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Today I wiped out going to a long visit with my midwife (now we're starting every two weeks! How exciting!) and HOT day grocery shopping with no AC.

Not sure what we're having. I'll have to see what he feels like that's easy when he gets up from his nap..... Maybe tuna salad sandwiches?

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Last night we made Swedish meatballs with boiled potatoes. Tonight we ordered in - husband got an Italian beef and I got a breaded chicken sandwich. 

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chicken nachos

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I was planning on going to my in-laws since it's my FIL's bday and they always have a meal and cake for the bday person. WELL, they decided to go to the fair instead.

I'm thinking nitrate free beef hotdogs, organic chili and Annie's GF mac and cheese. Horrible, I know. But I'm still tired from this week and babysat today so I didn't really have time to get creative without a plan. Hubby's out mowing right now and I'm checking out the virtual world for a bit so we'll decide when he comes in later.

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BBQ chicken drumpsticks, mashed potatoes and broccoli. Tomorrow is pizza and salad with cake for dessert (our "back to school" celebration).. Sunday I don't know, need to plan

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Hi all! I've been MIA because of summer, our schedule is all off and so is my cooking and especially my meal planning. Looking forward to school starting this week and being back on a routine where it's easier to plan ahead :)


Tonight: Pork chops stuffed with cornbread stuffing and baked with golden mushroom soup to make a gravy, mashed gold potatoes, baked stuffed yellow squash, carrots and pears


On the menu this week: 

CAT (chicken, avocado, tomato) sandwiches, sweet potato fries, salad

Bbq pork ribs on the grill, parmesan noodles, grilled zucchini and onions, corn on the cob

Carne asada on the grill, black beans, corn tortillas, salad and tasty toppings

Salisbury steak, mashed gold potatoes, broccoli

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Tonight, going to in-laws for Dad's bday. The girls (my SILs) woke me up to tell me that this morning. Lol SO I don't know what we're having.

Tomorrow, Shepherd's Pie and I'll start marinating Deer Jerky. Great way to get more protein and iron and tastes great too. :)

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We were at the family lake house through this morning, so I helped cooked a bit, but the family all helped. Friday night we had a baked honey ham with roasted potatoes, sweet peppers and onions in Italian dressing. 


Saturday night we grilled hamburgers and bratwursts, and had sweet corn, an assortment of chips with salsa and guacamole, a whole bunch of appetizers, and a few other things. I made minestrone pasta salad. Cookies, brownies and s'mores for dessert. 


Tonight we picked up prepared cider barbecue pork steaks from the butcher at Whole Foods, which we oven baked with a little apple juice. Egg noodles alongside. 

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OK, now I'm salivating with hunger reading these new posts!!


Once I had dinner at a conference with Karen Pryor who wrote the classic breastfeeding book, Nursing Your Baby,

Karen was a behavorial scientist and she recommended that I notice what makes me salivate as I was reading the menu as a guide to what to order. Check it out! 


I had a nice buffet yesterday for a few friends and family:

Pate' with cornichons, capers, thinly sliced red onions (with french bread)

Brie with Red Chile Jam (with french bread)

Chilled shrimp with cocktail sauce (lots of horseradish)

Cucumber Salad with sweet and sour cream dressing. Bit of finely chopped red onions. Apple cider vinegar.

Deviled Eggs (with worchestershire sauce and tabasco sauce in the mix of mayo and egg)

Salad with Bibb Lettuce, shaved parmesan, lightly toasted walnuts, light white wine vinaigrette.

Cream of Tomato Soup.

         I simmered an un-peeled, halved potato, 1/2 head of garlic broken into un-peeled cloves, bunch of basil in water for 30 to 45 minutes. Added tomato puree, tomato paste, brown sugar, touch of worchestershire sauce, touch of brandy (cognac is better), lots of cream, salt and pepper, chopped tomatoes at the end. 


Tonight it's leftovers from the buffet.

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Tonight we're doing Italian sausage and egg noodles... eating through the stuff in the fridge freezer.


Though I am greatly saddened to report that we have suffered a Chest Freezer Incident. Sometime before our three day weekend away, it became accidentally unplugged!!! We lost all the sweet corn and fruit I've put up so far this summer, as well as my duck and turkey stocks. I am devastated. Countless hours of work and money spent down the train. Not to mention the fact that our food security this winter has been diminished. Sigh. I'm hoping I can get some sweet corn still and fruit at the farmer's market over Labor Day weekend and rebuild our stores as much as possible before the season burns out... 

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We had our first day back in school (home) today so it was the annual pizza party. I changed it up a bit and made pizza rolls with marinara sauce to dip. Hubby and I had the left overs for supper. I should have had a salad with it, but bread fills me up too fast. NOW I have heart burn. nut.gif

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Bacon and whiskey chili again. Dare I say it's turning autumnal here? I've noticed it gets to be dusk before eight, and the mornings are cool...

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KQ- oh no


I am so sorry.


Last night I fried tilapia in flour, cornstarch and cornmeal... made homemade tartar sauce- just mayo relish ketchup and lemon juice- adding the ketchup I just love.
Tonight I picked up a Little Caesars.  I have been doing dinners for 2 weeks strait and it was nice to go easy.

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Originally Posted by Mom31 View Post

KQ- oh no


I am so sorry.


Thanks. Sigh - and I've been meaning to start pressure canning my stocks. I will be from now on! 

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Somehow I missed the freezer thing, that's horrible! : ( I had my freezer stop working well last month. I didn't lose much though bc I got it in time.


Tonight, Fish (I think I have cod) with Lemon Curd, french fries (or tots, whichever I have in the freezer right now. Hubby periodically buys cases from work so I have SO MANY, who wants to come get a free bag or two???), and salad.

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Originally Posted by MrsKoehn View Post

Somehow I missed the freezer thing, that's horrible! : ( I had my freezer stop working well last month. I didn't lose much though bc I got it in time.


Lucky! That's the trick - catching it in time. Ah, the perils of an urban homesteader. :-) 


Tonight we're eating the last Italian sausage, with sweet peppers and kale harvested from our garden. Poached in a little white wine with salt and pepper. The kale's all done, so that's two less pots to move.


We've got to move the tomatoes, peppers and chard though - should be interesting since it's all an overgrown mess at the moment. I may let the tomatoes go - they're slowing down, and after I harvest what I need for tomorrow's dinner - cod en papillote with peppers - I may just call it.


If there are just a few green ones left, I'll harvest them and make a quick fridge pickle with them, the night before I move, no less! Waste not, want not. And for heaven's sake make sure the freezer stays plugged in! Hm, I wonder if there's some kind of a power strip with an audio alarm if it gets unplugged or loses power? Anyone know?

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Oh I know. I had a lot in there. Hubby brings home tons of fries at the times they sell them to the employees, so there's all that, a bunch of deer meat still, frozen produce from last year's garden, and odds and ends. It was a total "accident" if you believe in those, that I went out there when I did. It's outside in the shed so I just don't see it all the time.


I have no idea about an alarm, if there's not one, maybe you should sell your idea.


Tonight, we're having, um, don't know. It's 3 PM and he was supposed to come in to eat a late lunch an hour and a half ago. He wanted big sandwiches with garden stuff on them, they're drying out on the counter waiting for him..... SO it might be supper too by the time he comes in. He had his sister call me and tell me that he's going to come in later bc he's busy. He's got someone coming to look at some farm equipment he and his dad have for sale sometime this afternoon. I assume it has something to do with that.....

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I wonder if you can put the word out and get any extras from people in your area KQ.  I know if I knew someone that that happened to I would gladly share what I had.

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We having cod poached in white wine with cherry tomatoes from our garden. The last of the egg noodles to eat up alongside. And that is the last meal in this apartment - we've got an early start in the morning, so I foresee Starbucks (yes, it will be a venti) and Dunkin Donuts in our future... 

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This is the season for caprese salads. I have been making them this week with heirloom tomatoes from the co-op, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil. Just layer the ingredients. I make a dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar and sugar

Totally agree.  One of my summer favorites.  


We do a lot of chef's salads in the summer.  Tonight's salad was shaved carrots, tomatoes from our garden, lemon cucumbers from my Dad and Stepmother's garden, eggs from my sister's chickens, mango/jalepeno sausage, and wild rice.  (For my 6 year old I replaced the spicy sausage with a turkey corn dog).  I realized we had no greens and almost gave up on the salad idea, but it turned out well.  Last night we had salmon poached with soy sauce, white wine and sweet pepper sauce with asparagus and zucchini.  

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