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We're 2WW, DPO 11.  Got a possible faint, vanishing line this morning.  I swear my DW is preggers though, she's gone a little loopy.  I checked her cervix last night and it's just a faint blue-ish colour, very high and looks very swollen (unlike her normal BFN cycles).  :D


Really really hoping we get a solid BFP tomorrow, as we have 2 digital pee sticks as christmas present for grandparents!!!!!!!!  AAUUGGH!  This kid's not even confirmed yet and already it's being stubborn!!  

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I got a faint line on a strip test on 9 DPO {christmas day} in the middle of the afternoon. I kinda freaked out. I then proceeded to test compulsively {I have 100 tests from the internet, so why not!}. I have 7 tests over the past 43 hours and all have faint {but visable to my hubs--so, it isn't just in my minds eye} lines. However, I am wondering why they aren't getting darker. Today I am 11 DPO and did a first morning urine and thought it would pop right up with a darker line, but it almost looks lighter than the others. So.....I know it is SUPER, ridiculously early, but when will I get a BFP vs. the wimpy faint lines? None of the lines have vanished--they have all stuck. Also, how likely is it that I will MC at this point? I have never tested this early so have no frame of reference.....

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Good luck to all of you!

Mamaharrison, I wouldn't worry about super faint lines at 11 dpo.  Implantation happens mostly between 8-10 dpo and for enough hCG to build up to show even a faint line takes a few days.  So I say Congrats to you!!!!!



I believe I am 1 DPO though of course FF hasn't given me crosshairs.  We had excellent timing this cycle and I had more EWCM than I've ever had, so I'm very hopeful!

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thanks! I want to be really excited, but am a bit apprehensive still.


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My 2WW was driving me crazy! Did BD 12/14 and 12/18. Hard to know when it was successful - but got a faint second line yesterday afternoon!

Repeated it this morning and the line was darker! Cannot believe I'm testing Positive 5 days before AF is due!! I think it's a good sign!!!

So excited!



Miscarried 10/28/11

Trying again...and think we succeeded?


PS: Can't wait for the September 2012 DDC group to be created!

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Congrats, Bbean!!!

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Thank you!
Saw a tiny amount of blood this morning. It's probably nothing but I can't shake the worry that goes along with it.
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Hi all! I'm joining again, even though I'm not technically two-week waiting just yet -- I got a positive OPK yesterday and a REALLY positive one today, following a good batch of fertile CF, and great BD timing! Yay!

I got pregnant with my daughter immediately -- seriously, the first time we had unprotected sex and it's been a little difficult this time around, since I stopped taking the mini pill in July and we're still trying, plus the early MC cycle before last, so I'm just a little obsessive/anxious about all of it. I'm hoping that you ladies can keep me in line innocent.gif
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I'm in the 2ww again too.  We're NTNP but I have a crazy libido during my fertile time and not much otherwise, so we had pretty good timing this month, if I O'd. I think I'm about 5DPO?

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Joining in for the 2WW again.  FF was messing with me about O date, but I still had EWCM so I knew I hadn't O'ed yet.  4DPO right now.  I can hardly wait to see if the thyroid meds this month made a difference.

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Am I the only one who likes to lurk around the corresponding DDC during the 2ww? Is the group for September 2012 not up yet?

Lawd above, I'm only 1dpo and I can tell this is going to be an obsessive 2 weeks.
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I am in the 2WW again as well.  I am not overly optimistic because I think I may have O'd early while my husband was out of town for two days.  We only got one BD'ing session in the night before he left. I guess it only takes one.   Hopefully those little sperm where a hardy bunch and stuck around for a couple of days!  I believe I am 6 DPO.  I am trying really hard not to totally obsess about it and keep busy so the time will go by faster.  Here is wishing everyone's 2WW ends in a sticky BFP!

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I thought I was out yesterday because my temp dropped below coverline.  But last night I felt very hot all night (very rare for me during the middle of winter) and I woke up once with a big hot flash, and my temp this morning went back up.  So looks like I'm still in this. :)  Hot flashes are very rare for me but I'm trying not to get my hopes up that it's a possible symptom.  Wouldn't 7 dpo be too early for any symptoms anyway?

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Mamaforever-We are almost on the same day of our 2WW.  I hope it works out for both of us.  I've heard of women experiencing early symptoms but mostly I think it may take a few more days.  Personally, I knew I was pregnant with my last two fairly early (about 5 days before missed period).  My tell tale sign is not sore breast or nausea but a super sense of smell (usually not in a good way) and things start to taste funny. 

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Ahh, after that uber-dramatic post a while back, it was a big ol' anti-dramatic BFN.. so I stayed away for a little bit.

I'm back to lurking.. and we've decided to start trying for real next month! Actually, I just O'd.. so I guess the trying time is very early next month. I've just ordered Conscious Conception and plan to read through it before then (oh yes, I'm that ambitious)... 

So, cheers to you fine ladies (and gentleman) and hope to be posting like a crazed TWW'er in no time at all. biggrinbounce.gif

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I am new to this forum, but I'm absolutely going crazy about the idea that I might be... (gasp!) pregnant! I was always very standoffish when it came to the idea of having kids. I absolutely love them, and I am very good with them (I was a babysitter on and off for 10 years) but I loved being able to go home and be a grownup. DH has always wanted kids, and we have 3 nephews and niece #1 on the way. Slowly the idea has started to really appeal to me, and now I'm a little scared of how sad I would be if I POAS and it's negative. We DTD twice near O, which was Christmas eve/day. I have been taking prenatals just in case, and if I'm not, my hair will still be nicer!  AF is due the 10th- and I hope I can wait that long! I don't want to be TOO disappointed if it's negative so I'm trying to time it right so that I only have a week to wait until we can try again. October birthdays are always fun, Halloween themed birthdays could be awesome!

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I have a birthday near Halloween, and it's awesome smile.gif As a kid, I'd have costume slumber parties.

4dpo here! Are people testing early? Or waiting it out? In the past, I've been an obsessive early POASer, but I'm at least toying with the idea of waiting it out.
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Crystal_buffalo- I am usually a obsessive tester too, but I am trying really hard not to test this go around.  I had a chemical pregnancy last month and just don't want to go through preparing myself mentally that I am pregnant only to be let down.  If I suddenly start having symptoms then I might, but so far nothing really that I can for sure say whoa that is not normal.  I do have some test sitting in a drawer that have beckoned me but so far holding strong.

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Hi all!  I just started posting in the TTC #2 list this week!  And here I am in the 2WW support list today because I am already dying to know.  I am being ridiculous.  I don't have accurate charts, we only BDed once....


I am planning on waiting until AF is due to test...which isn't until Jan 17th.  So yeah, about 4dpo.  Sheesh.  I go between feeling optimistic (It only takes one time!) to yeah right, I am 38.  We'll see.   I'm trying to stay positive and think positive thoughts for all of you.

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I'm 2 DPO, why hasn't FF given me crosshairs?
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