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I will not test.  I will not test. I will not test.  Trying to keep strong until after AF is due.  I am 2 days away.  Here's to hoping.

ME TOO!!! boy was I having that conversation with myself this morning...Should I? Shouldn't I? Should I? Shouldn't I? Maybe just a little in a cup and then if I want to test later I can...SHEESH!!


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Peach- what a story, I hope you get a BFP soon, sounds like you got the signs!! I don't think your crazy though- although I have questioned whether or not I am crazy lately. I have had a lot of "symptoms" but I think I am doing it in my head rather than just letting it happen naturally. It's nice that you weren't stressing about it during the whole 2WW. Are you going to officially wait until your b-day to try and test again? That would be a wonderful b-day present (and also a bust if it wasn't + but don't think that way!) Good luck!

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Well, AFM, I haven't had any symptoms, although I am only 5DPO, when do you start having symptoms if you're going to have them? 

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I'm coming to join your party :)   I'm fairly new on MDC.
I'm 4 DPO, TTC #2... and I'm fairly good at symptom spotting ;)  ...Meaning I'm very overly thorough. Haha


I'm already noticing "symptoms"... which is just annoying, because I know it's too early. Augh.

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With my daughter I really didn't get any symptoms until I already knew I was preggers- we were both military and had started trying in Sept, it went by as well as Oct Nov Dec...and then my husband was scheduled to deploy so I just sort of gave up (at this time we weren't charting or anything, just winging it) and I had an appt with the doctor who asked my LMP, I told her my last 3 and that I knew them because I was trying to get preggers- she gave me the breakdown of that I had a 28 day cycle exactly and if we had sex from day 7-11 (Now I know different but that's what she said) we could be pregnant. Well we had DTD in that time frame and I was only a wk out from AF so it got kind of exciting from there- but I didn't really have any symptoms that would have indicated that to me. So the day that AF was to arrive all I got was brown discharge (Sorry TMI)- just so you all know I am due for AF today, haven't tested (didn't want to jinx myself, and sort of just had given up) but I have only brown discharge (although it is only 7:40 am here...LOL Still hoping) and I have a headache now- and I'm not usually the type to get head aches. I am so nervous to test because I am scared for another BFN...but who knows?? Sorry this was so long- oh yea, I sort of have a lump in my throat that makes me feel like I want to be sick...but I think it's just nerves...I will let you ladies know when I know :D

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I'm going to join you ladies! I am 5-6 DPO and noticing some "symptoms" but of course it could just be all in my head.. ;) we weren't "trying" but we had a sort of "oops" on Sunday though I knew I was ovulating... ;) I have a 3 year old (today!) and 9 month old, so our plan was to wait a little longer to start trying again for another. BUT if I am pregnant I will be THRILLED. :-D We are moving into a new house next week, so amidst all of that, I will hopefully be too busy to stress/worry! I am going to hold off on testing until as close to 2 weeks as possible. Usually my LP is pretty short, so if I don't get a period here in the next 4-5 days then I may just give in and test... ;)

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I'm new- Mom to 5 girls- 23,21,19,14,11- with a new husband and TTC after tubal reversal, 4th cycle, my OPK didn't detect- i thought i missed it- then via US i found out that i had just ovulated...i hate a tww- but now i don't even know what my two weeks are- am i 12 dpo or 6?????  Irene is coming and i don't have concerns about water or batteries but feel like i should run out to stock up on HPT's- so i can ride out the storm POAS!!!! I am a womens health RN and i know better- but it really doesn't matter- i am symptom checking and testing way too early- to change a saying: there are no athiests when your holding a pregnancy test stick.

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Thank you for the replies, GradStudent13 Janellody! What you ladies said makes a lot of sense. I think I am just a ball of worry/stress! I think we are ready.....we would "make it work" in terms of money. We aren't as bad off as some.....we could just find a cheaper apartment in another area, so we'd have more room and more money. We love living here, but with a baby, it would be hard! We are in a high cost of living city. Technically, waiting another year would make it a little easier for us. But if it happens, it happens.


Today I am at about 6 DPO, I think. It's 6 days after we did the unprotected baby dance (and who knows when I ovulated, but I tried to guess, so maybe it's 5 dpo). I am nauseous! I actually made another thread devoted to this.....asking if it was too early for nausea. I think in most cases, the answer is yes. So I have no clue what could be going on. This is really strange. I am thinking I'll wait until 8 DPO, at the earliest, to test. Normally I would have more discipline, but these symptoms are strange (was also hot to the touch last night). The only other thing I could think is if we BD'ed a few days before the last one, and I lost track of that in my mind. That would have been protected, probably with withdrawl method (if you call that protection!). So.....yeah. (shrug)


Good luck to all!!!!!!!



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Hey all, I am only at 6DPO, but I am already struggling with not testing! I *know* it is too early, but a number of ladies on here are a little ahead of me, so are testing and it is getting harder and harder not to test, too!

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ok, i am at CD 32 and estimated 17 DPO and no sign of AF. i must just have long or irregular cycles (i was pretty much not keeping track until a month ago) because i really do not think im pregnant.


i POAS yesterday morning because i couldnt help myself and in was a BFN.


my boobs are bigger, but thats right in line with my normal AF symptoms. no cramping yet and i usually get that a day or two before AF.


im slightly hopeful, but i just really really really do not feel pregnant! and i have been pregnant once before though i dont remember when symptoms started.


oh well, just wanted to share my confusion :) 

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thats tough! I always hold out some secret hope until AF starts- then I end up dissappointed even though i "knew" i wasn't.  My ovulation was so messed up this month I don't know how many DPO i am.  I am CD 27...i was a 30 day cycle last month...but per an US i O'd about 8 days ago....Best of luck....

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Pretty sure I am out this month ladies.  I am spotting and really emotional.  All those phantom pregnancy symptoms really had me going, but I guess I have always known the power of my own mind.  I guess it is good that acupuncture is changing my cycle- I am a day longer this month.  Thanks for the support.  Maybe I will hear from some of you hear next month, but I have been at this long enough, I think I have to try to keep from being so eager during these 2 weeks.  Good luck to all of you.  Peace out.

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CD 34 and estimated 20 DPO, no AF. boobs are still big and sore... 


i haven't taken another test, but i think i will tomorrow if i don't start bleeding before then. im gonna be pissed if it's another BFN though! i'm starting to get kind of hopeful. 

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wanderin- we are living parralel lives- i am now CD 32 and i think (hmmm) 13 dpo. out of sticks and not buying any more...well not today....I took 2 frer on CD 23 and 24 - stupid and a few dollar stores since- but i don't FEEL different- I have decided to enjoy the possibility for as long as it lasts...and then deal with dissappointment when it comes.  My AF seems so much more pronounced since TTC- annoying symptoms seem unbearable- a reminder of failure- that first day i just want to wrap in a blanket and sleep away the sadness.  Then i try to cheer myself up...

what does everyone else do- i bought myself flowers last month. 

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greensad.gif I'm out for the month. It feels like a building has fallen on me- good luck everyone.
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Sorry I have been so out of it lately, I was gone all weekend and am SUPER busy right now with work.  But for those of you who haven't seen my news in the ONE thread.. I got my BFP today!!!  I am beyond excited!!  Thanks everyone for the support and I am still holding out for some more BFPs from others!!

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Congrats Janellody!

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im so sorry sherry :( i almost know how you feel... im pretty hopeful at this point and will be pretty let down if i get my period. i almost dont want to test because i dont want to see a negative. 


someone told me that its so easy to get sucked in to the roller coaster of TTC but that i should really focus on enjoying this last bit of time with just my man and me. im trying to take that advice :) he is much more relaxed about it than me and that helps. 


CD 35 over here, still nothing. i thought i felt some cramps yesterday and was pretty depressed but they didnt turn into anything and it might have just been the way i was sitting lol. my man is talking me out of testing thus far and telling me that im probably pregnant but if im not, i will be soon and why not enjoy the suspense while we can. haha, easy for him to say!


congrats janellody!

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Hi ladies! I'm new here! I can see how this TWW can drive a girl nuts and it's only my first month trying. My AF is due on the 8th and I want to test on the 5th (labor day). Having some promising symptoms but you know when you want this so bad your imagination can really play tricks on you. This seems to be a really comprehensive list of very early symptoms. http://www.countdowntopregnancy.com/early-pregnancy-symptoms/all-early-pregnancy-symptoms.php
I hope some of you find it as helpful as I am.
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I'm back -- fourth month in a row!  So grateful to have this thread.  I'm now 4 dpo/iui.  I obviously have no symptoms, but I look for them nonetheless.  At this point, I am paying close attention to anything that might indicate implantation (cramping, spotting), even though it's still a bit early for that.  I'll test at 14 dpo, which seems like a long wait.  I've developed great restraint over the past year.  In the early days of ttc (we've been at this for over a year now), I POAS early and frequently.  Now I wait until 14 dpo, or even 15 dpo, as I'd rather just get AF then see a negative HPT result.  Funny how that changes.


Yoyonana -- are you back in the 2 WW? 

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