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I'm right there with you on "happy I don't fall over."  I tried squatting while I was pregnant because it's supposed to be good for you, but I kept falling over, so I gave up... lol.


I noticed that I can get "all the way down" in a squat if I tuck my pelvis in.  Without tucking, I can get about halfway down to the floor.  So I have been squatting that way - really gripping in my glutes to protect my knees - and am finally starting to get deeper into it... not much.  But a little...  I read somewhere that flexibility is a function of strength rather than relaxation, and since I started thinking of it that way, I feel like I've seen more progress.


Ooh, actually here is a great picture e0KbsAHHKeRmYJ0Uv2Hl7a.jpg:


Now just imagine a little old lady doing this, lol, and that's my mom.


I do kind of believe it's part of a range of motion, though, which does include a squat like the guy upthread on the pot.


The ones that really showed a good pelvic angle were all of bodybuilders for some reason.  But like this

overhead-squat.jpgIf only she weren't wearing heels on her shoes.



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A little off topic but just as a note the heels on the weightlifting shoes are hard (usually made of wood) & are not any higher than regular running shoes but they don't crush & move when a lot of weight is handled.

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so, are those (pics above) the ideal squats for improving bladder muscles? i can pretty much sit on the floor in a full yoga squat (i'm a little too flexible. my chiropractor warned me that i hurt myself without even knowing it sometimes.) so if that will help me with my own bladder issues (esp after i give birth to baby 3), i'm all for it! tell me more?

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Yes, according to one biomechanicist: http://www.katysays.com/2010/06/02/you-dont-know-squat/ 

Not everyone agrees with her, but I've spent some time reading her stuff and since I've been following her posture recommendations, I've seen an improvement - I used to have a hard time peeing through my urethrocystocele (which I had pre-baby), and it's gotten WAY better in the last six months.  I didn't buy anything either, just started doing the stuff she recommends on her blog.  I also do the other squat like the guy on the toilet, but I'm also working towards a feet flat, butt out squat.

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