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May be spending the summer in Eastern Idaho...

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My family and I may be spending the summer in Harrington State Park (in Island Park, ID) while my husband does a summer internship for the parks and rec dept.  Anyone out there?  Any recommendations for places to find natural foods, fun things to do, friends?  We are also looking for an RV or camper to rent or buy, if anyone in the vicinity has a lead!







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If you haven't already you might go to localharvest.org and they might have more info then I do on local natural food closer to where you are going to be.   I live in Rexburg, which is about an hour south of Island park and can tell you about stuff local to here, but an hour seem a bit far to go for everyday shopping needs. We have a farmers market has a nice amount of natural food choices.  As far as fun goes I really do not know of much that people do around here beyond camping at the national parks (which you will be living at)  and hiking.  There is bear world, which is a drive through zoo thing, and there is a very small zoo in Idaho falls.    If you have any type of fun you are looking for I can ask around if anyone knows of anything. 


I have not found that there are very many mothering members in the area, but the natural movement is growing here. 

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Thanks, alisha.  It looks like we'll be renting an apartment in Idaho Falls, which works out being cheaper than trying to buy an RV and driving it across the country (we're in NC).  I'm looking forward to exploring the area! 

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In that case a good resourse for things to do in the area is idahofallsmagazine.com  it lists things going on in Idaho falls.  There is also a  blog for things to do with kids in the Idaho falls area that I used a few times last summer, but I am going to have to track it down and will post it later if I can find it again.

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Ok it is actually a Rexburg area moms blog, but she does include things in Idaho falls and really except for the insane price of gas Rexburg and Idaho falls are not that far apart. Also she is LDS, which most of Rexburg is. So she does talk about church activities fairly often, but there are lots of non-church activities listed too especially during the summer months.


There is a small natural foods store in Idaho falls. It is called Wealth of health, here is their web site.  Idaho falls has a very nice size farmers market on Saturdays June through October, and ammon which is right next to Idaho falls has theirs on Friday. It started last Friday and will run through the end of October. 

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Are they offering housing for your dh? Idaho Falls seems like a long drive for him to commute daily.

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He's probably only going to be there three days/week, and yes, it is a long commute.  They would offer a campsite, but apparently it wouldn't be okay with them for us to have our kids on this particular site (lots of traffic nearby) and we don't have a camper or RV.  Buying one and driving it all the way from NC would be $$. 


But we are thinking it would be nice for me and the kiddos to have a fun place to explore while he's gone...I really want to live somewhere walkable, and we don't right now.  The apartments we'd been looking at are walking distance to downtown Idaho, and I was all excited about it until I looked at this crime mapping site.  Now I'm a little worried about what looks like a pretty high crime rate in the area we were considering  http://www.crimemapping.com/default.aspx


Here's a google map I've been working on of Idaho Falls to try and help me figure things out.  It has the apartments and some "attractions".  It's not so easy finding something on a short-term basis, and it would be great to find something furnished as well.  I'd like to keep costs down as low as possible--this is not a paid position he's taking, but an unpaid internship (he's working on his BS).  We're already struggling to make ends meet in NC, but this is so important to him, we're trying to figure out how to make it work.  


Thanks for your help, ladies.  We have thought about Rexburg too, since it would be closer to Harriman...I'm just getting kind of confused and overwhelmed! 

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Has he talked to anyone at the park about whether they know someone who has something you could rent? Maybe closer to the park. Island Park and then West Yellowstone are pretty isolated, but then what better time to be up there than in the summer. It's such a small communtity and the year round staff live there and so may know someone who could help out with your situation......just a thought. I'm not a big fan of Idaho Falls......I can't imagine any of the areas close to downtown would be very "nice" and then renting a home could be unaffordable and hard to do on a short term basis.


I'm surprised that they can't offer him a paid position with the internship inclusive. Idaho State Parks and Rec hires so many seasonal employees, but then times have changed I here since I left the agency 2 years ago and I hear they dropped quite a bit of staff.  Still nothing......they survive off of their seasonal staff....?

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I talked to my mom who lives in Idaho falls and she says that anything East of Woodruff is usually safe and anything south of ninth anywhere East of the River is pretty nice.  She does not know enough about West of the river to comment. 

Not to try to overwelm you more, but have you looked into Ashton which would be a lot closer to where your husband would be working. 

Some others areas to consider would be St. Anthony or Sugar city. 

Rexburg is a very bike friendly place, so even without a car if you had a bike and a bike trailer you could go pretty much anywhere in town.  We also have a great splash park for the kids.



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Thanks so much.  I'm going to check out Ashton and Rexburg, and West Yellowstone too. 

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I was going to suggest looking into Ashton too.  There are several smaller towns in that area that are closer and probably safer than Idaho Falls.  There are sand dunes near St Anthony that are pretty popular as well. 


And isn't it Harriman State Park? 


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Originally Posted by Alyantavid View Post

And isn't it Harriman State Park? 


Yes, it is...


Ashton is looking pretty promising.


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UPDATE:  We will actually be spending 6 months in Boise, while he does an internship with the Bureau of Reclamation there.  Thanks for all the help, though!

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Just saw some of your posts, i used to live in idaho falls, and now live in boise! Lots more available in boise for natural moms. :)

I stay home and still struggle with meeting like minded moms.

I recently joined a group called the holistic moms who meet once a month monday evenings (kids welcome) It seems really informative and nice to meet other moms.

community gardens, edwards and northend organic nursery. Edwards has a garden club for kids tuesday nights. The foothills nature center is awesome! lots of kids programs but sign up early! 

Another moms group who seem pretty hip: Boise moms group 2 : they are on facebook.

The coop is a nice place, but not too friendly, as it is not a community of food lovers like a coop should be, but a money making business (no volunteering!!).

The saturday market, but get there early!! it gets too hot.:)

camels back park is great. The natatorium swimming pool.


These are some ideas, we also go to the cooperative preschool on river street which we love! :)

Hope you enjoy boise!:)

I wish we had a waldorf school, maybe I will have to start one. :)


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Thanks for all the great ideas.  We've been in Boise since Thursday, and have been getting settled in and enjoying the warm, dry days. 


It looks like some people are talking about starting a Waldorf school...Star Garnet Waldorf initiative



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