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dog has ticks, help!

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i started finding ticks in the house and looked at the dog and saw lots of bites but only ever found one tick.  gave him frontline, not as many new bites but still finding ticks in the house.  have seen ticks fall off of him once he cam inside.  here's my plan.  remove all the lumbar and stuff from his run and treat it with some nasty chem tick spray, then lay gravel or cedar wood chips.  have him dipped by a groomer.  continue with the frontline.  thinking of having the house exterminated, expensive, or just moving.  any other suggestions?

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 I just found the first tick of the season on ME! Thankfully not attached. All that you are doing sounds good. I am cutting grasses and brush way down,and may even spray  inside and out. I bought a tick twister which is useful in getting the ticks off the dogs quickly if they are already attached. Perhaps try a different  tick/flea drop on the dog to see which is better.


I like the pea gravel for the run.Anything where the area will not be moist and shaded. If there is a bed the dogs lay on I would just toss those  and blankets and start new.


 I am hoping my chickens will eat up the ticks this year!

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We were using frontline but still had a few ticks and lots of fleas. So last year I called our vet and he changed the boxers to a pill called Comfortis. In just about 30 minutes after they took it the fleas were almost all gone within 2 hours I brushed them out and found tons of fleas and quite a few ticks. I always mark on the calendar when I give it so I know there wasn't any missed doses the vet said he was having trouble with the frontline he didn't know if it was the batch or the area becoming immune.

Good luck

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