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Organizing my life. Where to start.

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I need to organize my life. From my stuff to my time to my schedule of children I watch. I am SO overwhelmed and have no idea where to start so I find myself bouncing around, going through clothes, then tidying the table, the trying to write out a schedule for the summer, work out my budget/pay schedule. But am getting nothing done! I take in children ages range from 1-10 so need a variety of toys, but I have no living space left for me. There is play pens in my room, in the Play room, toys in my living room kitchen and dining room. Where do I start!!! I'm so stressed! Advice. Please.
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Make a big list of everything you said you wanted to get done.  And then a list of how you can accomplish each thing.  Get a big calendar where you can put in everyone's schedules, bills, pay days, etc.  And finally, declutter.  Go through a room at a time, that'll keep you on task instead of bouncing around.


Good luck!

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i would start by making your schedule (both for your own time and for the children in your care).  make space in your schedule, even just 30 minutes a day, for "projects".  every day.  it may take today and tomorrow to work out a good routine.  on friday during your "projects" time, maybe your project can be developing that project list alyantavid is talking about, and prioritize it.  then you'll know, during your projects time next week, which task you are focusing on first.  personally, for me, that would be budget and bill pay, but that's because i can get myself into trouble if i'm not on top of that.  if you want or need to focus on decluttering, then make a priority list of which rooms you are going to work on and stick with that room until it's done (to your satisfaction) before moving on.  obviously, that doesn't mean you neglect that basic daily tasks of housework like clearing off the table.


what are your weekends like?  do you have a couple hours saturday or sunday when you could focus on the toys and where you would like things to be?  if so, i am a big fan of asking for help.  call one or two friends over who are good at this sort of thing, who can be supportive and non-judgy.  i would want to do one of two things with them.  either pick the room that is bothering you the most (which will make the most positive difference to get it done) and bust it out, *or* ask them to help you walk through your whole house and make a plan of attack (what is each room for, what belongs there, what doesn't, what repairs or furniture does it need, etc) and that priority list.


if you aren't sure where in your house you should focus first, i think this is a good, fun little assessment to help figure that out:



i have sooooooooo been there, off and on throughout my adulthood.  things just get out of hand sometimes.  hug2.gif  you'll get a good handle on things.  definitely make that list - oh and i'm a big fan of calendars, too, paper or on the computer.  writing it all down will let you break it into manageable pieces and give you a feeling of control over the situation.  good luck!

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p.s. if you don't have any friends irl who want to come help, maybe you at least have a friend who would take your kids for a while or even watch them outside, so you can get things done this weekend. 

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Thank you so much! I had a friend who Offered to help awhile ago but I never accepted because I really don't like needing the help. But I swallowed my pride and admired I needed help and she said anytime I need her to come help she will! Such a relief. I think my number one priority is going to be make my room back to mine and dds room hers! I need a space I can relax in and dd need a space that she doesn't have to share.
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We've all been to this point, and millions of moms are at the same point as you, right now! Don't feel bad about it, its normal.


My thoughts:


- get rid of a bunch of toys and stuff. The less stuff, the less stuff that is lying around, has to be cleaned up. I know you need toys for all the different kids, but even just getting rid of 10 toys TODAY (or all those little pieces/toys that drive you crazy) and dropping them off at the thrift store will make you feel lighter.


- make a rule that you will do any task that takes less then one minute (i.e. close the cabinets, put the baby wipes back in their spot, wipe the table etc). I read about this rule and it has revolutionized the amount of order in my house


- have a time of day that is YOURS for when you can prepare and plan things (not clean up toys). This would be either in the morning before any kiddos are around, or at night. You can sit down and look at your calendar, plan your day (or the next day), and just feel prepared. Write to do lists, send an email or two, write a quick meal plan or grocery list.


GOOD LUCK - the first step is knowing that you need to get organized, which you have already done, so you're on your way!




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I am struggling with time management and have been organizing for some time now, trying to steam line my life and time.  
The thing that helped me was making a time log for 2 weeks.  Every day accounting for where my time goes from the moment I wake up til sleep at night. 

Go back and look at the time log and see where all your time goes and look for patterns.  From a organization and time mgmt perspective, it can tell you a lot.  

With decluttering you will need some time alone, so having someone to watch the kids would be a great help.  


Decluttering can be many things, from donating to selling and getting things out of the home.  I still have things sitting in a closet that are worth money and we want to sell.  They have been there for months and it bothers me because it would be much easier to just donate, some days I just want to throw it away to get rid of it already.   We also held a couple garage sales and did a bunch of donating already.  It feels so great to have less and be very aware of everything that comes into the home.  


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