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Tabitha Kate arrives earthside

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wow, what a wild ride! After having two vaginal deliveries, I was not expecting a c-section! I was ten days overdue, so went in Moday for my scheduled induction. I received my two rounds of antibiotics for being gbs+, then was given cercidal since I was still oly 1 cm dilated and just 50%effaced, same as I had been at 36weeks. Apparently I have a very comfortable womb! I don't think Tabitha was planning on coming out any time soon.

I started getting pretty regular contractions from the cervadil, not too usual even though it is there onky to ripen the cervix (which still wasn't happening). I was dilated to 3 when they broke my bag of waters.

By this point I realized that I had been harving traumatic memories from my last birth which was very long and painful. I realized that although I had been studying hypnobabies and had used that successfully for most of my previos labor, that I was really scared of i tense contractions. I was listening to the birthing track and avle to stay relaxed through many of the contractions, but there were several I had struggled with. I was getting ready for an epidural. The doc wanted to start pitocin, and I knew that intense contractions were on their way soon after my bag of waters was broken, so I told the nurse to make sure the anesthesiologist was nearby. He was able to come about 45 minutes after the itocinwas started, but by then I was unable to handle the contractions and flet afraid of each one. In retrospect, I knew I would not be avle to handle any kind of labor without meds this time around even thugh I didn't face up to that fact until I was in the middle of it. I am ok with my decision to have the inducton and opt for pain meds.

The craziness began about twenty minutes after that. Suddenly the nurse came in and started rolling me on my side. Soon several nurses and two docs were in my room, and I knew this couldn't be good. After lots of rolling me from side to side and them doing other stuff (it is all kind of foggy) one nurse keaned over to me and said. i would be having a c section.

I was mosty scared at the shock of it all and having doctors I did not know there. I hears them say mu OB was on his way, and I really wanted him there. He hadps done two surgeries on me and I have been his patient for many years. i trust him (and I am no lover of doctors...have had 4 pediatricians and three pediatric endocrinologists for my kids). Things had settled down by the time he got there, maybe 15 minutes after the craziness began. After looking at the fetal monitoring strips, he thought the cord was aroung her neck and one of the contractions had constricted it. Her heart rate had dropped to 30.

At this point he told me things were fine and I could opt to try a vaginal delivery, but I decided to have the c section since her heart rate coukd drop again like that over and over during labor which could cause long term problems. The c section went fine, and the nurse was nice enough to take pictures and talk me through it step by step. She was born sunny side up, which accounts for the back pain I had been having during contractions. I knew all along she had not been in the perfect position, ut felt confident she would turn during the labor process.

Tabitha was born 9 pounds 3 ounces 21 inches long. She, like her brothers, has jaundice and somre other issues they are monitoring. Even though I didn't get to nurse her for 24 hours, she took to it like an old pro. i will post pictures when I get out of the hospital.

If you read this far, thanks! I mostly needed to process the birth, and writing about it is how I can do it.
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joy.gifCONGRATS!! butjoy.gif


Glad your little girl made it here safely.  btw- Tabitha was totally our girl name-  but we had a boy. 

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Wow, that must have been a bit scary!  Glad it all turned out well, congrats on your baby girl :)

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congrats! you did good work mama

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Congratulations!  I'm so glad that your doctor gave you a choice, even though I'm sure it wasn't a fun choice to make.  I hope writing this down is helping you process.

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congratulations! I also wasn't expecting a c section this time, and it's been tough to process.

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