanks for all the advice ladies. I think I'll check out the knock of WEN at Sally's first cause I'm not sure I'm ready to pay that much for the WEN stuff


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I do no poo with suave conditioner.  I shampoo with the cheap coconut stuff, and play around with good conditioners after. It took a bit, and I wasn't entirely sold on it until I decided to try shampooing again last week and my hair turned into a frizzy puffball again.  Back to no poo for me!




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my mom adores the wen and she has curly/dry hair. it makes her hair look and smell fab. i think it lasts her a long while since she is the only one using it. hth!

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I've used it before but didn't really like it. I just didn't like how it made my hair feel.  I bought mine off QVC when they had a trial pack.  I'm not sure about any price difference, but I bought it a few years ago when it was just coming out.  I've never tried the Sally version.


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I don't know if you're still on the fence about the Wen system, but I absolutely love it! I've been using it for about 2 months now, and I have noticed a tremendous change in the texture, and softness/feel of my hair. I hate washing my hair because that means I have to blow dry, then flat iron my thick, curly hair...a feat that takes at least an hour. However, I now actually look forward to washing it LOL. I am amazed every time at how much better my hair looks than the time before. 


That said, I wanted to share an offer with you that I received with my Proactiv a couple of months ago. I tested the link to make sure I wasn't posting a dead one, and this link http://www.wenhaircare.com/lp/cbem9f/?auth=A4vncQKL&uci=US-CD-D-CS-GR-5746 will give you the Wen system for $9.95, and will continue at that price, if you choose to keep receiving it. Best of luck to you!



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I have been using CO (conditioner only) for years on my thick curly hair.  My daughter got WEN for her birthday & I tried it once, I had to use at least 40 pumps to get enough product thorugh my hair.  It worked no better than the products in my rotaition, what I did like was the strong herbal scent of rosemary, lavender & mint.  So tried adding some essential oils to one of my conditioners taht had barely a scent & that was nice.  I love, Suave naturals~ coconut, Tresseme naturals conditoiner (but it does have a pretty strong fragrance) Naures Gate Pomegranate sunflower, but it is pricy for the amout I go through.  I"ve used Sally's knock off Hair One the Olive Oild scneted one was the most pleasent in my opinion, make sure that you smell them before you purchase!  But still for the price I was going through it so fast, so I prefre the drugstore brands.  Good luck please post back on how you like whatever you decide to try!       

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I just came across this blog which is very interesting!  She doctors up cheap drugstore conditioner to make it more similar to WEN.

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