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Really trying to trim up our grocery budget while we work diligently at paying off CC's!!!


Sun I made a big turkey stuffed with sausage stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy & broccoli salad.  I bought it before Thanksgiving for $10 and it will be feeding us for the week!

Mon Cobb salad with leftover turkey

Tue pulled BBQ turkey on whole wheat buns, salad

Wed Turkey-veggie bolonese over linguine, salad


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Today is Pi day. I am making chicken pot pie, shepard's pie and have also prepared a plethora of pudding and fruit pies for our Pi party tonight. This is the one time a year my kids get to eat dessert for dinner.
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We ate leftovers last night, as predicted.  Feeling somewhat better today, but may not cook.  We still have leftovers.


KQ, I use apple cider vinegar (or even white) in my pie crust.  I wouldn't make it w/out it.


2 1/2 cups ap flour

1 cup butter or shortening

1 tsp sea salt

Mix til it's crumbly


Add in one egg, beaten, 1 Tbsp of vinegar, and a Tbsp or 2 of ice water, depending on size of egg and humidity.  Add a bit of sugar if you are using it for a sweet pie. 


Very easy crust to work with!

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Turkey meatloaf, roasted cauliflower and spanish rice

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Tonight we're going to grill because it's in the upper 70s! I wish I didn't have to work all afternoon - but hopefully it stays warm for an hour or so after I get off so we can go outside. We're grilling Italian sausages and potatoes with garlic. Perfect, simple food. 

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Turkey and Quinoa Meatloaf and Asparagus with Herb Butter

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Caesar Salad with chicken, yum yum!

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Tonight we had pork tenderloin, rice, and peas
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Well, I'm waiting for one ingredient to come in so I can make Tom Kha soup, and since I've never had it (just sounded good from the ingredient list!), I decided last night was the night to run "tests" on it so dh picked up Tom Kha, Tom Yum, and Wonton soups, along w/2 orders of Pad Thai from our Thai restaurant.  I am so excited to make Tom Kha because it is so, so good.  I just love all the lime.  Waiting on my galangal and then I can make it!  Kaffir lime leaves are already in the freezer.


Tonight we'll have tacos.  Easy peasy tacos.  I'm still pretty tired, and am not wanting to get too caught up in anything for the next few days.  We're waiting on our first goat kids of the year (new doe, so unfamiliar w/her patterns, but she is proven and gives LOTS of milk).  Also new duckling should start hatching in 2 days!  I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!

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Last night DH ended up picking something up on the way home irked.gif.. I just couldn't get anything done with the way the kids were behaving..


Tonights another night. Im feeling up steaks (these have to be cooked up or they will end up going bad) and mashed potato action going on here! orngbiggrin.gif

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Husband is doing some kind of Mexican-inspired grilled chicken thighs tonight, with home made guacamole and rice. The weather is still beautiful, so it looks like we'll have another nice night grilling out on the back deck. 

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I have leftover roast and au jus from the other night I need to use. 


Kids: roast beef, baked sweet potato fries, broccoli, pears

Adults: roast beef sandwich for dh with sauteed onions and cheese and au jus for dipping, sliced roast beef with sauteed onions for me and I'm making a new bacon blue cheese potato salad recipe that was recommended to me


Last night, the kids had waffles, bacon and strawberries and dh and I had BLTs and tomato basil bisque. 

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Venison steaks, smashed red potatoes with olive oil & pecorino cheese, & garlicy broccoli rabbe!

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Originally Posted by CookiePie View Post

Venison steaks, smashed red potatoes with olive oil & pecorino cheese, & garlicy broccoli rabbe!

Why did you post this!? I am filled with Extreme Jealousy! Venison is so wonderful...


But, since we do not have venison, tonight I made bolognese, and then used it for lasagna with soy mozzarella. I hope it turns out - I've never tried it with soy cheese. 


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We had tacos tonight with spanish rice and refried beans.

Tomorrow Im making shepards pie since its St. Pattys day!

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I'm starting the corned beef in the CP this morning and will roast some red potatoes and carrots and saute cabbage and onions to go with it. I'll also make a batch of irish soda biscuits. Mmmmmm.



Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!
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Well, I was going to make home made corned beef, except I misread the curing recipe where it says "cure for FIVE DAYS".... I should've known better since I'm pretty familiar with charcuterie and curing meat, but I was tired. But all is not lost. I decided to take my beef brisket and do it in some Guinness in the crockpot. I threw in some potatoes, cabbage, carrots and onion. It'll be decent - basically a pot roast. I hope the brisket gets tender enough - it should since I'm cooking it for eight hours. 

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Tonight we're taking advantage of the fantastic weather again by grilling out. We're doing chicken thighs hot wing style, coated in some Franks Hot Sauce. We'll have the last of the sweet corn from the freezer with it, and maybe just some buttered egg noodles - good to cut the heat of the hot sauce. 

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Last night we ate waffles, eggs, and fresh pork sausage w/brand new friends and their 4 boys.  It was very nice.


Tonight is the Tom Kha soup I've been wanting to make.  Saved a bit from the Thai place for me to compare to mine as I'm cooking.  I will make mine w/chicken legs, and the stuff from the Thai place just had breast slices in it.  I think we'll prefer the legs, if I know my family.  We don't care much for chicken breast since we started raising our rabbits.  They are just worlds better than chicken breast.  (domestic rabbit is all white meat from head to tail)

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Last night we had a layered dip with refried beans, sour cream, fresh salsa, avocado, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato and black olives with tortilla chips. I needed a meat break after all that corned beef.



Roasted whole chicken with cornbread stuffing

smashed red potatoes

pan gravy

sauteed brussels sprouts and garlic

broccoli and applesauce for kids

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