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Heh, my DD2 was swaddled til she was 20 months old. When she started rolling in her sleep I would just loosen it so she could get out of it easily. Eventually she became too long for my super-sized swaddling blanket so her feet were loose, but I was never successful at getting her to sleep with even one arm out. One day she just decided she was done being swaddled, crazy girl.

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really starting to ponder this all, my twins are 7 months and still swaddled during all nights and most all naps. but my little girl particularly is getting really mobile and can almost flip herself, so the swaddle will need to go. 


a question for those that swaddle"loosely" my gut says that is even more dangerous, cause them wigging out will mean a lot of loose blankets right around there neck and face, what am i missing here?

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(Hi Adorkable- from the 30's TTC threads!)


This is just my gut, but I agree that loose swaddling a mobile baby is more dangerous than tight swaddling a baby that can flip on their own. DD is 9 mo and is TIGHTLY swaddled for all night and naps. She definitely needs it still. We use the velcro swaddlers super tight and she can't get out of them. The looser ones or blankets we've tried and as soon as she can move her arms or hands, they are OUT of there and she's instantly awake. Sometimes she'll wake up in the morning and be on her side, tummy, or back. I don't worry about it. She can turn her head to the side and breathe just fine and there's no extra fabric around her head/neck to get in the way. She can also flip back to her back from her tummy, so it's fine.



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