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My symptoms:

Peeing a lot
Vivid Dreams
Very Thirsty
Tired in the afternoons

With DS I had m/s (more like strong food aversions) from 6 weeks all the way to around 9 weeks and they got less and less and stopped by the 2nd trimester. I haven't really had that yet which makes me nervous (I'm right around 6 weeks now).
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Adamsmama, I also had strong m/s for my first. Mine started about 4-5 weeks and didn't give up until 16 weeks. Now I only have a touch of queaziness occasionally and nothing to get uptight about. It's making me very nervous. Part of me knows I should be excited, but something keeps me from that. I don't have many other symtoms, except painful nursing. Maybe I'll feel better once I decide on my practitioner and have my first prenatal visit.
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I'm also having vivid dreams!! Wow!! Its amazing. I don't have ANY nausea at all. But...... today, I was ABSOLUTELY exhausted. I was taking a class and I had the hardest time staying awake. It was as if I was drugged. Also, I had a slight headache today and one on Saturday that wouldn't quit!
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SUPER tired in the afternoons - UGH! Makes it hard to keep up with a 2 and 4 year old LOL! Also quesy in the evenings....that is all for now. I am suprised to have *any* symptoms this early!
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Well, my biggest symptom...and I do mean biggest -- is my expanding deriere! That's right; five minutes after I got a ++ test, my butt widened by two sizes. My underroos all became thongs, and my thongs...well, you don't want to know -- it ain't pretty! :LOL

Seriously, though -- I am feeling a bit of stretching here and there, constant fatigue, peein' ALL the time, & hungry all the time. Right now I put away a large amount of food before I am "content," but I'm guessing in a few weeks this will change and I'll have to eat tiny snacks all day. Already if I don't eat when I should I feel slightly sick...
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I am only four weeks pregnant with my first, and I feel like I need to pee ALL THE TIME. The problem is that I'm also getting over a UTI (that's how i found out I was pg--they did a test when I went to my GP a few days ago with the UTI).

So I don't know if the peeing thing is left over from the UTI or if its a pregnancy symptom. Is it possible to be feeling that this early in a pregnancy? I should probably just call my doctor.

Also very heavy, sore breasts. That's it so far. My understanding is that most of the symptoms come at around 6 weeks, which is why I wonder if the peeing thing is really due to PG?
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Kaliki, it's probably a bit of both...plus the power of suggestion, kwim? And just to give you a bit to look forward to, I had reoccuring uti's until I got pregnant, but from a week after I found out I had absolutely NO uti's or uti-like symptoms! It wasn't until my ds was about 8 months old that I had any trouble again (of course that's when my diet plummeted as well...).
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woo-hoo! It would be great if pregnancy creates an inhospitable environment for UTI's--they are awful. Thanks!
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new to the Dec 04 club, too.. I am about 18dpo and just found out yesterday, but I should have known. I'm mega tired and pee ALL the time!

At least I know the peeing thing goes away for me soon and I am SOOO thankful that I don't have any ms. Hopefully that will last too!
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Oh goodie...the toothbrush gagging has begun...


Welcome, michray
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Oh Lordy!

The nausea has hit! From the time I wake up until almost four o'clock, I feel quesy. Seriously quesy. As in, I laid in bed, clutching a bucket in case I finally had to hurl. Sniff. I guess it had to show sometime. Never had much more than smell aversions with my first two.
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nothing much here so far, except that as soon as I got over the shock of the bfp, I was STARVING! and then after I ate, I was nauseous. go figure.
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Anyone hungry all the time??? I eat, then 5 minutes later I feel like my stomache is empty/hungry/sick...what is that??!!! This is how I gained 80 pounds with my first dc.
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mamamoo that's how I get. Not truly nauseous, but just stomach obsessed all the time. It's the most perplexing feeling to describe to someone. It is hungry and queasy at the same time. At this point, I am starting to get tired of eating, finding the right thing to eat at the right time. Last night I was in tears over it!! (no hormones surges here.....
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another hungry hippo here...:LOL
i gained 65lbs last time and i'm determined to keep it down this time!!!
the prenatals i'm taking make me really nauseous if i don't take them with meals, and i need to take 4 a day, so i end up eating more just so i don't get sick from the vits :
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Well, I was about to say no, I'm not hungry all the time, but apparently I am...I just had a big bowl of oatmeal & glass of OJ, an hour ago, and I'm hungry again...dangit! The nausea is starting to creep in, too. You know that mucus funk stuck in your throat that makes you want to hurl all the time...I expect it will be my constant companion for the next 4 months. : Ah well...I won't be tempted to over eat anymore...
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Constant nausea has hit here too - no sickness yet, but I think that's mostly because I'm trying REALLY hard not to think about it too long. I also think having my older daughter keeps me a little more busy so I don't think about it so much, but whenever I wake up I'm queasy for about 4 hours, and then when I go to bed I am queasy for a while too. Still really tired, luckily my dd will occassionally nap with me. I've noticed eating more protein helps for a while, then my stomach starts to empty slightly and the cycle repeats. I'm eating more to keep from getting sick, but I'm not really super hungry. Guess I better keep my walking shoes next to the fridge! :LOL
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nausea here too! i didn't get sick at all during my first pregnancy but judging by how i'm feeling now, i don't suspect i'll be as lucky this time around.
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I also am having the hungury but nausus feeling too YUCK! I has alot of nausea with both my other pgcys, mostly at night - but no throwing up. I hope to avoid it this time too!
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Up until today, I have been saying how much better this pg has been than the last regarding nausea, but today I almost threw up and just wanted to keep my head in my hands all day. I keep picturing my baby growing as I feel like this, but I also know that I have about 9 more weeks of this if it follows last pg. I'm finding it's harder with a little one.

Speaking of, my poor girl is sick. She threw up last night and fell asleep on my lap while on the couch. (This girl never falls asleep without nursing, so I KNOW she's sick!) Now, after being so full of energy all day with just a low grade fever, she has a 102 degree temp. Poor girl.
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