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i'm definitely a minimalist mama, much more this time around than with my daughter. last time, it was my ex-husband who took over and did the Babys-R-Us registration, going around and making Star Trek phaser noises *rolls eyes* oh, i so much just wanted a Blessingway! but i appreciated every little thing we had. with co-sleeping and baby-wearing, it eliminates SO much of the things needed, really.


as a disabled mama one thing i really loved was a Bumbo seat (after 5 months), and an electric swing (not the wind-up kind). my girl's floor-time was mama's floor-time, i filled the floor with carpets and blankets, we had so much fun. as she got heavier in the wrap i had more trouble doing things at arm's length, she'd sit in the Bumbo seat so happily active while i was cooking or whatever, whereas she was passive and grumpy sitting/lying anywhere else. the electric swing was a healthy  essential used properly, she had GERD at 3 weeks (it's congenital, my side) and whenever she was uncomfortable and wet-burping, i'd let her fall asleep in the swing and then i'd take her to bed or back in the wrap with me. her dad would leave her there all day while gaming if i was resting, sheesh.


my point is, the mom's list and the partner's list of things that are "necessary" might be totally different! be sure to communicate a LOT!




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the one baby toy my girl enjoyed the most, i can't remember the name of and i can't find it in a web search!


it was a "ball" made from smaller wooden balls strung together with thick elastic cords, some covered by wooden rods that slide back and forth. it bounced irregularly, it flattened, it was fun to pull on and change the shape somewhat. driving me nuts trying to find it! it'd end up in the bottom of her toy box and she'd rediscover it again, had fun with it even at age 3! she really adored shaking it when she was tiny. i stored it during her front-teeth teething stages, she never tried to bite it for the back teeth but i watched carefully.


edited to say: doh! found it! Skiwsh! geez, i've got swiss-cheese head, majorly redface.gif



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The "Skwish"? http://www.forsmallhands.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1265_1782

It's a great toy - when I was teaching preschool even some of the four year old kids liked to play with it.

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I can't really help with your list because this will be our first time around, but I did want to say thank you for the thread.  We won't be acquiring very much either and it's nice to have an idea of what is absolutely essential.  Our friends are giving us a crib, but that's pretty much the only before-hand addition to your list.  Oh, and I plan on having disposable newborn diapers on hand.


I am a little nervous about what we'll actually end up with though.  "Essential" has very different meanings for different people.

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I'm trying to keep it to a minimum. We had 2 lovely generous baby showers when DS was born. I have saved everything that he used/played with/wore. If he never wore it or used it, I tried to pass it on. DS is now almost 5 years old.


What we will need:

1. Crib - but not until baby outgrows the arms reach co-sleeper. Our crib has been recalled, no repair kit available. DS never slept in it any way. I would like to have one for this baby though.

2. Infant car seat - Our infant bucket seat was a hand-me-down from a relative, and expired a few years ago.

3. Electric breast pump - as I plan to return to work. Never needed to pump with DS and he never had a bottle.


And if it's a girl, some girly clothes! I'm sure we'll get these as gifts.


I have a cloth diaper supply.


We didn't use most baby toiletries... I had them all but all we ever needed was organic baby wash and occasional diaper cream.

In general, I found that we ended up with a lot of unnecessary items.


the only thing I plan on buying ahead of time is the car seat. And maybe some girl stuff at garage sales if we find out it's a girl!

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Someone stole our BOB stroller! We've kept it on the front porch for years. Now it's gone! So bummed, still use it for DS 4yo and planned to use it for new babe as well! It cost close to $500. There are a bunch on CL for $250, so I guess I will try to replace it ASAP. Such a bummer!!!

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Originally Posted by lotus1 View Post

Someone stole our BOB stroller! We've kept it on the front porch for years. Now it's gone! So bummed, still use it for DS 4yo and planned to use it for new babe as well! It cost close to $500. There are a bunch on CL for $250, so I guess I will try to replace it ASAP. Such a bummer!!!

Oh, what a bummer.  I have had 2 strollers stolen, I know that frustration.  I am completely dependent on our stroller --- I walk much more than I drive and need to be able to haul babies and groceries and gear around.  Good luck finding a new one for cheap.  


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who steals a stroller?!? ugh!

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I keep thinking that I am minimalist but looking at my list, it feel a little long.  This is a our fourth baby, so I have a pretty good idea of what I consider my essentials.  This baby was a bit of a surprise for us and I had gotten rid of everything, so I am starting from scratch again.  


cloth diapers (8-10 covers, 2-3 dozen prefolds)

some kind of diaper pail and wet bags 

simple, cotton uni-suits

warm coverall for going outside

warm hats

Some simple blankets to wrap up a newborn


Ergo baby carrier (my favorite of all the different ones I have used over the years)

Stroller for later  (we walk A LOT)

Car seat




Extras, but not essential


Bouncy seat -- this is a garage sale item since my babies only ever used it for a few months, but it was nice to have when we needed it

Pack and play -- I have three older kids and it would nice to have a safe, out-of-the-way place to lay the baby down



For mama:


4-5 GOOD nursing bras

breast pads (I am a ferocious leaker)

several comfy shirts and tanks to soak up all that leaky breast milk and spit up

belly band of some kind (I really like to wear a supportive band after delivery.   It helps me feel 'contained' while my stomach muscles heal)

Lanolin cream

herbs for soaking my bum post-labor

freezer full of casseroles and soups


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Oops.  Totally misread and posted without thinking clearly.  Forgive my stupidity.  

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Ugh. Looks like I'm going to have to get a new wetbag too. Not sure what happened, but when I used mine for wet swimsuits this weekend, it leaked through and the outside (and the floorboard in my backseat) were soaked!

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Originally Posted by Ruthiegirl View Post

I walk much more than I drive and need to be able to haul babies and groceries and gear around.   


My favorite (and pretty much only) use for a stroller: carrying the groceries home while baby rides in the wrap.
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I think I belong here! 


I'm so a simplicity parenting mama.  Haven't even thought to buy a thing for this baby (#2), which is no reflection on how I feel about this babe...just realize how much "stuff" we have in our lives and how much of it is sooo not needed.  That and we do have plenty of "leftovers" from baby #1. 



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I found couple good lists,,,one in baby magazine, another one at parents.com I think I will follow them,,,don't have to much space at home and don't even want baby shower,,,I think i will figure out what do I need after baby is born.

Right now looking for crib and traveling system,,,Thinking about Graco Lauren 4-1

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My wish list:

  1. a wool pad for the family bed, big enough for mine and babies leaks
  2. diapering supplies: 2 dozen fitted newborn diapers, 2-3 small wool soakers, some doublers and fleece liners, 2 dozen small prefolds, (I still have small diaper covers), 2- 3 dozen wipes, diaper pail liner, diaper pail
  3. a few basic baby toiletries (soap, clippers, diaper cream, small soft brush)
  4. wool/silk/cotton baby clothes (hats, sleepers, shirts, etc..)
  5. 2-3 nice wool or silk or organic cotton baby blankets
  6. 2 pairs wool breast pads for mom (I love these!), 2 pairs organic cotton breast pads, several shelf-bra tanktops to wear under shirts and sweaters,  open sweaters and shirts, more washable moonpads, birth supplies.
  7. bassinet, bouncy seat, carseat, stroller, dresser or shelf for babies things
  8. a new sling or pouch or wrap or two : )
  9. joy.gif
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My list keeps growing. DS will be 5 years old when this baby is born.


1. Infant car seat - ours expired last year

2. BOB stroller - ours was STOLEN last month :(

3. Crib - ours was recalled

4. Small fitted diapers vs Flip diapers vs G diapers - my Kissaluvs have bad elastic after being in storage for 5 years


Sigh. It feels like starting over when they are this far apart. And I thought that we had every thing covered!

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