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Anyone have a hip hammock? What do you like or dislike about it?

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DS is starting to not like the sling. We have a Maya and a Pea in the Pod. He stiffens his body and I think he is going to fall out. I am always readjusting him.
I am thinking the hip hammock may work for us?
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I had one that I sold recently. I really preferred it over the maya or my SAS for a hip carry--ds just felt way more secure in it and it was easier to put on than tying my SAS. I was not good at remembering to use it though--I know that sounds dumb :LOL . If you are looking to strictly do a hip carry, it's great.
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I have one that i alternate with a kkfp, i used it with joe, and i now use it with Noah... I LOVE it! You have to be careful to get the waistband tight enough, and when it is it actually takes most of the weight, so your neck/shoulder doesn't suffer... plus it's the only sling that my boyfriend 'gets'! (probably 'cause it's hemp, thus cool, and doesn't completely swaddle him!).

The great thing for me is that every month or so i have to move the waist band just a little bit tighter... , but the downside of that is the bulge that it creates under the waistband. hey ho!

They're incredibly quick and easy to put on (see above re boyfriend!) and when you're not wearing it you can roll it up and still wear it 'round your waist like a bum-bag (fanny pack).

I use the kkfp more 'round the house when Noah needs to be held, needs to sleep etc. and I use the hip-hammock when we go out...

good luck! let us know what you decide!

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I have one. When DD was about 4 months old and could sit up she just loved the hip carry and it was way easier to use the HH than my Maya. I used it every day for months until she got so heavy that we bought a stroller (she was about 25 lbs then). I will definitely be using it again when this next baby gets ready for the hip carry. It's secure, takes the weight off your shoulders, very hands free, and super easy to take on and off. It even has a little string so that when you are not using it, you just roll it up and tie it and it's like a fanny pack.
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I used the hip hammock with my dd from 7 months until about 13 months. My babywearing experiences prior to that had been a plain ol' sling and the Baby Bjorn. I much preferred the hip hammock, though I still had shoulder pain from it. But I still recommend it for those babes that really need to be carried on the hip. And, the creator of the hip hammock, Nancie Swanke, is super nice, too (I had an e-mail conversation with her awhile back).
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I had one, but I sold it. It is very quick and easy to put on, but it hurt my shoulder. It does have padding on the part that goes over your shoulder, but it still cut into me and hurt. So I got rid of it.
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I got a barely used hip-hammock off the TP several months ago. The owner was selling it for the same reason I'm thinking of selling this one. It didn't work for her at all. I was curious to see the responses to this thread because this is one carrier that I can't understand how others could find workable or comfortable. Apparently I'm in the minority. We much prefer our maya, otsbh and kozy.
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Thanks mamas for all your input. I think we are going to give it a try. I really need to be able to wear him and not worry about him stiffening up and falling out, so I can chase after ds#1.LOL
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Have mine on order right now and no babe yet so I can't comment on the original question, but just wanted to say that there are a couple up on Ebay right now.
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Had one, returned it. It killed my shoulder. I hated the bulge it made under my tummy.
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we have 2 and i like them. my complaint, as other have said, is the tummy strap being unflattering with some outfits :LOL that's all we used with my first 2 after they outgrew their bjorns. i tend to prefer my kkafp now, but dh still loves the hip hammocks. they are very secure, so it sounds like it will work well for your needs.
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I used to have one but sold it. I liked it okay, but it was NEVER the first carrier I would reach for. DS didn't feel as secure in it, and the shoulder strap would cut into my neck.
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