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Umm.. a day to myself.. never happens. Ok, it did before the baby came when DH would take the two girls at times. When they were gone I: sewed, napped, cleaned, cooked, talked on the phone (something I rarely do), wrote letters, worked on church projects etc. Dh is deploying soon so while hes gone I make sure I get at least 1-2 hours (wake up early/go to bed late) to do things for me like work out, read, shower, take classes, help out at church, sew, knit etc.

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My son's still at home, but I would if I could:



Vegetable Garden (to save on groceries and be able to give away extra to those in need) 

Sew quilts (to donate to kids in foster care centers)


Babysit (if we could use the extra money)


There's as many ideas of things to do as there are people's interests. But you have to find out what makes YOU tick!!  Maybe you could write to the Troops.  Could you teach crochet, or some other skill you have? 


If you want my honest thoughts, I agree with previous posts -- it sounds like you have to search deep and find out what *fulfills* you.  Meaning for example, I crochet and LOVE it SO much that, if I had time, I'd make things just to donate  (small "doll-type" toys to kids, blankets to newborns in need, or lap blankets for those in nursing homes, or hats for those with cancer!)  You know what I mean!?  You just have to find those one or two things you couldn't NOT do :-)   Best wishes!

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This is a great thread! I've been wondering the same thing as the OP. You pp's are really motivating me!


I've realized I need more structure and routine in my life. As a result I've signed up for an online class and have started exercising 5 days a week. Just by doing that I've noticed a huge change in how I feel. We're moving soon, so once we get there I plan to join some clubs and / or mom groups. I used to sew a lot, maybe I'll start doing that again. 

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Have you though about fostering?  They are often looking for people to take care of children who are under 3 as SAHMs are hard to come by.

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the last time my husband and i had a day without our kids, i slept on the couch and he played playstation 3... while sitting on the floor so he didnt wake me up.. sorry im not much help that was the last and first time ive had a day without mine in 2 years.

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I;m sort of in the same situation. Although, I have too many options for what to do with my time now that both kids will be FT school. for me its about figuring out which one is best. As for getting a job: I NEED to be available for my dc before and after school, as well as holidays and being available to volunteer in the classroom. Besides self employment I have not come across any jobs which would pay well enough to be worth it, which I would enjoy doing and has a schedule I can live with. Maybe you see it this way too? As for you not having a car (and if you don't have regular bus service) you need to get a car. My grandma donated her good condition car to a low income mom..... I'm sure you could even seek out a donation of sorts if you can not afford even a $800 car (or car payments). I do hope you not having a car is NOT some control issue of your husband. I personally think it is a safety risk to NOT have a car in your situation. UPS picks up anywhere, maybe you can start an esty store or e-bay? 

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