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Young AP Moms in Morris Co, NJ

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I live in the Denville area and am looking for like minded young moms. Seems like all the moms groups I've found have toddlers (read: no babies) and are very mainstream. It'd be nice to talk to moms about sleep habits without getting strange looks for co-sleeping. :)


If anyone knows of a group or would like to do lunch, please PM me or simply reply.

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I'm not that close to Denville though I do go there to eat from time to time.  I'd be willing to drive there to find another AP co sleeping mommy.  I have a toddler and a little one on the way. We live in Union County.

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We're pretty close (Hopatcong) and I've got a 6 year old, a 4 year old, a 1 1/2 year old and another due in September.  We're not completely AP, but mostly.  We've got most of the basics covered (including co-sleeping).  It'd be great if we could get a little group together!

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Ooh, us! 


I am all the way in Weehawken, but my mom lives in Morristown and my best friend lives in Jefferson so we are in that general area weekly : ) I've got a 10 month old, and a 3.5 year old ! And I'm 27 : ) 

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I'm willing to travel up to an hour not during rush hours.


I've been at this mom thing for about 5 months and don't know of many baby friendly places yet. Would you ladies be interested in meeting for a late breakfast/early lunch some where, or with the (finicky) weather getting nicer, would you like to meet at a park? My little guy can't sit up yet, but he loves being outside!


mommariffic: I'm 26 :)

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We are outdoorsy but if everyone else wants to meet for brunch that's cool with us. DD just turned two and she loves playgrounds with climbing equipment.  I'd like to try this playground out in Denville  if you ladies are interested:





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Sure, we love playgrounds! We could do lunch and go to playground after? Or vice versa, or we could picnic! 


Also (I hope I'm allowed to do this?) I have a "natural parents" Meetup group if anyone wants to join...http://www.meetup.com/Natural-parenting/

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We have a where, just need a when! I'm free just about any day other than Mondays and Thursdays.


Anyone have a preference?

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Friday is best for me but I'm willing to skip a class here or there to meet some more like minded people!

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Should we try for this Friday at 11?


NOAA's forecast is showing 50% chance rain and high of 62.


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Sounds good to me I'll PM you my info and anyone else who says they are going.

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I'll come, count us in! PM me too please 

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I just learned I have a meeting Friday at noon, so we won't be able to play much past 11:30. Would you ladies be open to changing the time to 2:30? I can do earlier next week.

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See you at 2:30! Or not if we are the only ones there!lol.gif

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Hi all. I live in Randolph area and would love to meet like-minded moms :) My kids are 5 and 3.

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Are you ladies interested in trying to get together next week?

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Sure!  I'm down to try to get a nice group going!

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I'm awful at picking locations and with my little guy being 5 months old we can go anywhere thumb.gif


HeliMom's said Fridays work best for her. Will this work for everyone else? I can do morning on Friday the 20th, or anytime the Friday after.

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Hey ok this time I will have the car all week! Can you guys email me or can we do regular email since I'm not getting the private messages sometimes on time/at all? 


Friday's are fine for me, anytime -- I think this week is rainy so should we try to do something indoors? 

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Howeberry, I love Muriel Hepner Park!  Please keep me in the loop too, that is if I'm not too old to participate Sheepish.gif  ha ha 

I have a 5 year old and a 10 month old.

I would love to chat with you about sleeping, etc, and will definitely not give you any funny looks :)

Just want to let you know too that I have been running a free group on Wednesday mornings in Boonton at The Light on Main storefront at 10 A.M.  We are finishing up this month for a break this summer but I hope to start up again in the fall.  It's open to multi age babies/children and their caregivers, we do music, a story, and just hang out and chat.  PM me if you want more information.

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