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Hi everyone! Can I join you? We arent really TTC, but I am suffering through the 2WW. Im 6 DPO, and trying not test like crazy. I know its ridiculous, but last time I tested every single day from 5 DPO to 15 DPO (which was the day I got a BFP) I have a 14 month old, and we werent really trying, but now that its a strong possibility, Im getting more excited. If I get a BFP, it would likely put me in the FEB 12 DDC right? My calculations said Jan 29 would be the EDD, but I figure thats so close to being Feb. (My birthday is in feb too!)
Congrats to all the ladies with BFP's!!!
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Well I'm having my first symptoms. But It's so late in the cycle now it could be AF. I'm not sure. I'm testing again tomorrow, and then sat if still no BFP or AF. *Fingers crossed*

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I'm barely in the 2WW, I have ovulatory symptoms today (and yesterday) and will prob have a temp spike in the next couple of days. Still, I'm already so distracted, thinking of the possibilities!! We're trying for our first, and it's scary to even imagine how much my life will change...

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Trying for our first, 2nd try, currently 8dpo......waiting.....waiting..........the waiting is harder than I thought it would be!  Oh, and Hi!  I'm new!

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7 dpo. I caved and tested this morning. Silly, I know. It wasnt a BFP. Thankfully, that was the last stick in the house, so I have to wait until I go buy some more to test again. ::trying to restrain myself until saturday::.
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I've done the same thing the past two mornings! I'm 9dpo so BFN of course. I "know" it is too early so I'm trying not to be discouraged...but...I'm just so excited and hopeful.
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You are really close to me. I live in springfield, which is just about 45 minutes away.
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@Adaline'sMama That's cool! Aren't you tired of all this cold rain??

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Hey friends! I'm new to these boards. I accidentally posted this as a new thread the other day when I meant to post it as a reply on this 2WW thread.  Still trying to figure it all out.


Anyway, Happy to find this group because the 2ww is killing me.  I'm 9dpo right now, jumped the gun against all my better judgment and tested this morning and yesterday morning (obviously bfn). We've stopped preventing a few months ago, but this is the first month that I think we timed everything right - so I'm hopeful!  With my first (he's 4.5) it took nearly a year of serious trying/temping/charting to conceive and I remember how discouraged I felt.  I'm trying to be more relaxed and positive (haven't started temping yet - just charting my cycles, cm, reacquainting myself with my body) but I am so anxious/excited I can't stand it. AF is due in 5-6 days (my cycles fluctuate) so I'm watching for every pg symptom I had before - sore bbs, frequent peeing, & I've had two pregnancy dreams; and I've noticed that I'm not having my usual AF symptoms - grouchy, acne...so who knows?! Anyway...congrats to all the BFPs and here's hoping for patience for all of us still waiting :-)

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I had a pg dream last night! Im wondering of its because it has been on my mind so much though. And, yes, I am *so* sick of this cold rain.
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I was wondering the same thing about my dreams, but they were both really vivid and funny actually... I've got two tests left (both digital which I don't like because when we were TTC our first I got a false positive on one) and I'm trying to convince myself to wait until Saturday to test...doubt I have the willpower.

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Ok, along with some fatigue and headaches the past few days this morning I had some pretty localized cramps, right under my belly button on to my right just slightly. I've never had cramps like that, usually it's just a broad adominal cramp. So fingers crossed for implant cramps. I'm still a little sore from the cramp, and 6 days past when my period was going to start. I tested yesterday and a bfn, so I'm trying to hold out till sat to test.

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I had those same pinchy like cramps on the right side of my right abdomen, near my belly button yesterday.  Now thinking I may have o'd a day later than I thought...still have my fingers crossed...not getting my usual AF symptoms that I normally have by now. But really...who the heck knows :-)

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I'm 10-11 dpo now. Can't keep myself from testing and keep getting bfn even on frer greensad.gif I know I'm still early and I shouldn't get bummed out...but well, you know...I am.
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If it makes you feel any better I didnt get a bfp with frer until 15 dpo with my DD. I tested this morning (bfn) at 9 dpo, so dont beat yourself up!
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  Trying to stay calm. whistling.gif I'm considering this cycle as our successful cycle. I feel good, and I expect a BFP. 7DPO and starting to get test-y (as in, itching to test).

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10 ish dpo here too...looks like we have a lot of testers for the weekend!!!


iv peed on  all my tests, so nothing to do now but wait till af is due...and hopefully she stays away for 9 months!


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Ah! I'm going insane over here! Fatigue, those sharp cramps yesterday and few more this morning that weren't so severe but were in the same location, and now I'm spotting! I keep telling myself that pink is a good sign and I'm still good, but I'm SO worried it's AF! I want to test so badly, but I promised I'd wait till in the morning...



Edit to add:

What counts as spotting? It's still pink/brown, but it's a little more than I picture when I think spotting. Guess I'll just wait ans see if it stops... *sigh*

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9 dpo. Faint line positive!!!!
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Congratulations! Adaline's Mama! I plant o be an Adaline's Mama someday too (family name). :) Care to share the pee stick pics?

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