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UBCPF, Snappi, and Aristocrat cover.(he has only worn it once before today, so I thought he should again, and I don't have any fitteds yet to go under it.)
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Happy Heinys stuffed with a microterry insert - LOVE IT!!!
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Dd3 (4 1/2 mo) is wearing a Pink Hawaiian print HH stuffed with a duz-it-all. Dd2 (3 yo next week) has Dora the Explorer panties - we just took her nighttime FB off.
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ellie's in a medium elbee fitted under a alexis featherlite cover, one of her usual combos.
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Kimberly is now wearing a mave colored doodlebottoms pocket stuffed with a infant prefold.

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Periwinkle fuzzibunz with a Joey Bunz hemparoo and a ME terry doubler.
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Austin is sleeping in a sky blue LHC hemp fitted with a ElBee baby wooly bully

Steven is playing his LHC dino AIO
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Saige is wearing a righteousbaby fleece shell AIO.
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My DS is wearing a snappied infant prefold with a red Too Cute wool cover.
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Braden is wearing a green/lime all fleece Dewdrops pocket diaper stuffed w/ a happy heiny's boy stuffin.

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Ross is down for a nap and is wearing a red HH stuffed w/a cpf.
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DS is napping in a FB with 2 JB.
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Ben is wearing a homemade CuddleBuns fleece pocket diaper stuffed with a homemade fleece soaker.
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Eden is napping in a pinned cherry prefold from Christensen Creations and a Marigold Fuzbomb. Dh put it on and it clashes.
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A mudpie babies AIO with aliens playing frisbee!
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Billy is wearing a FCB envelope in a blue windpro.
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Kimberly is wearing a doodlebottoms fitted with a water melon print country cuttins fleece cover.

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Eliot is in a Valor Kids woven elephants diaper with no cover. . .I took it off to measure for a kustom cool cats soaker and then he fell asleep nak!
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milo is fresh out of the bath and in a sammy's one size and and a mama-made wrap soaker made with beautiful dark grapes from holy sheep! yarns.

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Son is napping in a FCB fitted with an extra hemp doubler layed in and a purple wool cover with a big blue star on the butt that I made for him.
DH put my older son down for a nap so he's in a sposie
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