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Need help

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I need help figuring out what carrier(s) to get.
I have an Ergo that I like okay but dont love so I'm going to sell it and get something else. DS is 20 months and 27+lbs. I have a ring sling that I use most of the time but I do like having a backpack type for longer trips. Any ideas what to try next with him?

I'm also due with LO#2 in July and am trying to think of how to carry them both. I have a Moby that I loved when DS was littler, and the one ring sling. There are just so many options it's hard to know where to start without shelling over a bunch of $$ to try everything.
Any ideas are appreciated!
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There are a few baby wearing groups in WA see this list>


Maybe go and explore what they have to offer before making a financial investment.



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