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For anyone who is interested in or is home-educating at the unschooling end of the spectrum, this conference is likely to be a wonderful affirming experience. How often are you surrounded by people who think and live at least sort of like you do, where your ideas are the norm? There are lots of great things for children and teens along with the stuff for the adults- check it out!

Jan Fortune-Wood, author of four books on nurturing children's autonomy
and living by consent, will be the key note speaker at a conference in
Dallas, focussing on ideas of how we live by consent within families. As
well as the key note address, Jan will also be doing four other workshop
sessions and will be around to chat informally throughout the weekend.

The conference is: RETHINKING EDUCATION Conference in Irving, TX

And their website with all the details is at

Conference dates: May 28-31, 2004. Location: Harvey Hotel in Irving,

Jan will have books exploring autonomous education and consent based
living available at the conference, or you can order them online in
dollars at - follow the link on the books page
where you can also find summaries and extracts of the books."