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Added birth story and pix. Baby Oliver has arrived!

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Birth story and a picture in post 12.
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joy.gifCONGRATS!!!joy.gifEnjoy your little guy!  Can't wait for pics!!

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Congrats!! Can't wait to hear the whole story. partytime.gif

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Congratulations! Welcome baby!

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Yay! So glad to hear it and congratulations!

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The birth story of Oliver Richard.


My 3rd baby born in 2007 was a very fast labor and birth lasting around 2.5 hours. While some people might assume that a fast labor is ideal, her birth left me feeling anxious and even traumatized in some ways. It was because of those feelings that at around week 30 of Oliver's pregnancy, I decided to switch to a home birth instead of delivering at the local birth center. Since we have no way of knowing how fast or short labor could be, I did not want to have to rush out of my home. I hoped that I would have a calm and serene home birth and that the precipitous birth of my daughter would not be echoed again. Unfortunately while I did get a beautiful baby, he came into the world even faster than his sister! Here is his story.


April 26th, 2011. 39 + 5 weeks pregnant.


On Tuesday I woke up with no idea that in the wee hours of the morning I would be holding a baby in my arms. During the day I did some small errands and felt pretty good overall. I did experience some more frequent braxton hicks contractions but none that were painful. When my husband came home from work that evening around 6:30, I had a huge craving for Cracker Barrel's pancakes. I decided it would be nice to take my 6 year old daughter out to dinner as a special treat. I remember the hostess asking me when I was going to have the baby and I told her my due date was in a couple days. She said she doubted I would make it two more days. After dd and I ate, we browsed the gift section and I suddenly started feeling dizzy and a little sick so we quickly headed home.


Once we got home around 8:00, I used the bathroom and noticed I had a small amount of blood tinged mucus on my pad. I didn't want to get too excited since I knew that labor could still be days away. I started to feel a small amount of crampiness in my back so I decided to call my midwife, Lisa and give her a heads up that something might be starting. It was at 8:49 pm that I called her and left a message on her voicemail.


I figured it would be best if I laid down and got some rest in case labor did kick in. DH got all of the kids to sleep and laid down in the bedroom with me. We ended up having sex and joking that all of the stimulation would help bring my labor on faster. It was only about 10 minutes later that I felt a pain in my belly and a huge POP. My water had broken. It was around 11 pm.

The only thing I could say was "Dammit! Not this again!" The exact same thing had happened with my previous baby. I started to worry that I really was going to have a repeat fast birth and felt very anxious.


I called my midwife again who sleepily answered the phone and told me to call her back if contractions started. I was surprised that she told me to wait since she knew my history of fast labor but I decided to try and stay calm and trust that she knew best. Right after I got off the phone with her I called my doula, Kimberly. As I was talking to Kim, I had my first obvious contraction while sitting on the toilet. I asked her if she would come over to wait and see if labor picked up. As soon as I got off the phone with her I had another contraction. DH and I started putting down some pads and towels on the bedroom floor to protect it from the labor mess. I asked DH to start timing my contractions with a phone app since they were already serious enough to have to stop talking and sway/vocalize through. By the time he got the app figured out and started, they were 3-5 minutes apart. I was still in disbelief that things could go fast. My doula had still not arrived yet and at 11:27 pm I texted my friend, Nicole who was going to be present at the birth and told her to come over.


Thankfully, right after I texted my friend, my doula walked in the door. I was on my knees on the floor leaning over my hope chest. The room felt really hot and I was sweating a lot. It was at this time that I already started feeling like I was going into "labor land" (already!) and trying to remember things is hard as it all seems so hazy. I remember someone getting me an ice pack for my neck because I was so hot. I swayed my hips back and forth and loudly vocalized through my contractions with Kim's help. Nicole arrived shortly after Kim did. The contractions were very intense already and I asked Kim to please call Lisa, the midwife and tell her this was it.


After that point, I started to feel like I was losing control. My contractions became stronger and stronger and nothing I was doing could ease them. Kim did such a great job of reminding me to breathe and encouraging my to keep my body relaxed and open. I remember thinking in my head how angry I was that things were going so fast and feeling very resentful. I felt my body just take over and move the baby down as I was on my knees. I started crying out that I couldn't do this and it hurt too fucking bad. A little voice in my head whispered transition just about the same time that Kim suggested to me that this was transition. I think at some point I asked where the midwife was and Kim called her and said she was 15 minutes away. I knew I wasn't going to make it 15 more minutes.


All of a sudden I felt intense rectal pressure and my body beared down. I pooped all over the floor. Someone stepped in and cleaned it up for me and I knew that the baby was coming out soon. After about 2 more contractions I started screaming that the baby was coming. Kim asked me if I could feel his head. I felt my vagina and couldn't feel his head yet but my body was pushing him down the birth canal. I stood up bewildered and the room turned into a frenzy. Kim called Lisa and she said she was only 2 minutes away. Everyone was yelling at me to blow and pant. All I saw and felt was pure, raw energy. Kim put her finger in front of me and told me to blow on it like it was a birthday candle. The baby slid down more. My body felt like it was going to split in half. I wanted my midwife there and I wanted to be done.


Lisa finally burst into the room. Someone turned on the lights. The baby is right there, I can push. So I pushed. Once, twice, there was his head. Lisa told me to squat to allow him to come through easier. I pushed with all I had and suddenly, relief.


Everyone in the room was crying but me. I turned around and saw my sweet baby for the first time. His cord was short and Lisa was rubbing him. She told me he was okay and that he was just off to a slow start. Then he cried. All I wanted to do was collapse on the bed.


His time of birth was 12:50 am. Less than 2 hours from the time my water broke and I had my first contraction. I'm absolutely in love with him now but still having a hard time mentally processing another fast labor.



Born 12:50 am on April 27th, one day before his due date.

8 lb, 15 oz

19 inches long

A chunky, sweet boy.BabySwanson 009.jpg

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so sweet! I have had the fast labors as well it can really throw you for a loop


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Wow that was an intense labor Mama!  Oliver is so chunky and adorable.  Thanks for sharing!


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awww so sweet.  I also had a quick labor *minus the 3 weeks of early labor and wooeee it is intense!

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The way you described it is exactly how mine felt and happened. Except in 5.5 hrs, not 2. Lol my MWs did NOT make it in time but looking back I'm glad because I did what my bod was telling me. At one point over the phone they told me to get out of the tub because the water would speed things up. But by that point I felt I needed to keep doing what my body was telling me to do. If I had gotten out I really think it would've been bad. I was barely handling the contractions as it was. So many similarities in our birth stories. Congrats!!!!
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