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Originally Posted by kitchensqueen View Post

What's everyone else doing for Easter dinner on Sunday?


I'm in the middle of a mass house cleaning/food prep session for Sunday...sigh


Tonight will be tofu/veggies in a pb sauce in the slow cooker over rice noodles and salad

Sunday my family and dh's parents are coming for a pot luck dinner. It's a bit redic. Because they're coming to a vegetarian house they seem to think they need to make sure they'll eat to the point of 2 different meats.dizzy.gif

My mil is bringing a ham,sweet potato casserole and a "surprise" dessert. Which I'm sure will both frighten me and disgust me

My 1 Aunt is bringing a turkey and 2 types of stuffing(she makes a kick ass vegetarian mushroom stuffing that I basically live for on holidays)

My other Aunt/Gma are bringing-turnip,buns,drinks,apple pie,raspberry pie,fruit tray

My cousin is bringing a cheesecake and prob something else

I'm making the potatoes,carrots,maybe a tossed salad and a bean salad as our protein source,a pickle tray(dills,olives,beets,onions) and a vegan chocolate pb pie for dc since they can't do dairy/regular pie crust.


As you can prob guess I'm planning a leftover soup out of everything for Monday's dinner winky.gif

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Things have been way off due to spring break last week. We ate out a lot - Italian to celebrate report cards, last night Asian with friends. Ate over at a friend's, too (squash soup and sausages).


Thurs. night we were out of town & made dinner in the hotel room: microwaved bean tostadas (DD2 really wanted to use the microwave since we don't have one at home) and "hotel grilled cheese" - make your sandwich of bread-cheese-bread, wrap in foil & "grill" using the in-room clothes iron. So much fun!


Tonight will for sure be leftover black beans with tortillas, leftover rice, and whatever toppings are around (lettuce, salsa, sour cream). Tomorrow is Easter at my mom's, and I am making asparagus with shallot vinaigrette. The main protein will be turkey, so I might need to bring something extra for vegetarian/pescatarian DD1. Cousins are bringing appetizers and salads, so there may also be enough for her w/ all the eggs.


Next week - still up for grabs!

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Today was refried beans, rice, and tortillas.

Tomorrow is at the in laws. It's a huge family gathering and everyone brings something. My MIL makes the main stuff and is different every year. Sometimes turkey, ham, lamb, goat, who knows what is going to be this year! I'm bringing eclair cake... made with ingredients which are unbelievably bad for you. :0
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Steak, honeyed carrots, garlic toast. I don't know what we are doing for snacks yet. Maybe I'll send dh out for ice cream.
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My Mexican MIL made a ton of Mexican food for Easter, the family (Dutch) were very happy.

Today I think I'm doing chicken, potato wedges and salad.
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Yesterday - chipotle black bean-sweet potato chili (ended up eating this by myself - everyone else had other stuff going on; will be my lunch today, too)

Today - spaghetti tacos by DD1's request

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Yesterday: Cajun pollock with veggies bake. DD tried it, then asked for cereal. I can't complain too much, she's two and did have two bites lol.
Tonight: I have no idea. Time to rummage through the freezer.
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Last night we had a veggie bean soup with leftovers from Easter and it turned out awesome


Tonight is vegetarian chicken breasts(a rare thing in our house...its a pregnancy craving(sigh) with a mango curry sauce,roasted cauliflower,pineapple fried rice using leftover pineapple from Easter and a pickled veggie plate

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Tonight: green veggie bowls with rice & asparagus/broccoli/edamame

Tomorrow: some kind of veg curry (whatever veg I have) and dosas based on this recipe: http://www.economiesofkale.net/vegetarian-dosa-recipe/ And I'll have to think of something for non-spice-loving DD2.

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I have a banana and a pack of crackers sitting here.... Hubby has beans and a burrito in his lunch.
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I made some yummy pheasant from the freezer that my dad and son hunted this winter.  I put it in crock pot with cream of mushroom soup and served it with stuffing and peas and oranges.  They loved it.  I don't eat meat but I did eat that.

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Last night I made a chickpea/potato/cauliflower curry on basmati rice. Used up the rest of Easter potatoes and the roasted cauliflower from last night. Curry is one meal all 3 kids usually devour and they did so that made my life easier and I made a big enough batch that I have some frozen for a lunch for a couple of uscarrot.gif


Tonight we have a showing right at dinner/bed time....sigh so I pulled some Carribean black bean and pineapple soup out of the freezer. I love having a full freezer. I'll prob pull out some frozen buns from Easter or add the little bit of rice leftover from last night to make it more filling.

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still chilly here in PA ~ So! I am still using the crockpot! Tonight is Shredded Salsa Chicken Taco/Wraps. I love being able to throw my chicken breasts in the crockpot frozen and just shred them up at the end to soak up all of those delicious juices!

Last night I made Quinoa Stuffed Pepper Cups but had a ton of veggies in the fridge from the farmer's market so i loaded them up with asparagus, mushrooms, carrots. It was delish and made so much extra that i put some extra filling on my salad today for lunch!

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Switched it up - saving the dosas and veg curry for the weekend or early next week. Tonight was roasted potato wedges with sriracha mayo (or ketchup) and leftover green veggies - asparagus, broccoli, edamame.


I also made some homemade hot sauce with chilies, garlic, apple cider vinegar, salt & agave based on the "homemade sriracha" recipes I saw floating around on the interwebs. Not bad for a first try and considering I had to use green chilies because red ones are nowhere to be found. I might try white vinegar next time - the apple cider flavor is a little pronounced.

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Tonight was some of the venison hubby hunted in Oct, I think it was. Baked that and had corn and salad with it. Tomorrow probably the same. Sunday will be spaghetti and meatballs.
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Last night was soup I pulled from the freezer. I was at the lab for 3h doing my glucose test and we had a showing from 3-4 so we went easy dinner route. Had the soup with frozen buns leftover from Easter


Tonight is http://www.theppk.com/2010/09/caribbean-curry-black-eyed-peas-with-plantains/


But we add diced carrots and pieces of green beans to ours. We're having it over an organic rice/quinoa blend I got from Costco I've been dying to try.

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Tonight is a mixture of potatoes,carrots,onions,pickled cocktail onions(jar leftover from Easter) and garlic in the slow cooker with some frozen mushroom gravy I've had leftover forever. Having peas, slow cooker beets,a big salad and soy chicken breasts with bbq sauce with it.

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Salisbury steak over egg noodles here. Though it'll be my second helping of the day. Since husband works Sunday evenings, we have our family meal for lunch and I just make enough so that I can have leftovers for dinner since it's just me at home. 

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Tonight - fresh pitas with hummus and baba ganoush, chicken drumsticks, salad and olives/peperoncini


I have a pretty full pantry right now, so some ideas for the week I could make out of the pantry are

* Pasta with canned clams or salmon or tuna

* Pasta with egg, garlic and parmesan

* Pasta with tomato sauce (yep, good deal on pasta!)

* Veg curry and dosas I have been wanting to make

* Korean beef soup from the freezer (maybe tomorrow for myself - need to make room in the freezer since a friend is getting me a good deal on chicken breasts I want to freeze)

* Vietnamese noodle salad with shredded chicken

* Chickpeas and couscous

* Mexican bowls or chili with pintos (from dried)


Anyone have a good recipe using kasha? I found that in the pantry, too yummy.gif

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Tonight is this...




I'm really hoping it doesn't take 12h. My slow cooker runs high so I should be safe. We are having the chickpeas with naan,beet and cucumber salad, cous-cous salad made with oj/dried cranberries and pistachios and a carrot slaw with sesame oil. I promised the kids park time after school so I'm making everything this am. Love meals like that

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