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Hey mamas!  Is anyone still around, lol??  Miss you all (those ones I don't see on Facebook....Max..cough cough:)

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joy.gifWell Hello May Mamas! Thanks for shouting us out Sydnee! I'll PM you. I am actually on FB now. ;)  Any other May Mamas want to connect on FB just send me a PM.


We are all well here. LO is in kindergarten & loving it, dd(8) is in second grade, dd(10) is in 5th, and ds(12) is in 6th. I'm keeping busy w/some part-time work, women's ministry at our church, volunteering at school & taking care of home & hearth! Dh's new business is going really well. I am still moved & touched by all the support you provided me here during that most stressful transition. :hug


Please post updates May Mamas! I'd love to hear how you are all doing.



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Hi, mamas!


Well, we still haven't really moved.  But DH and I are making progress in that direction now - I think.  It's been so challenging.  But we just keep going and trying different things . . ..  I think the most difficult thing this fall/winter has been that somebody's been sick with something pretty much non-stop since October.  That sounds like something must be wrong with us (and I'm sure stress is part of it) but it also just takes a LOOOONG time for any virus to go through 5 people when you get it one at a time.  I'm the only one who's developed a secondary infection at all.


My oldest will be 8 this month, my May boy is 5 (obviously!), and our baby girl is 2.5.  I'd really like another baby but I can't fathom being pregnant and living in two places - so I'm motivated to live in one place!  We ARE out of living with my mom when we are in the 2nd city, and that's really a good thing.  Towards the end of staying with her, it was extremely difficult.  I don't feel good about that, but it is what it is.


I attended a birth as a doula for the first time in almost 2 years yesterday and the day before.  I found a volunteer doula program where I can be on-call only when I have time and childcare available, which is great because I HAVE to attend a certain number of births to maintain my certification.  It was an interesting birth - ended as a cesarean but in a much more positive way than the other cesareans I've attended.



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