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Mild hypothyroid questions with VERY low adrenals too

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I've been reading through the big Thyroid thread, but I'm a little confused (and out of time)


Was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of questions


I'm seeing an RE for fertility - trying for #2.


My recent bloodwork for this cycle's DAY 3 showed my TSH elevated at 4.19 (canadian)


So they want to re-test (only the tsh) then give me "meds" if it's still high.


My mother has thyroid issues (nodules and she thinks she's hypo - but in between dr's so hasn't had the full bloodwork)


I've never had thyroid issues before based on bloodwork (I know b/c we did fertility treatments to conceive #1)

I have been a little "more" tired lately - but I just started night school a couple of weeks ago and am losing sleep hours a couple of nights a week. I'm still a SAHM to my 3 yr old as well - which of course adds stress/triedness. Hair, nails, weight are all okay I think? 

I have always had low blood pressure and have always been sensitive to cold.


The only other thing I was reading is about iodine and too much vs too little. For the last couple of months I've been a seaweed kick, plus taking my prenatal. I read that too much iodine can even cause hypo....I'm wondering if I've triggered something?


My adrenals could be a little off with the extra stress of school and taking care of my 3 yr old. 

We are almost done weaning - down to a couple of times a week - could that have an effect?


I know my progesterone is a little low based on post ovulation bloodwork.



I know that I should be asking for more bloodwork (T3 T4, antibodies).


My question is - if my other #'s are okay and my TSH is a little high, then I would want to take the meds anyway right?


I'm nervous to start taking thyroid meds without more info, but I'm a little scared as I know having untreated hypo while pregnant is not good either. They will want me to start this cycle - is it wise to do this quickly or can I monitor it first?


I'm going to see my naturopath, maybe some herbs will help?


I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. Thank you!

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Have you been charting your temps?

Do you have any other hypo symptoms besides tired?


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Well I got my bloodwork back (2 days later than the 1st) still only the TSH, as this is just standard with my RE. It dropped to 2.5 (canadian) I know that's the high end of normal, and I won't know more until I get the full panel bloodwork done with my family Dr.


SandyMom - I was looking at http://www.drrind.com/therapies/metabolic-symptoms-matrix and I'm really all over the map where my symptoms fit (between adrenals and thyroid).

I will definitely need to take my temp for a few days and see.



I decided to get myself a b-complex to start in the meantime, and I will see my naturopath and family dr this week for some more ideas.

I can say the b-complex has definitely had an impact already, my energy has picked back up despite my 3 yr old's attempts at wearing me down :)


Does the TSH fluctuating like that mean anything I should be looking for? (meaning what pointed questions should I ask my ND and GP)


What should info should I arm myself with when I see my GP and request bloodwork? I'm thinking FT3, FT4, antibodies, ferritin, b-12, vit D, folate,calcium - if she questions why, how do I explain myself simply?


Thanks for the help :)




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I feel awful unless my TSH is in the 1 and under range - 4 would def. have me sick! 

You need TSH, FREE T3 & FREE T4 and antibodies to kind of know what is going on but I would say for sure your thyroid is out of wack.  



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Something that stood out from the thyroid thread for me was the correlation between increasing iodine and crashing thyroid.


The big change to my diet over the last few months was increasing my seaweed consumption (not excessive, but definitely more frequent) I thought I might be deficient b/c we don't use table salt or have other sources, so I thought I was doing something helpful...duh....


I wonder if I had mild hypo symptoms for a long time, then the increase in iodine triggered something worse?


I'm confused if this means things will improve if I stop the iodine though?


I feel really under pressure since we are supposed to do IUI (fertility procedure to get pregnant) this cycle (next week!) and I don't know what to do about my thyroid.


I suspect I'm going to be up against a not so knowledgeable GP (see her tomorrow) and I don't want miss an opportunity to take care of my thyroid!


I'm prepared to tell her all my symptoms, ask for the full bloodwork (I suspect Hashi's as my mother has a goiter), but do I want to be starting thyroid meds (figuring out the right level)  at the beginning of a possible pregnancy...I likely won't get pregnant if things are still off I'm realizing :(


I'm feeling really overwhelmed all of a sudden, and this "brain fog" symptom is suddenly becoming very obvious for me :(



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Please throughly investigate this website http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/ and get the book if you haven't already. It is full of information and is what enabled me to know the heck to ask for and look for in trying to find a doctor who will listen to you and treat you properly. After what I think is YEARS on mild hypothyroid, I finally found  a doc to take my symptoms and concerns seriously. Im being treated for hypothyroid and adrenal fatigue and feel much better. Im also trying for #2 and seeing an RE. My RE insisted there was nothing wrong with my thryroid.

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I would see an endo about your thyroid before you try to conceive - you want to for sure know what is going on there before you get started.  Are you seeing a rep. endo? 



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Barcino - Yes we're seeing the Rep Endo...though it was just the nurse that said that since it dropped to 2.5 she was no longer concerned...which is why I'll do the full bloodwork with my GP. I didn't speak to the endo directly.


I went to the ND today. She did a urine test for my adrenals and the result was that they weren't showing any function at all. She thinks my thyroid is out of whack too and gave me a vitamin mix for that.


I'm now trying to read through the adrenal fatigue thread, and seeing that the adrenals need to be fixed first...that might improve my thyroid on it's own? A few people mention that thyoid supp's could make the adrenals worse.....ugh.....


So the ND told me to up my b-complex, and try this thyroid supp. (which has adrenal supports vit's mixed into it by THORNE..can't remember the name) 

Maybe this will be enough? 


I'll think we'll cancel the IUI for this cycle....very sad :(, unless I miraculously feel better....that's the right thing to do right?

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I think so - thyroid stuff is so complicated and affects so much!  I would try to get it more under control before the IUI - so sorry!  HUGS! 


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