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Hi all! I want to join! LMP 4/15, O'd (based only on EWC, and also previous history, so could always be off). DH and I not trying (wanted to wait until fall) but threw caution to the wind this month and DTD on 4/14, which ended up being the day before likely O. First week after O, crashed on the couch one night at 9:30 pm, which I have not done in years, and ready to go to bed as early as 7:30 pm a few nights. Now, I have 2 LOs and they keep me busy, and up at night sometimes, but I have not been this exhausted in a long time. Now, today I have nausea. I have also had that "fullness" feeling, and the "just know I'm pregnant" feeling. But, I had that feeling once the last time with TTC#2, and I was totally wrong!


I am about to get a job offer, and I am a little worried about whether to take it (only a one-year, academic post) if I will be pg!! So, I really want to test early so I can know before I commit. I am only about 7 DPO now, though, so have to hold out at least a little longer. But, the BFPs on DPO 9 are making me consider testing on Wed am...

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Hi I'm 11DPO and I think I'm going insane, I have no symptoms at all apart from cramps last week. Will be testing on May 13, but I must admit I tested last sunday at 8DPO and it was -ve I almost crumbled to pieces now I'm scared anxious and still hoping. I walked past the pharmacy today trying hard not to go in and by a test . When is the most secure earliest time to test because I'm not sure I'll make it to sunday alive! lol

congrats to you ecook26  energy.gif

So I guess Texasgirl11 and  baby4makes6 that we are in the same range btw my LMP was 04/23 and I have a 21 day cycle.

Happy baby dust to y'all

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I know exactly how you feel Tropicalfever, I am only 5 dpo and about ready to go insane and to top it all off my husband told me last night that he thinks he "got the job done this month!"  Now I am so anxious to test, but nervous because I had a dip in my temp this a.m....come on May 16th, you can't get here soon enough whistling.gif  I was thinking about testing on Mothers day bc I'd be 9 dpo and usually have a 28 day cycle, but I'd hate to ruin the day if it's negative

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baby4makes6 DONT test early please I did and now I'm totally devasted by the terror that I missed it this month again I don't wish tat to anybody just hold on a little more I know its not easy because I'm in the same boat!

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The 2WW is making me crazy!!! I'm only 5 dpo and I feel like I'm over-analyzing every little thing! (and also googling every single thing)


I even took a test today- which OBVIOUSLY came back BFN (it's waaaay too early) but I just couldn't help myself!

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I'm going absolutely nuts, too!! I'm 9DPO but did a trigger this month so am especially scared to test too early. Ugh! Going crazy over here!
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Oh my I couldn't resist I tested again at 11DPO and guess what BFN!!! I was so ravaged I started crying stared at the test for minutes hoping it will change but it didnt. Ran on the net to see if the detection level ofmy test 25mIU/ml was not too high for my stage of pregnancy that is if pregnancy there is. I've decided to go do a blood test but I'm already so beat down I barely can speak.

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