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sauteed kielbasa, red peppers, mushrooms and onions

mashed potatoes


broccoli and apples for kids

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Chicken tetrazzini with peas and mushrooms.


MIL gave us 3 rotisserie chickens, we used the first on chicken curry, and we will use the last one on chicken enchiladas.

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I loaned a friend some money and she just paid me back so I splurged and ordered a pizza... I can barely open my eyes right now I am so tired- not sure what is wrong with me....

For one- I take the 3 month pill and if I even take it a few hours late I get my period... I cant tell you how many times I have had my period the last month and a half- but its alot- I am going to look into differrent birth control- this is awful.  I think it is really making me very tired and grouchy.

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We are having a rather "processed" meal: Russian chicken (baked with onion soup mix, apricot jelly & 1000 island dressing), stove-top stuffing (whole-wheat, on sale), and baked acorn squash. It is SOOOO yummy, we won't have leftovers.

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Spinach and fresh pea soup (the greenest soup ever!), a ham steak, and cornbread.  This was soooo good!

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Originally Posted by CookiePie View Post

Thurs: Pork chops red cabbage & potatoes *if anyone has a good recipe I could use some ideas* I'm thinking of using balsamic in lightly sauteed cabbage with onions & garlic...


When I was pregnant my partner made this recipe for me over and over:  http://altoonsultan.blogspot.com/2011/01/sweet-and-sour-red-cabbage.html

It is from a Deborah Maddison cookbook.  He would slice pork into really thin pieces and add them near the end, before the vinegar, so they would still be tender.  On several occasions we would have this over mashed potatoes.  It is one of my favorites!


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I have a half ham with the bone I need to use in the freezer, so I'm trying out a new Black Bean Soup recipe, I'm going to double it, start on the stove and finish in the CP:



Ham sandwiches

Carrots, celery and pears for the kids

I think I'll make some chocolate chip cookies, too 

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Tonight is tater tot casserole and applesauce

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Tonight: baked chicken taquitos with guacamole and salsa, green salad and strawberries.

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We never tried the Thai place yet.  We'll see.  NO telling if a Thai place in BFE rural Texas is gonna be any good, rofl!


We had grilled sausages (no msg, fillers, etc.)=polish, hot and spicy, and sun dried tomato/basil ones.  Plus fresh brussels sprouts cooked in bacon grease and butter w/red onion, and fresh green beans sauteed in coconut oil, garlic, and sea salt.  I had orange slices, peeled and dredged in unsweetened coconut to put on the table and forgot.


I stocked up groceries.  Yesterday I made a huge batch of hot chocolate mix, a huge batch of "instant" peaches and cream oatmeal mix (used peach leather I found in the cabinet that I dehydrated 2 years ago, sealed in foodsaver bags), and a huge batch of cinnamon brown sugar oatmeal mix.  Also made a big noodle stir fry and Asian roasted chicken legs for lunch/snacks. Today I made a big batch of pinto beans and put a bunch in a bowl of leftover rice w/some salsa and spices.  My son is about to make a bunch of quesadillas w/that and cheddar.  We'll bake them and them freeze them.  Also making a batch of chili with pork stew meat and black beans (and some of the pintos) to serve over baked white and sweet potato chunks w/cheese and sour cream.  Will have a salad on the side. 


Wishing I had more brussels sprouts!


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Today a friend gifted us with a homemade chicken pot pie and a big container of homemade stuffed pepper soup.  Tomorrow the inlaws are bringing us beef stew.  Not sure what we did to get so lucky, but we are enjoying it!

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I did Zatarain's red beans and rice and Italian sausage. Totally packaged, totally weird combo, but there you have it. Work was HELL today and we needed something edible. 

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I don't think red beans and  italian sausage is weird.

We had burgers, mango, mushrooms and oranges and toast.

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We will be having baked ziti with some vegetables and garlic bread.  Because it is Valentine's Day, and that man is inordinately in love with all things made of red gravy and sausages.



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We're doing pepper crusted steak, steamed broccoli and mushroom orzo tonight. Dessert is TBD - maybe some chocolate pudding. 

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We're doing oven baked tilapia (breaded with panko), sweet potato fries, and broccoli or fruit.

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I'm making the kids waffles, chicken breakfast sausages, scrambled eggs and strawberries.


I haven't decided about dh and I. Either an indian chicken curry, channa masala and brown rice or I'll have dh pick something up, like thai or chinese. We'll see how the afternoon goes and how exhausting ds is after he gets home from his V Day party at school.

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Tonight was a use-stuff-up skillet meal with red potatoes, turkey smoked sausage, and broccoli. I made a white sauce with garlic and onion and mixed it all together. It was better than edible. We had peaches on the side. I may have been carried away with the peaches. We still have 33 qts. in the basement.

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Originally Posted by Mom2SammyJoe View Post

I may have been carried away with the peaches. We still have 33 qts. in the basement.

Hahaha this is me with apples! I still have about 15 quarts... warning to the wise - do not rent an entire apple tree while pregnant! The pregnancy ends, the insane craving for apples subsides, the apples remain....


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Our gourmet V-Day dinner last night was amazing!  I made grilled venison, with shallot & red wine reduction, celery root puree, homemade gnocchi, & garlic sauteed spinach.  I was going to make parsnip puree, but the store I went to only had 1 small one.  So I subbed in the celery root, which I love!  It tasted like a meal that we would have spent hundreds on in a restaurant! But really cost us $8 for the ingredients plus $12 for a big bottle of wine; which I used in the sauce, then we each had a glass & we have plenty left over!!!

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