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Abigail's wild ride! UBAC turned CBAC 4/21/2011

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I was awakened at 9am on my due date with my water breaking all over the bed and my bedroom floor. I woke DH immediately and asked him if he wanted to have a baby today. He was very excited, though of course nervous. My contractions started immediately. They were distinct, but not terribly painful. They increased in intensity quickly. The odd thing is that my stomach and back never hurt, it was my thighs that were killing me. That was the hardest part. The discomfort in my thighs lasted a minute or two past the contraction. They were never especially regular, but were very dependent on my position. When I laid on my side to rest, I had up to 5 minutes between them. When I sat on the toilet, they were coming every minute. DH was great about giving me sips of Gatorade between contractions and telling me how well I was doing and how proud he was of me.


At 11:30, I started feeling kind of pushy, which surprised me. I'd expected to have a much longer labor and it had never gotten terribly uncomfortable. I was handling the contractions very well, especially when I leaned forward against the wall or the bed. At that point, I checked myself and felt a small protrusion with a nail at the end – a finger? I told Mike that it seemed like we were going to have a rough pushing stage because it seemed like we had a nuchal hand.


Serious pushing started right after that and got stronger quickly. It was entirely involuntary, which was kind of scary. My body was doing something entirely out of my control. I pushed for two hours and it got stronger and stronger and just when I thought I couldn't push any harder I did. I checked myself again and I could feel what I thought was a hand at the opening of my vagina, but I couldn't feel a head behind it. I asked Mike to check and see if he could feel a head. He couldn't. I was also starting to have some moderate bleeding. It was then that we decided it was time to go to the hospital.


BIL was downstairs watching DS and we asked him to call 911. The EMS guys were great. They helped me to the stretcher, put in an IV on a bumpy road, and talked me through the contractions. We were at the hospital within just a few minutes. The L&D nurse I saw there was the only person I had a problem with through the whole thing. She immediately got snotty that we had even considered a VBAC and that we had not rushed to the hospital immediately after my water broke. I had to tell her twice that we had felt a hand before she paid attention and checked me. Turns out that hand was actually a foot, with no presenting butt, and I'd need an immediate C-section.


I freaked out when the word “general” was mentioned. It scared me to death that not only would I have to have another C-section, but I wouldn't even be awake for this one. But we really needed to get the baby out ASAP, so I agreed. I was rushed right into the OR. They pulled the drape up and it felt like a million people were pushing and pulling on my body as I started feeling the burning of the meds going into my IV and smelling the gas in my mask, all while having a contraction. It was completely terrifying. I started panicking, but that's when I was put under.


Abigail Kathleen was born at 3:22pm. Her apgars were 2, 5, and 8. She was in the special care nursery for two days because of her rough start, but did really well from the start. She has been a champion nurser from the start and doesn't seem to have had any ill effects from her crazy birth.


My recovery is going well. I am, of course, disappointed that this birth also ended in surgery, but I know this one was 100% needed. I am glad that I got to labor and push at home. I discovered a wonderful strength inside myself and a connection to Abby unrelated to the way the labor ultimately ended. And I got an absolutely gorgeous little girl out of it!



My beautiful girl!



Proud Mommy!

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im glad your both ok. congrats on your beautiful girl


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Oh boy! Good call on going in, and I'm glad that you were treated well for the most part! You look great, by the way. I'm happy your baby girl is here! I hope you'll adjust well the next few weeks with being disappointed about the birth and recovering physically. Enjoy that beautiful girl :)

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Congrats! You made a good decision. Beautiful baby. :)

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Congrats! Go glad everything turned out well. 

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Congratulations on your little girl!

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Wild story, I'm glad it has a happy ending! sorry the birth didn't go the way you had hoped, although it is wonderful that you've got such a good perspective on it. You have a beautiful girl!

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