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tonight was the annual tamale dinner at my church, which includes a chili cook-off and a cake bake off... needless to say, i'm stuffed, lol.

it started out 30+ years ago, the wednesday before thanksgiving, as a church wide thanksgiving dinner to celebrate. nobody wanted turkey 2 days in a row, and this is san antonio, lol, so tamles were the logical choice. when schools started getting out earlier, it moved to the tuesday before, so everyone could go before they left town. the past few years, the local school districts have been off the entire week, and attendance has been low. because of that, it was switched to sunday night this year. attendance was definitely not a problem this time, lol. it was my first year going, and i had a blast. a great time to fellowship and get to know people better
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Tonight we ended up doing hamburgers, tater tots and creamed corn for dinner. We had half a package of hamburger buns left over and we needed to use them before they went stale. Has anyone tried to freeze hamburger buns with any success? It's kind of annoying to have to eat burgers twice in a week in order to not waste the buns. 


kitchensqueen: I freeze all my breads.  As long as you do a decent job of squeezing the excess air out and closing the packag, it shouldn't be a problem.  I would aim to use the leftovers within a couple of weeks to a month.  But I've definitely "lost" some bread in the freezer for months before, unearthed it, and heated it in a low oven...it can be salvaged!

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kitchensqueen: I freeze all my breads.  As long as you do a decent job of squeezing the excess air out and closing the packag, it shouldn't be a problem.  I would aim to use the leftovers within a couple of weeks to a month.  But I've definitely "lost" some bread in the freezer for months before, unearthed it, and heated it in a low oven...it can be salvaged!


Thanks - I think I'll give it a try next time. I've frozen home made before and it's defrosted pretty well, but I've never tried freezing store bought. I'll see how it works. 


Tonight we're having crockpot hot wings (they're so addicting) and mashed potatoes. Kind of an odd combo, but we don't have any tater tots or fries in the freezer, and I was too lazy/tired to make home made fries. So there you go. ;-)

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Clearing out the fridge due to our plans to be away for 2 Thanksgiving dinners and eating a fast food dinner with the girls' grandma tomorrow night.  We had leftover quinoa and creamy, homemade pinto beans with broccoli and lots of pepperjack cheese.  


That meal was a technicality because I made some pretty yummy banana-cocoa muffins this afternoon with some ancient frozen bananas (they had nearly thawed and refroze after a recent power outage--still good!).   Had about 3 muffins before dinner and 2 after.  Sheepish.gif

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kq, we freeze all our bread here too smile.gif
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Mon/Tue I have school, so last night I made lentil soup from the recipe on the dried lentil package, subbing ingredients I didn't have (carrots for celery) and adding a chopped jalapeno and some ginger. It was good.


Tonight tacos with black beans, ground beef and toppings - salsa, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, avocado.

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Crockpot chicken and potatoes here. Our crockpot is in overdrive. 

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Crock pot potato soup here. It was such a big hit last time and it's so easy.

Does anyone have a crock pot mac and cheese they like?
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yesterday we had baked shrimp scampi, which was great, although i should have left out the rosemary, since i dont really like it, lol, and right now i have braided spaghetti bread in the oven, which should be great, since its homemade sauce from the freezer, lol. both recipes originally came from once a month mom. i dont have a membership there, but im getting some super yummy recipes smile.gif
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Last night I made creamy vegan pumpkin alfredo noodles (from a recipe I found on Pinterst, I am a total junkie duck.gif) and a kale and onion sautee. So good!


Tonight I just could not think so I threw together some leftover brown rice, a package of Quorn tenders (vegetarian chicken like pieces) and broc. I used to make a  skillet casserole with this stuff that was really awesome, but I couldn't remember what all I put in the sauce. It was not so great tonight. Oh well! I will suggest DH kill it with Frank's Red Hot when he gets home. He'll like it that way.

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Tonight is frozen pizza, carrots and pears for the kids. Dh and I will figure something out later, maybe a couple sushi rolls since since we'll be having such heavy food tomorrow.


Yesterday we had CP italian meatloaf, parmesan noodles and roasted cauliflower and carrots. Monday we had chicken breasts baked with bacon laid over them, then added sauteed onions and mushrooms and melted cheddar cheese on top, served with sauteed spinach and chopped tomatoes and roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts and broccoli for kids.


What's on everyone's Thanksgiving menu tomorrow and how is the prep going? We are having it here, but just my parents are coming over, so a smaller group.

I'm brining an organic turkey right now

cornbread stuffing (made and ready to go in the bird tomorrow morning)

cranberry sauce (made today and have a can of jelled for the kiddos)

creamy butternut squash casserole (baking the squash and garlic right now)

mashed potatoes

giblet gravy

sauteed brussels sprouts with bacon

sweet hawaiian rolls (my kids love these)

my parents are bringing the pies and an appetizer

martinelli's sparkling cider

riesling and pinot noir


We eat in the middle of the afternoon, in the morning we'll go down to the beach for a walk. Always starts the day out well.

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Wednesday I made Brats in Sauerkraut on rolls, potato smiles & salad, and DH & I each had an Otter Creek Copper Ale!  Then DD helped me bake 2 apple pies! 


Thanksgiving was at my SIL's we brought the pies and an appetizer. 


Tonight I'm using left over ham & making Carbonara with peas, & a salad.  I'm also boiling the bone to make split pea soup which will be for lunches.  I have enough ham for one more meal so I'm freezing it and will likely use it for Carbonara in the near future.


Traditionally we decorate for Christmas on Black Friday, but DH is working.  We get started when he gets home tonight, but will do the tree tomorrow.  

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Originally Posted by colemom View Post


What's on everyone's Thanksgiving menu tomorrow and how is the prep going? 

We had 2 Thanksgiving dinners.  Both with excellent turkey.  My sister brines her bone-in turkey breasts, and also serves a yummy baked "stuffing" with cranberries and pecans, mac and cheese.  I brought a broccoli dish (meh...)


Last night was a really wonderful dinner, with the best whole-roast turkey I have ever had, dripping with fat and rosemary (SIL's SO made it).  I love dark meat, and this was the best I'd ever had.  It yielded so much delicious juices for gravy, which I made and it was delicious if I do say so myself.  Savory bread pudding (wow!  please don't reveal how much cream you used!), MIL's carrots with horseradish cream, creamy-smooth mashed potatoes, and roasted brussels sprouts with cauliflower and spicy chickpeas.  Yum!  I made the apple pie (excellent, though I seem to have lost my crust mojo a bit--no one noticed but I did) and pumpkin pie which smelled heavenly (but I hate pumpkin pie).  Coffee and Fran's chocolates for dessert.  I mean, second dessert.


Wines ranged from reds to a French white Pouilly somethingorother.  But I had the beer.  Not the best choice, but I stuck with it.  That left me thinking about what the best Thanksgiving dinner wine would be for me, and I think now... a bone dry Champagne!  All the fat and the salt in the dinner, all the herbs, seem to cry "Bubbly!"  


Next time. 

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Tonight (Sat.) - still no idea

Tomorrow night (Sun.) - taco bar with friends: pork shoulder and/or black beans with corn tortillas, salsa, lime vinaigrette cole slaw, cheese, sour cream. Possibly fresh pineapple if it looks good at the Mexican market. Friends bringing dessert and drinks.

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I brined my turkey this year and it was so good. I'm definitely doing it every year, we buy an organic turkey so it really helps increase the flavor. We actually had champagne this year, I used some for the liquid in the roasting pan (I love poultry cooked in champagne) and it was great to drink with the meal, too :)


I started my turkey stock on Thursday night and just finished it this morning. I'll use quite a bit in tetrazzini and save the rest for soup and to cook rice. We've been eating turkey salad sandwiches   with pecans and cranberries for lunch. We didn't have a large group, so I did not make huge sides and did not have a bunch leftover.


Last night for dinner I made an enchilada casserole with corn tortillas, ground beef, refried beans, red sauce, spinach and cheese. Had it with salad and chopped tomato and avocado.


Tonight I'm making Chicken, Sweet Potato and Peanut stew in the CP http://www.kayotic.nl/blog/chicken-potato-peanut-stew, we'll have it with brown rice and sauteed spinach. Kids will probably have waffles, sausages, eggs and fruit.


On the menu this week:

Turkey tetrazzini, broccoli

CP bbq boneless pork ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli

Steaks, roasted red and sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts

Foil baked snapper, roasted garlic and olive oil couscous, brussels sprouts

Breaded fish tacos, black beans, corn tortillas, salad

Kielbasa, spinach and white bean soup, cornbread

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making a white chili, so yummy


white beans

jasmine rice

green enchilada sauce



green chillies




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Our Thanksgiving was really simple this year. Roasted turkey, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, home made cranberry sauce, roasted acorn squash and turkey gravy. 


Last night we had turkey leftovers, of course. 


Tonight we're having grilled chicken marinated in Italian dressing, couscous and some frozen veg. 

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Thanksgiving is always pot luck for us. My dad's side of the family gathers at my cousin's house and we all bring something. My thing is mac and cheese. I usually also do a dessert, but this year I didn't have the time or motivation. We also had 2 types of turkey (smoked and brined) and ham, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, creamed spinach, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry orange relish, stewed citrus fruit, pumpkin and pecan pies, hummingbird cake, pumpkin pound cake, and chocolate chess pie. All of it homemade and sooo good. I should point out that we had 30 people for lunch and several more dropped in for leftovers for dinner
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I never thought of making white chili vegetarian - good idea, and my DD would actually eat it.


DH made a great turkey leftover dish - soup with collard greens, leftover carrot salad (flavors fit - ginger and cilantro) and turkey with lots of garlic. I ate it over brown rice with garlic-chile sauce. Yum! Although I did miss my stepdad's turkey curry!

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oh my- a man gave me a whole huge box of turnips - not sure what to do with them...

I like them raw- occasionally- and roasted some- but there is a ton- I gave some away but still so many

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