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Tell me about Cleveland,please

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Hi there, mamas! My dh has applied to a job in Cleveland and I was hoping you could give me an idea of the place. All I know is winters are awful lol.gif Oh, and I have an idea of homeschool laws, like testing or evaluation.

How are the neighborhoods, taxes, homeschool and breastfeeding laws, non-vax docs, chiropractors, organic foods and trails and outdoor stuff for the nicer weather, ect.


Thanks everyone!! I'm a Florida girl and the winter freaks me out, as well as the idea of leaving all I know, but life is full of adventure.



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I'm an hour from Cleveland, but Ican tell you there are some really awesome parks out and around. The zoo is fabulous. There is a great store in akron called Krieger's that sells all organic stuff (I love their macademia nuts). Neighborhoods would probably depend on where you go exactly. Oh, there is a place in Cleveland called Westside Market, prices are great for produce and it's all fresh. Highly recommend! That's about all I know.


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I am about an hour south of the Cleve.  I am in Cuyahoga Falls.  It's just north of Akron.  We live in a fantastic are with tons of everything!  Do you know where you'll be moving or is that up in the air still?

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