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Last night we had Italian Stuffed Beef (not using Prochuto next time, I didn't like it), au gratin potatoes and salad. It made a LOT so we invited hubby's sis and her hubby and babe over. Nice evening.


Tonight is the last Sunday of the Month. That makes it Pizza Night. I will be starting the dough here in a few.

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We've got some pork ribs slow cooking on the grill and will have wild rice, corn on the cob and salad with it. 


On the menu this week:

Skillet lasagne (with ground pork), salad, garlic bread

Pork chops, smashed gold potatoes, gravy, broccoli

Breaded tilapia tacos, black beans, corn tortillas, salad, taco toppings

BCAT sandwiches (bacon, chicken, avocado, tomato), sweet potato fries, salad

Waffles, bacon, eggs, fruit for the kids/Indian style curry with shrimp and veggies, channa masala, quinoa for adults

Friday night homemade pizza, popcorn and a movie


I also need to make a batch of banana zucchini flaxseed muffins for snacks.

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Left overs tonight, so pizza. Tomorrow is Tuesday fare - beans and rice. This is shopping week, so Wed and probably Thurs will be left overs. If I run out, we'll probably end up with quesadillas, chips and salsa.

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Sunday night we did pasta bolognese.


Monday my husband made an herbed pork roast with egg noodles.


Last night we got Panera.


Tonight husband grilled burgers - he had his on a bun with chips, and I had mine with a stroganoff-style beef sauce over egg noodles.


Tomorrow we're having chicken - likely we'll make perloo with it, to use up the last of the green peppers from the garden. 

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Tomorrow I am canning pickes, relish and peaches. Not to have for dinner, but just saying.

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Tonight is leftover perloo. Tomorrow we're doing fish and chips. 

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Originally Posted by Peggy O'Mara View Post

Tomorrow I am canning pickles, relish and peaches. Not to have for dinner, but just saying.

Oh not for dinner? Lol I can't wait to start canning. Things are taking SO LONG to ripen this year. It's going to be harder and harder for me to do too. Baby is getting more active and my energy is going down as my belly grows. I'll likely get my teen SILs to help me out as I can.
(No pun intended orngbiggrin.gif)


Tonight I'm trying to decide between a "fried" chicken dinner and a recipe I just saw on Organic Grocery Deals. GF Chicken Pizza. Pound a chicken breast thin. Top with garlic, Italian spices, tomato sauce, cheese, and any other pizza toppings you want. Bake at 400* about 10 min until done.

I KNOW he'll love that too and it's just interesting enough to get my attention. Won't make as many left overs I think. Hmm. Now to decide in the next couple hours.


Tomorrow is GF spaghetti and salad.


Next day probably left overs. Was planning to go to the in-laws for Labor Day/Mom and SIL's bday Monday, but things are going to actually work out for Tuesday. I'm going to make all but the chicken of the chicken caesar salad for everyone. Mom's on a diet for her thyroid and gal bladder so trying to make what she'll be able to eat.


Either today or tomorrow I am going to try to make a test run of a whole wheat version (with Stevia) of some Carrot Zucchini muffins. If they work out, I'll make them in a cake form for their bday too. They sound really good. : )

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Tonight I'm making indian again, I've been on a major kick lately: curry with chicken, sweet potatoes, broccoli and red pepper, channa masala, quinoa and veggie samosas (frozen from TJ's). Kids will have grilled chicken, mac n cheese, broccoli and apples.


Tomorrow we are going to a hotel for the night to swim and relax, so we'll eat out, possibly just from the Costco food court across the street.


On the meal plan this week:

skillet lasagna, salad, garlic bread (still haven't made it, I'm thinking Monday)

fish tacos, black beans, corn tortillas, salad

gnocchi with sauce and mozz cheese, meatballs, broccoli

pork chops, mashed potatoes, sauteed zucchini and onions

stir fry with chicken, carrots, broccoli, red pepper and mushrooms, brown rice

ham and mushroom pizza, raw veggies, salad 

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Went with the fish and chips tonight - pretty good. 

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I have not been on here since...I don't know when!  Tonight we are having chicken.  I have been roasting a whole chicken in the slow cooker all day and I have to say smelling the chicken and seasonings has been pure torture!  I have been hungrier today I think because of it!  I'm going to be roasting TJ's colorful potato medley in the oven and serving it with green beans.  I'm so bummed that the farmers market didn't have ant kale or greens this week.  That's what I wanted to make with this meal.

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Tonight we had herb chicken and mashed potatoes.. Tomorrow we are having salisbury steaks and mashed potatoes.. Salad on the side for both meals orngbiggrin.gif

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ok... so I got a job.  It pays pretty well - $12 an hour and I will be losing my food stamps- which I get 375 a month.  ( :( ) but will be able to live off of assistance for awhile.  I have a family of 2 kids and me and I feed my boyfriend to and he said he will help out with grocery bill as long as I still cook :) lol.


I have found it very easy to order pizza.  UGH.


Anyhow- tonight we had pork chops and corn and toast with jelly.  I had a can of campbells fancy soup- corn and clam chowder of something- it was on the discount rack at grocery store- for 2.50.  figured it cheaper then pizza....  I don't eat meat and kids do- so it is a trick feeding them and me a lot... 

last night we had chicken and rice mixed together with broccoli and cheese- all like a casserole- and well- night before we had pizza.

tomorrow we will have fish and probably corn and toast and rice

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Congratulations on your new job, Mom31. What about pasta? I make a vegetarian spaghetti sauce with chopped zucchini. And, you could add a salad and garlic toast. I love to make garlic toast just by mixing a lot of smashed garlic cloves up with butter and just buttering toast with it. 


Playing on the toast theme, mushrooms on toast are great, and a nice vegetarian meal. Do you know The Vegetarian Epicure? I use the recipe from one of her great cookbooks.


Last night I made a chili with sweet potatoes (to mush down for thickening once they are soft; add a great flavor), onions, green peppers, celery, ground pork, ground beef, kidney beans, canned tomatoes and fresh tomatoes. With cornbread and a salad. Vegetarians could, obviously, leave out the meat. I may have already posted this here, but....

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Tonight we're having salmon patties. Canned salmon, salt and pepper, egg, corn meal. Make them into patties and dry fry. Serve on a toasted hamburger bun with mayo, tomato and lettuce. :) I might do a salad or last night's left over Quinoa Side Dish (AllRecipes.com) from last night.
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Jumping in to share and hopefully get some ideas to get my out of my cooking rut! 

Last night was Grilled steak, sweet potato latkes and sauteed broccoli.

Tonight is Chicken with cherries (crockpot meal from Mama and Baby Love Ecookbook), pasta with olive oil and broccoli. 


I made 14 crockpot freezer meals from that Ecookbook and I think I am in love.  It's so easy!

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Originally Posted by CoBabyMaker View Post

Jumping in to share and hopefully get some ideas to get my out of my cooking rut! 

This is the place to be!


Tuesday night we had pasta with home made marinara sauce to use up some leftover tomatoes I had from canning (not quite enough for another quart jar) and some basil from our garden. Last night we had chicken and orzo with the leftover marinara sauce.


Tonight we're having paprika-seasoned pork chops, roasted cauliflower and egg noodles. 

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Mom31- do you have a crockpot? Its my saving grace and one of the only reasons I get dinner on the table some nights!

Last night we ended up doing frozen pizza (yea healthy I know.. at least we didn't end up with fast food! I felt horrible).. Tonight its tacos since I forgot to defrost the chicken. Tomorrow DH has duty so I might do taco rice. Simple and use up the leftover taco meat before someone eats it.. Yes, my children will eat taco meat by itself if its left in the fridge for more than a day.

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Tonight, totally cheating. Hotdogs (nitrate free beef) and GF mac and cheese with left over home made salsa.

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Well, DH and I went to sushi for a late lunch date so neither of us needed dinner.  I grilled some burgers for the kids and made them some avocado-tomato-onion salad.

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Meals have been pretty messed up this week.. Yesterday we ended up having workers come and replace our bathroom floor. The smell made me soooo sick I couldn't even think about cooking (and they didn't finish until after 6pm!) so hubby got take out for everyone. Today I finally did the salisbury steaks I meant to do a few days ago. Tomorrow Ill do tacos since I need to use up the ground beef before it goes bad.

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