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Orthodontists in Spokane?

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Any recommendations?  Our dentist has suggested Dr. Joshua Johnson.

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when I had braces I saw these guys: http://www.dmdortho.com/ the older Dr Damon invented braces that don't need to be tightened as ofen and aren't as painful as the older type of braces.


I absolutely recommend getting consults with multiple orthodontists because not all of them use the same techniques. 

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I worked for Dr. Duane Grummons for many years, he is incredible!  So good with kids, very warm and inviting, and a world-renowned speaker/teacher.  There's no better in Spokane!  :)

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Dr. Damon in the Banner Bank building on Division.  My parents were both a dentist and dental hygienist in Spokane for 40 years. My orthodontics were done by Dr. Damon Sr. and all of my father's patients he referred to Dr. Damon thumb.gif

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Hi, Thanks for your replies! We decided to go with Dr. Damon.  We liked his feedback and the fact that he was very NON-pushy about things.  Ds got his braces a couple of weeks ago and has had no problems adjusting to them.  They estimate he will wear them for about 18 months (maybe less).       


We saw 4 different orthodontists (Johnson, Paventy, Damon, Grummon) before making our decision.  The other three wanted to get started the same day we saw them and were very rush-rush-rush. 


We did meet with Dr. Grummon, but he gave both of us a weird, creepy feeling.  He was a no-go within 5 minutes.  Plus, he wanted to do a CT scan (he has one in his office) on ds saying, "Just to check his sinuses for problems."  I said there aren't any sinus problems and ds doesn't have any allergies.  He said, "Oh, if it's about money, don't worry, it won't cost you anything.  We bill your medical insurance, telling them it's for diagnostic purposes."  I don't like doctors (of any kind) scamming anyone.  Plus, just because you have a CT machine, doesn't mean you have to use it on everyone...


If we hadn't decided on Damon, we would have used Johnson.


Again, thanks for your responses!!

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