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I love this!!! Well said.

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This was my trajectory:


Pre-pregnancy: AMAzing parenting skills (albeit in my head, mostly based on what I observed around me with other parents/kids, who were obviously doing things completely wrong) --> Pregnant: Mainstream parenting boards, joining the fray of mainstream thought --> 3rd trimester: starting to think outside the box, found, beginning to question everything especially medical delivery, read Naomi Wolfe's Mis-conceptions --> Newborn/infant: mdc mdc mdc mdc mdc, bit of isolation from mainstream parents --> Toddler: playgroups, observing different styles, cultures of parenting and seeing that hey...they're not all bad --> preschool: beginning of The Big Chilling Out, learning to choose my battles and realizing that some battles really aren't mine to fight in the first place, that chocolate cupcakes with frosting and Disney princesses aren't the devil --> Elementary school: nice blend of crunch and mainstream = crispy parenting. +mdc orngbiggrin.gif