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bry is wearing a cuddlebuns bikini cut and a knit soaker that Muggins&Doody made for him.
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Ryan (almost 4 months) is in a medium "firefighter helmet" Mudpie Babies fitted under a Featherlite cover. I lover Stephanie's fitteds!

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David (2.5) & Sarah (2.5) are wearing cloud9 softies with no covers.

Isaac (4 months) is wearing a medium fuzzibunz stuffed with 2 joeybunz.
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Holden is wearing an Easter print AIO from jack's Magic Beanstalk - and nothing else! He loves to be just in his cute diapers!!
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a little dumplings newborn
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Luke has a bare bum at the moment :LOL

I'm about to put him into a Saturn blue FCB AIO with orange snaps and orange microfleece my fave AIO! I'm about to head to the grocery store
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So, now Stella is wearing a LHC PRR Red Riding Hood AIO... and I love it way too much. I totally see what the fuss is all about, this is a great dipe.
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Kimberly just went to bed in a yellow pul doodlebottoms stuffed with 2 preium cpfs

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Sara has a Sage FB stuffed with a premium PF and Jack has on a LL sidesnap with Curious George! Too cute!
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UBCPF snappied with a Liz's cloth fleece topped doubler and wooly liner, burgundy wool jersey cover from Phunkymama.
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a ME sandy with a stay dry liner and covered by a red wool soaker made from a wool sweater.
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Patchwork Pixie hemp fitted with wool liner and folded up Babykicks duz-it-all for a doubler. Reuseabums recycled wool pants over all that :LOL
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DD is in a pull-up, blech. DS is in a pinned CPF with a polarbabies newborn cover.
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Jack is in an Apron strings and Andrew is in a Gatorbabies.
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Ella is sleeping in a Harleyz hemp pocket, stuffed with a hemp insert, and all wrapped up in her Celtic Wool Creations pink cover
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Alex is snoozing in a teal Fuzzi Bunz with 2 Joeys.
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Belle is snoozing in a Growing Greens with her Kiwipie pink cashmere cover.
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Veronica has on a small purple firefly and a weebee nylon cover.
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Ds(5.5 months)is in a snappied ubcpf and a Bizzy B Hive Tangerine wool cover.
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Owen is wearing a hand-dyed hemp FCB diaper with a Tuesday Bear wool over it.
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