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Postpartum period?

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When i had my first pp period with dd1 it was very heavy, dd2 it was kinda like a normal period for me, not very heavy.  Now with  ds, I pumped for 4 weeks.  I had completely stopped bleeing by 4 weeks.  At about 8 weeks I had light bleeing, it started a little brown and then went red, but stayed light for about 4 or maybe 5 days, so I thought it was my period, I'm just about due again if it was my period, but now I'm wondering if it was my period.  Anyone have a really light 1st pp period? Does this sound like it was a period?

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at 6 1/2 weeks i had a light period...or more post partum bleeding. it was bright red with very, very slight cramps. i swear i've been having ovulating mucus the last couple of days...all stringy and baby-making...my dh has been horny, and i've said no way! i don't want an oops baby this soon! :) anyways, still not sure but will find out in a couple of weeks. babe's on the boob, no paci or anything, so i'm a bit surprised if it's truly my cycle starting back up...we'll see. 


sorry, i'm not that helpful...but i'm there with you in the waiting club!


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I had what definitely seemed like my first postpartum period @ 5 and a half weeks...it lasted longer than normal (about 6 days) and was heavier than normal. My period returned right away after my son was born as well...exclusive on-demand breastfeeding both times so, I guess I'm just lucky orngtongue.gif  It sounds to me like you've gotten your period, too...


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With DS my period came back at 15 months (exactly 28 days after I returned to work) and it was super heavy.


With DD, I had pp bleeding for 3 weeks. At 8 weeks I had some bright red spotting and was devastated to think that my period was returning. The spotting never intensified and I didn't have my period return until 11 months pp. When it did it was super heavy for 2 cycles and then back to normal, if lighter than it had been in the past.


I'm currently 10 weeks pp and have been experiencing bright red spotting again. I assume it's the same thing as what happened with DD...it doesn't seem to be turning into a full fledged period.


But what's up with the random spotting 5 weeks after pp bleeding lets up?


Anyway, that's the only light bleeding I've experienced; otherwise, my period seems to be super heavy when it first comes back.


Hopefully you'll have an answer soon.

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I'm starting to get paranoid about it, I do not want to get pregnant again now or maybe ever again.  I have been trying to be careful about it, but I guess there is always a chance.  We have talked about vasectomy but are not completely sure about it yet, and I don't do well with hormonal birth control and I don't like the idea of an iud.  I wish I could figure out what it going on with my body.  Having my dh get me a pregnancy test on his way home from work so I can take it tomorrow morning, hopefully will test negative then I can relax and stop worrying and just hope my cycle gets back to normal so I don't have to go through this every month.  I thought what I had before was a period, but now I feel a little unsure, so many people say that their 1st pp af was heavy and what I had was not heavy at all, but did last about 5 days, wish I wrote it on calendar so I would know exactly when it started, but I didn't.  

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well after feeling like my heart was going to explode out of my chest this morning while taking my hpt, my period started, thank god.  I really hate bc pills but I have 3 kids now that are 3.5, 15months and almost 3 months.  I cannot handle another one anytime soon, so I think I may have to just start taking them.  I can't go through this again next month.  It was never a big deal before because we figured we would have 3.  Now I can't risk another one coming until my baby is older and we know where we will put another child.  

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well i started my period yesterday...so i'm definitely not regular, i could tell i was ovulating last week...but the cycle has returned! i'm kinda shocked. i've been having all these getting pregnant again dreams. and my husband keeps saying we'll be having another soon...i keep saying put it back in your pants! :)


mauraa629--we only have one but i feel like almost panicked at another coming in anytime soon! i'm not sure but i definitely won't be going on the pill...i was really planning on enjoying that infertile time more than i realized!

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