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Need a new ped! (Raleigh area)

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I just came from our current pediatrician and am fuming!  We have been with Growing Child Pediatrics for almost eight years and now we have to leave. They just changed their policy and WILL NO LONGER BE TREATING PATIENTS WHO ARE NOT FULLY VACCINATED.   I just can't believe it. They have given us 30 days to "get caught up" or find a new practice.  And then the nurse practitioner I saw questioned my religious exemption for school, asking what religion I was, (rather intrusive, I think) saying that since Baptists have nothing against vaccines she didn't think it was valid. WHAT???  I have never seen this woman before, but obviously we won't be going back. I've read all the good stuff about Dr. Young in Cary, but we're in Knightdale. Hauling a sick kid all the way to Cary is not good for anyone. Does anyone know of a good ped closer to eastern Wake Co, or even North Raleigh?






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We absolutely love Dr. Steven Kubicki of Capitol Pediatrics & Adolescent Center in their Knightdale office. We drive all the way there from Morrisville to see him! We also really liked Lisa Smith-Watson, who's a PNP there. I don't know about the whole vaccination thing with them though. To make a long story short, the reason we originally chose them is our daughter had preemie lung disease and had to do a pulmonary function test when we first moved back to the area and he was the only doctor who "read" the results for their practice. After seeing him once, we all thought he was awesome! GOOD LUCK with whatever you choose!

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Sorry you had to go through that! If you send me your email I will send you the list I compliled from the birth classes I teach. I asked my former students who they use and why they like them and then just let my current students have the list to give them a starting point. I think a few of them mention what their doctors views are on vaccines.

I hear Dr. Young is great, it may be worth the drive. Your kids probably don't get sick too often as I'm sure they were breastfed and you keep them eating healthy things!


Good luck

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Thanks for the replies. I've heard others who really like Capitol Peds in Knightdale, too, so I'll stop by and check them out while I go next door and pick up my new contacts next week. I'm still really just shaking my head. We've liked almost all of the drs we have ever seen there, and I signed a waiver a long time ago. It's less than 5 min from our house--but so is Capitol Peds, too. Anyway, it's true that we don't see any dr very often--maybe three or four visits a year total, with three kids--so I'm still thinking about Dr. Young. This just completely blindsided me. Oh well.

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Hi have not heard of Dr. Young in Cary...but am interested. I've been thinking of switching as well. Can someone tell me more? I'm going to look for the practice online right now as well. Thanks!


Good luck with your search. I'm sorry to hear of your experience. I think I would feel pretty blindsided, especially ofter 8 years....



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We LOVED Dr. Young as well as the other doctors in her practice in Cary! Living in SW Durham, it was a commute to see her (about 30-40 min). So, we started to see a ped doc who was only 10 min away and boy do I regret it. She heavily pressured me to vaccinate after my second child was born. I, too, would like to find a new ped doc who is closer to where we live, but is no/slo-vax friendly. If I can't find one, though, I am going back to Dr. Young.

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I just wanted to update:


Today we saw Dr. Patel with North Wake Pediatrics.  She was wonderful and really puts the child first. She talked a lot to my son, made sure he knew the things he needed to be safe playing sports (we were there for a sports physical) and just really seemed interested in who he was, not just in getting the appointment done. She is pro-vaccine, but does not turn non-vaxers away. She was recommended to me by another natural mama, and I think she's a keeper!

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We see Dr. Young in Cary. She was recommended to us by our midwives and most of the mama friends I have in Cary/Morrisville see her. She's very laid back and very good with individualized vaccine schedules, home birthing, cloth diapering, homeopathic health care etc. 

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