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I make a pork roast in there with ketchup soy sauce and brown sugar and ginger that is really good....


I also throw in a whole chicken and cook it that way.

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What I do is whatever meat I have ( which I don't eat meat- the kids do)  I then google- say chicken leg quarters crock pot meal. 

Then I read the instructions and it has always worked out great for us!

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I just made a huge pot of Chili Beans. Just cooked a good amount of pinto (or kidney, hubby just loves the pintos) beans in the crock overnight (I probably had 3 or 4 cups uncooked) with plenty salt. When I started that I also cooked about 2 lbs of ground beef/venison mix. I put cumin, salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika, onion, garlic and turmeric in it. I left out a jar of tomato juice and stuck the meat in the fridge. I would have mixed them but I had too small a pot. After letting the beans cook down all night, I was ready to dump in the meat and juice before I left to go to town. We got home and it was perfect. Hubby said I need to make more and freeze (even more) for him to have to take to work after baby's born and he's on his own.

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Tonight we did a German-style warm potato salad in the crockpot. Potatoes, kielbasa and onions flavored with mustard and vinegar. 

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tonight we had sausage, fried potatoes and broccoli.
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I got called into work.  DH made turkey tacos & I ate at work.  Tonight I'm picking up a shift so eight DH will cook again or I'll throw something together before I go.  I don't want to make anything that would require me to go to the grocery store today. 

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Tonight is chicken ceasar salad. :) I need to get off my duff and make it but I was just out washing windows (don't worry, only with the Windex sprayer thing) and I'm tired now. It doesn't take much these days. Esp managing to NOT trip over pups and step in puppy land-mines to boot.

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We've got hot wings in the crockpot and fries in the oven. The home made equivalent of fast food. 

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I made a pasta bake, which is also lazy mom's lasagna:  cook shaped pasta, blend tofu, egg, garlic, seasonings and mix into pasta, stir in sauce, put in dish and top with cheese...it's a family hit.  Along with foccacia,  and steamed brocolli.  I also managed to get a batch of muffins into the oven for our breakfast!

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We did turkey burgers with tater tots and peas tonight. 

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I'm veering from my menu plan and making an enchilada casserole in the CP. It uses ground beef, black beans, diced tomatoes with chilis, corn tortillas and lots of cheese. I need to use up some tortillas and it's supposed to be cold and rainy, so I though this would be nice. We'll top it with sour cream and avocado and have salad.


Since my ds is not big on casseroles (too much mixing), I'll probably make this their breakfast night: waffles, sausages, eggs, strawberries

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CP enchilladas sounds heavenly!  I made Dal in my CP today, and jasmine rice in the rice cooker.  Nice to come in from a rainy night to yummy smells and hot food!  I'm serving it with green beans, and yogurt, with leftover foccacia pieces from last night.

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Another crockpot dinner at our house again tonight - chicken thighs, a can of Rotel, onion powder, garlic powder and cumin. Served over white rice. Pretty tasty and super easy. 

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I might have to try chicken like that over the rice sometime. Sounds good!


Tonight... I'm hoping he just wants to snack. We had a late lunch of frozen Safeway pizza I dressed up and I had tuna sammys on the menu. I'm not feeling like making that much right now but I know he'll come in hungry in an hour or less....

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Originally Posted by MrsKoehn View Post

I might have to try chicken like that over the rice sometime. Sounds good!


It was pretty tasty and super easy to throw together. 


Another crockpot meal here tonight - they have been a real lifesaver lately with things being so crazy. We did thick-cut pork chops, sauekraut and apples in the crockpot, seasoned with a little dijon mustard and a pinch of brown sugar. Kind of a sweet and sour pork. I'm toying with the idea of making some mashed potatoes on the side, since it's not quite done... but I don't know if I'll actually get off my butt and do it or not.

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Breaded fish and onion rings here tonight - Saturday junk food... 

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Thursday I made pan-fried smelts with brown rice couscous and cut-up veggies. Not as good as my grandma's, but then again, I am pretty sure she pan-fried hers in butter. wink1.gif


Friday we had dinner at a friend's, and since she was making Hawaiian chicken, I brought a pineapple-cucumber salad (with cilantro and lime juice) and homemade guac (avocado, onion, lime juice, jalapeno, S&P) and chips for appetizer, plus cut-up pineapple for the kids.


Saturday we had dinner at my sister's - taco bar - and I contributed plain rice (exciting!) and store-bought salsa from the Mexican market.


Yesterday I stopped at a fish market and picked up a hunk of smoked salmon, so we will have that over pasta tonight with lemon and parsley, plus salad. If I manage my time well enough today, I hope to also make a pot of potato-chickpea curry for DD1 to take for lunches this week.

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We're doing spicy glazed meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans tonight. And I just put a 16 bean soup mix to soak this afternoon and overnight for dinner tomorrow. 

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IF I get off the pc and dry my hair, I'll go freeze outside and get the meat out of the freezer so we can have burgers tonight and chili tomorrow. :)

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Friday I made potato, kale, sausage, and white bean soup


Last night I made vegan sausages, roasted sweet potatoes, and some frozen barley veggie thing I had in the freezer.


Tonight MIL is makeing albondiga soup and tortillas YUM!


Now I need to go to the store so I can actually plan the rest of the week. This time of year I just keep pouting about how much easier meals would be if we ate meat. Outside of soup there isn't nearly as many meatless slow cooker recipes. I don't actually want to eat meat, I just want the easy slowcoker options Sheepish.gif

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