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Is it normal...

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to not feel like cleaning in Autumn (Fall)? 


It is Autumn here and I have noticed my desire to clean is really waning. I was doing so well with Motivated Moms but now I find myself shirking off more often than not...


Just wondering if I am just getting lazier, or if I am sick and tired of cleaning, or is it just a seasonal thing?


Is there hope for me yet? ROTFLMAO.gif



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I reckon it's a seasonal thing. Getting closer to winter kind of makes me just want to hunker down and hibernate. In saying that, I did have a bit of a declutter of the kids rooms last week, but no deep cleaning has gone on here for a while (except that both my kids are autumn babies so I did do a clean for DDs birthday 4wks ago and will do so in a few weeks for DSs - then I reckon I shut shop for winter lol).

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Thanks for answering Nathansmum...when nobody answers for ages, one always starts to think hmmm was my question really that weird or difficult to answer? lol!! blush.gif


Yeah I have been getting into the decluttering a lot too, but for some reason I just have to force myself to clean lately maybe sometthing to do with the rain pouring outside for weeks and it being so grey and dismal...dunno. lol.gif



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I wanted to answer yesterday but didn't think my thoughts were organised enough & that valuable .... I think it's ok/normal to work in bursts and therefore have periods of rest or slowing down ....I mean when the climate changes, our routines changes too in parts so it makes sense that we have different priorities at different times of the year ... (+ I might not always answer but I usually read your posts and your answers to others and it does help me in my slow progression ....)

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Thanks IsaFrench!  Yes I think I have to be kinder to myself when I can't keep up my routine for whatever reason, climate or biorhythms etc...


I got a heap of cleaning done this afternoon actually.


My children just went back to school today after 3 weeks school holidays, so I think that was all I needed, to get back to my normal routine. I found it was too hard to stick to the motivated moms schedule with them all here.


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No, I think it's pretty normal. I barely clean at all during the fall and winter, but then I live in a pretty gloomy place. It's almost like you can't even see the dirt until the sun comes out in April, and then bam! I turn into a mad scrubbing woman. :)  So don't worry... you're not alone!

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