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Love the baked potatoes in the crockpot! My crockpot has been in heavy use lately, so I'll have to check out that book. Yesterday, I cooked up some pinto beans from dried and today the crock is filled with chipotle-pinto stew - pintos, chipotle in adobo, onion, garlic, cumin, chili powder & tomatoes (I used a combo of Pomi chopped tomatoes and fresh). Will serve with grilled chicken breast and quesadillas.

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Chipotle pinto stew sounds fantastic! I've got to remember that one. And do check out that book - it's awesome. I'm going to be so sad when I have to return it to the library.


Tonight I'm making Pumpkin Ale & Onion Salisbury Steak, likely with mashed potatoes. Not a crockpot dish, so it will take a little work in the kitchen but the baby has been very good today and not fussy like the last few days, so hopefully that continues through the dinner hour! Otherwise, I'll have to do a mad dash in the kitchen when husband gets home. 

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Well, I ended up braising those 2 pork shoulders (again, they are very tiny), in soy sauce, w sauce (can't spell that word for anything!), bay leaf, sage, garlic, and onion, and will serve it pulled w/cole slaw, frozen peas w/lots of butter, and red pears.


Last night we ended up having leftover split pea soup, summer sausage and 3 cheese and cracker tray, pepperoni stuffed mushrooms, and toasted sunflower seed bread w/pumpernickel, cut into squares and spread w/cream cheese, topped w/pears, and drizzled w/honey from our backyard.  It was awesome and there are plenty of bread/cheese/pear/honey squares left to munch on.

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Tonight is pan fried breaded pork chops and beer-braised Swiss chard. 


I'm kind of stumped for tomorrow night - I've got some odds and ends in the freezer as far as meat goes that I like to use up - a single steak, for example. Maybe a steak and potato stew in the crockpot?

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Steak and potato stew sounds awesome, and like it's not much work for a new mama!


I think I've decided to make chile rellenos, Spanish rice, refried beans, and  pears (can you tell I have alot of pears?).  If I have oil to fry them in, that is.  I do have lard.  I've never made rellenos before but I think it sounds like a plan.

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Tonight we had yummy chili with lots of beans! A nice easy hearty crockpot meal. Always a plus. Tomorrow will be leftover chili. I've also got some chicken cutlets that I'll pan fry later in the week. Any have a good recipe for cheesy scalloped potatoes? 

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witching hour has git hard with my 5 week old- living on crockpot veggie soup I made for freezer stash- thank God!!!!!!!!!!


tou all sound like new mamas as well- Im impressed with your meals, that's for sure!!!!

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This week we're having farmhouse chicken casserole, chicken pot pie, autumn chicken soup, hearty chicken and white bean soup and a spinach brocolli quiche (since we have leftover cheese from last week, and organic raw cheese is too $ to waste!)

I rotate by weeks some main ingredients... This week is obviously a chicken week!)
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salmon and zucchini on the grille - warm weather opportunity, salad and rolls.  


hope to make a frittata tomorrow, bbq seitan, brussell sprouts......

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We've been out all day, so we cheated on dinner. Our local pizza spot has a promotion where you get a free 14 inch if you have 20 of their menus, so that's what we got tonight. So we're only paying a dollar or two for dinner since all we have to pay is the tax. So glad we saved those menus for a day like today! 

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Night before last was take out at the local country burger joint.


Last night was a tuna tetrazzini type of dish w/lots and lots of veggies, red grapes.


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I'll join in, tonight we had chicken tortilla soup, with tortilla chips and shredded cheese (and avocado for me) on top. my just turned 4 yr old had seperate piles of everything- a pile of beans/corn/meat, a pile of chips, a pile of cheese, and a pile of avocados- which he actually ate. As a young toddler, he was a great eater, but the late 2's/3's turned him into a super picky eater. Hopefully 4 will be better. He seems to have mostly outgrown his dairy allergy as well, so he can have more fun (aka cheesy, lol) stuff now too
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Oh, we're in San Antonio too.... Hi to all you other Texas mamas! I'm loving the rain, perfect weather for soups and stuff
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Tortilla soup sounds good!


Tonight we fired up the grill for Italian sausages. We're having Spanish rice and buttered bread alongside. And I may just crack open a beer too - had a headache this afternoon, so I'm debating if it's a good idea or not... 

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I need to join this thread...

tonight was salad and soup.  Fruit for 'dessert'.  

I need to meal plan for the week.


I feel like I have dinner failure.

-feeding myself and 11yr old DS who eats like a horse!

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Originally Posted by zebra15 View Post

I feel like I have dinner failure.


I'm kind of feeling that way this week. I've got the slow cooker book from the library I'm really excited about, but I'm so tired that even thinking about planning what to eat doesn't seem fun (when it usually does) at all. It just seems exhausting. I wish we could just order take out for the next seven days...


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We're having chicken quesadillas (just chicken & cheese for the kids, mine will probably have peppers, onions, & mushrooms), refried beans, and Spanish rice tonight.
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Funny that tortilla soup has been mentioned....I was craving that yesterday and had 2 rabbit carcasses in the freezer so I made stock and then made a Jamaican tortilla soup.  I got the idea from Allrecipes  http://allrecipes.com/recipe/jamaican-tortilla-soup/detail.aspx but I had to tweak it (I can't help myself).  I doubled the spices, added cumin, toasted corriander seeds and ground them, did the same w/the allspice, oh, and when I was too lazy to add more allspice (meaning toasting more) I just added a sprinkle of cloves and more cinnamon.  I did use a whole can of coconut milk.  I garnished w/lots of lime, cilantro, avacado, toasted tortilla strips (I did them in the broiler) and cheese.  OMG, it was so fantastic!  Oh, and instead of the carrot, I used some zucchini that needed using up, and some red bell pepper, and some roasted and peeled poblano peppers that I roasted too long to make rellenos out of...


Not a clue what's for tonight except that it will be something w/rabbit meat (thawing out a big container of cooked deboned rabbit meat in broth).  I have lots of fresh spinach, mozzarella cheese, can make tortillas.  I may just make quesadillas and add a nice big salad on the side.  Or a cup of whatever soup I decide to make (was going to make some to can).  My oven is still broken (just the bake element) but a new one is on the way.  I'm outta propane for my gas grill, which I've been using as an oven.  Hmmmmmm.  Rabbit and spinach lasagne is kinda sounding good.  I bet I could bake it in my wood smoker.  I'll have to think on that.

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I've got a roast chicken in the oven with potatoes! Definitely one of my favorite meals. I'll do some other veggies on the side and probably a salad and biscuits. (Only problem is that it's a warm day and I heated up my whole house and had to turn the AC on! Whoops) With the leftover chicken, I love to make Cajun chicken pasta with a yummy cream sauce. 

Tomorrow will be pasta with meatballs and sausage- We have a group of friends that get together once a week with a hosting rotation and it's at our place this week. 


I love following this thread and getting lots of new ideas for meals eat.gif

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Bunch of family over for dinner tonight, and it has to be gluten-free for MIL and SIL and dairy-free for DH. DD1 is also a vegetarian, but she'll have to eat around the meat - I had enough on my hands w/ the GF and dairy-free! So, I am making grilled chicken drumsticks, baked sweet potatoes, rice (left plain so people can doctor it according to their dietary needs), and a big salad w/ my favorite dressing: olive oil, lemon juice, dijon mustard, honey, garlic, salt and pepper.

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