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Blood in stool/ food sensitivities

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I'm BFing my third baby.  DD1 had MSPI.  She had mustardy seedy poops until she got her first cold/antibiotics for ear infection at around a month, and then yellow mucous and then blood.  With her I tried the TED and lived for 6 weeks on rice, zucchini, pears, and turkey.  She had blood and eosiniphils in her poop.  I eventually put her on Nutramigen for a week to heal her gut, and then gave her formula from time to time when her poops got too awful.  She didn't have mucous in her poop from the formula.  I continued to BF her until 18 months.  She had mucousy poops until we stopped BFing and sometimes from dairy after we stopped.  Once, someone gave her soy milk at age 2, and she pooped a lot of blood.  She has no allergies or problems now at age 5.


With DS, he did NOT have eosiniphils for months, but he did have green watery frothy mucous poops from birth.  I suspect that an overactive letdown and a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance/ oversupply had an impact on him.  I had way too much milk.  Quite a bit of blood in his stool when he was a baby.  I had an IgG test for me with a naturopathic doctor that put us on lots of probiotics and supplements with no result other than a decrease in our savings of several thousand dollars.  She did have me take out gluten, which helped.  Turned out RICE was a major culprit.  When I cut out rice, DS started sleeping for more than 30 minutes at a time.  Still, he had bloody poops.  When I tried to give DS nutramigen, he spit up pink.  Corn was one of the offenders, so I gave him Alimentum RTF, and it seemed to heal his gut.  He still had mucousy poops until I stopped nursing him at 17 months.  Now, at age 3, he has no problems.


Now, with DD2, who is 7 weeks old, I am having a hard time.  I don't think I have an imbalance or an oversupply.  She nurses well - she doesn't nurse constantly.  I DO still have an overactive letdown.  I gave up dairy and soy from her birth, but around 1 week, her poops went from yellow and seedy to mucousy, and then green, and then bloody.  I've figured that dairy (including sheeps milk feta), soy, peanuts, gluten, chocolate(sob), and corn really cause her tummy pain.  Trying to add any of those things back into my diet have resulting in SCREAMING belly pain for her.


I have tried to eat lots of leafy dark green veggies for their healing properties.  I'm taking a dairy and soy free acidophilus.  She stopped having screaming pain and started being a happy baby.  But then, today, she had more thready blood in her poop than I had seen before, even though she doesn't seem to be in pain anymore.  I could go back down the formula route, but I'd rather not.


It seems like maybe leaky gut?  But I can't seem to heal it. 


Has anyone had success in reversing green watery poops with blood on breastmilk alone?  What did you do?


Could the overactive letdown cause bloody poops or just gas?


Thanks for any help you can offer!



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I know how frustrating it is to figure this stuff out, especially if it's a food issue or food in combo with something else.  I'm researching hindmilk/foremilk/overactive letdown issue for myself right now.  I found this, if the website is correct it does mention blood in the stool:





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