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Subchorionic Hematoma and baby aspirin

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I'm 8 weeks pregnant and apparently the placenta is tearing away due to a subchorionic hematoma.  In hindsight, I am pretty sure that the clot was actually there at my 5w6d ultrasound because my OB mentioned seeing a clot that she hoped would reabsorb.  Anyhow, aside from being entirely freaked out, I am wondering if the baby aspirin she now has me on is a good thing or not?  Have any of you had this happen and gone the aspirin route or not?  I should mention I also have a history of placental abruption.  Any insight is appreciated! 

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Your OB most likely would have told you to stop the aspirin if she were concerned about it, but it's worth a call to ask her. I had the same thing around 9 weeks and my IVF doctor told me to stop taking the low dose aspirin he had me on. But I've read other women who have had aspirin recommended to help thin the clot. So I would definitely call your OB and ask!  Hopefully everything will resolve quickly for you!


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I am now on baby aspirin after 2 pregnancies with clots, one of which ended in a 2nd trimester loss.  Ideally you start taking it while TTC.  I fully believe the aspirin I'm on is helping me have a healthy pregnancy.  Low dose aspirin will not harm the baby but you need to stop taking it at least a couple weeks before delivery to ensure you don't bleed too much.


Do not take advil or any NSAID while pregnant or TTC if you are prone to clots.

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I'd rethink the low dose aspirin starting in the 3rd trimester. It can disrupt labor and change the development of the baby's heart before birth (not really an issue earlier in development of the heart). I'd check with your doc to see how long they want you to stay on it.

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Thanks Mamas!  She didn't put me on it until a couple days ago, and she told me she wants me to take it throughout the entire pregnancy.  I really don't trust her, bottom line.  I don't have any better options though.  I am mostly concerned with taking it until the end because I have had a placental abruption, but I believe I also had a clot in the placenta too so maybe that is why she wants me on it.  UGH.  Stressful :(.

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i am on anti-coagulants because of a history of DVT, and this pregnancy I am on low-dose aspirin in addition to the anti-coagulant because of a SCH.  it sounded like a lot to me at first, but i've talked to a couple of doctors now, and they all say that it's believed to help resolve the clot.  my bleeding went on and off for about a month, but i've had no bleeding in about 6 weeks now, even with the aspirin.  i also started taking homeopathic arnica, and that seemed to help get rid of the clot, as a few days after i started it, the bleeding stopped completely.

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