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Greenville SC are midwives/birth centers

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I'll be moving from Florida to Georgia very soon, I'll be 30 weeks pregnant at the time of my move.  I've been looking into my birthing options as Georgia is not homebirth/midwife friendly and have decided to travel out of state to TN to delivery with a midwife named Carolyn Drake in her home in Chatanooga, TN, which is about 2 hours and 15 min away from my home.  In my research, I've resently discovered that there are a few birthing centers in/around Greenville SC also, that aren't really that much farther 2 1/2 to 3 hours. 

So I'm wondering if anyone has seen or has any information on any of the following midwives and birthing centers? 

Or even if you have information on the TN midwife that would be helpful too.


Amy LeLand at Blessed Births center

Linda Weaver and Amy Bixby at Labors of Love center

Sandy Glenn at Carolina Waterbirth center


Thanks gals for your help. 

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Sister-in-law #1 has had 1 fabulous birth with Amy.  Sister-in-law #2 drives in from Atlanta to see Amy and has had THREE births with her.  I've interviewed her in the past when I was first starting midwifery and was very very happy with what I saw.

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I'm birthing at Carolina Waterbirth next time simply because they are the ONLY BC in SC that will deliver a VBAC now.  I have heard wonderful things.

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I birthed my son at CWB, and it was fine.  I didn't love it, but it was much better than any hospital.  If I still lived down that way, I'd actually have Carry Collins be my midwife at home.  Maybe she would be willing to find a creative solution for you to birth somewhere in her area (Anderson, SC). 


BTW - I have not heard great things about Blessed Births. 

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VTmamadownsouth...what have you heard about blessed births? would u email me? jesicagoss@yahoo.com... i just interviewed with her last week, shes the only one who will take medicare without extra out of pocket. and i got a good reccomendaion from a friend who went there. i really want to make sure im going to a good place. im 23 weeks pregnant and have had a TERRIBLE time with medical insirance and dotors thus far. please help me out so i dont do all this in vain and it ends up being a disaster as well. grrrrr. thanks!

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I gave brth at blessed births with amy 9months ago. I had a wonderful experence!! We will deffiently going back to her for baby number two! I live 1hour and 30mins away in gastonia and medicade cant be used in a different state so i did have to pay. It was very worth every penny!
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All four of my babies were born with Linda Weaver and Amy Bixby. They have a lovely birthing center in Spartanburg and are just precious ladies!! Susan Smart is also really an excellent midwife who delivers with them.

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