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Yes, Mr. June is way better! Cannot wait to get things moving with him! 

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sara  & lise  -- wouldn't that be super groovy if you ended up having babies that were genetically half-siblings???  what kinds of information does your site give you about the donor and do you get to see baby pics or anything like that? 


omom (aka onemommy) -- i hope you don't mind my abbreviating your name into a double  ॐ .  your work sounds wonderful, important and incredibly fulfilling.  i have to admit that i'm envious of your time in ghana; it must have been amazing and lifechanging.  i wanted to go to west africa when i did my volunteer stint, but alas, that's not where i ended up.  all the other volunteers i met who'd been in that region loved it and seemed desperate to go back.  they went on and on about the kindness and warmth of the people.  was that your experience, too?   and, yes, the TWW is a kind of hope-filled, heightened body-awareness hell.  i swear i never felt my boobs (in all their sore, tingling glory) until we started TTC.  hang in there and enjoy the sensory mind-frak. ;)  i hope it all culminates with a BFP :)


afm ... well, i'm only at DPO 10, but i think AF is slowly descending on me.  she's nothing more than an occasional brown smudge at the moment, but i expect the full-on red tide in a couple of days.  meh and meh.   i hope everyone else who's still waiting has better luck this month goodvibes.gif





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greensad.gif about af on the way in, nosreves. Maybe you'll get a big surprise and it is actually implantation spotting you're seeing?!


Afm: CBFM jumped to high this morning and I had better ewcm today. When ttc DD I would have started insem'ing today but with my cycles a bit whacky still I'm not sure I want to jump the gun. I think I'm going to wait until I see Peak on the monitor or a positive opk before starting this time. I'm getting excited to try again though so I may not be that patient :)

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popping in to say yay for high fertility carmen!!!! :)



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Hi everyone! Sorry to hear about the BFNs lately. greensad.gif

CaNanny--how's it going? Have you tested again? We need some veggies around here!

Carmen--that sounds really promising! yay for high fertility!

Sara and Lise--Mr June is totally cute. And hopefully really fertile! I'm jealous that if you both get pg this time you'll know a donor sib right away. That was the saddest part about our first donor not working--we would have known at least two other donor families from this board. I'm hoping we'll be able to meet some for our current donor, but it might take more work to hunt them down.

AFM--ultrasound looked good this morning--one follie at 19 or so, three othres between 12 and 14mm. Waiting to hear when we'll do the trigger.
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Happy Tuesday to all!


Steph:  I am so very sorry about the BFN. FWIW, I think cutting yourself some slack for a while makes a whole lot of sense.  I, too, have put on a lot of weight during the TTC journey.  I am actively trying to shed some of it now but, unlike times in the past when I have tried to lose weight, I am much more focused on eating what’s right (veggies, fruits, whole grains) versus eating less.  Part of it has been taking by acupuncturist’s dietary guidance to heart.  In doing so I have taken off about 8 pounds and would like to shed another 5-7 before IVF transfer late this month. It is a start and helping me feel better about myself.  Happy to be your weight loss buddy if you decide to go for it J


Gelly: I just went through some of the testing you described.  I had an HSG (where they x-ray and send the dye through your uterus and ovaries) is just mildly uncomfortable and very cool to watch! It is easy to see why any blockages would quickly become apparent with this test.  The trial transfer (where they touch the back of the uterus with catheter) was a little more uncomfortable but should allow for a much smoother real-life transfer or so I am told.  I, too, was disappointed when I found out how long it was going to take but you definitely have the right attitude.  Use the time relax and do good things for yourself – including enjoying your birthday to the fullest!!


Lisedea:  Very sorry about the BFN but it sounds like you have a great plan for the coming cycle.  KMFX!


OneMommy:  Sounds like a great IUI experience.  I did have a small amount of bleeding after 2 of my IUIs.  RE assured me it was normal.  Hope that helps.


Krista:  Those odds definitely stink.  But it will turn in your favor.  I hope the time away is bringing some healing with it.


Rainbow:  I can relate!  Hoping the patience fairy pays you’re a visit and makes the tww a little easier. 


Cananny:  Sounds like promising symptoms.  FX for you both!


Sara:  Yay for Mr. June and good news on the job front!


Nosreves:  Hang in there.  Don’t give up hope just yet.  There is much that can still be done and a potential move could completely change the picture for you, right? 


Carmen:  So excited for great fertility signs!


Prettisa:  Very encouraging u/s!  FX!


AFU:  DW started Lupron injections last night.  I was so proud of her since I find the idea of giving myself a shot makes me go totally weak in the knees but she stuck it right in no problem.  We go in next Tuesday for our next u/s to see how things are developing.  Praying that there are no more cysts!  Tomorrow, I start Provera.  We are basically going to have to force an early AF to get my cycles synced with the retrieval on the 21st.  So far so good.  Just trying not to get to anxious about all that needs to happen over the course of the next 4 weeks.

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We r
Originally Posted by prettyisa View Post

Hi everyone! Sorry to hear about the BFNs lately. greensad.gif

CaNanny--how's it going? Have you tested again? We need some veggies around here!

Carmen--that sounds really promising! yay for high fertility!

Sara and Lise--Mr June is totally cute. And hopefully really fertile! I'm jealous that if you both get pg this time you'll know a donor sib right away. That was the saddest part about our first donor not working--we would have known at least two other donor families from this board. I'm hoping we'll be able to meet some for our current donor, but it might take more work to hunt them down.

AFM--ultrasound looked good this morning--one follie at 19 or so, three othres between 12 and 14mm. Waiting to hear when we'll do the trigger.

11dpo and dp doesn't wanna test yet.....but she's been having a sore back..still extra tired, and threw up yesterday and today...if AF is screwing around I'm gonna wring her neck!!!! I agree we need some bfp around here !!!!!
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good morning...


cananny:  ooh..those are some intense early symptoms.  when will your dp test?!?!  tomorrow?


prettyisa:  your trio of follies sound right on.  have you had three mature eggs in the past?  i wonder if your indifference about this cycle working will be just the trick for a bfp?  do you notice many side effects from trigger shots?  i used one another time and don't remember much out of the ordinary--but this time mine's been really messing with my head.


nosreves:  yes, an 18-24 hour work week is my ideal as well!  are your dp and you trying to carry babies simultaneously, or are you waiting to see who becomes pregnant first?  has af arrived?  what are you planning to do this cycle?


onemommy:  apart from the loneliness factor, your job sounds ideal.  when do you do your work and where is your little one while you're working?  i have a sewing studio set up in the upstairs loft of my house and i keep imagining a baby up there on the floor with me, or in a hammock.  my dp has a painting studio in our backyard, and so we often have fantasies of our future child wandering back and forth from studio to studio.  what are your spidey sense symptoms so far?


alpha:  is this your first ivf cycle?  are you willing to implant multiples, and are you interested in having twins or triplets?  my dp's sister implanted two embryos even though her husband was adamantly anti-twins.  ended up with one sticking.  sorry the catheter in the uterus doesn't feel good.  


carmen:  yeah high fertility!  have you insemmed yet?  


afm:  8dpo and i'm feeling really hopeless today.  i don't have any real symptoms, and i'm so used to getting bfn's i can't imagine this time being any different.  dp says i need to believe it worked and be hopeful because thinking anything else isn't useful or helpful.  she had a dream last night that we were in alaska to go kayaking and she was getting all of her kayaking gear ready and was waiting for me.  and then i walked over in my regular clothes because i was pregnant and had morning sickness and couldn't go kayaking.  


i won't test until at least sunday since i had the hcg shot, so five more days of waiting and driving myself mad.  shake.gif

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No peak today on cbfm but high again, tons of great ewcm, sore nipples, cramps and a positive opk. KD is heading over at lunch time! My DP is at work so I'm going solo on this one...I hope I remember how to do it lol

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carmen - good luck and happy insem!!! Yeah! So excited for you!


isa - great news about your follies :)


alpha - thanks for letting me know - it is reassuring to know that others have had bleeding too. I wasn't expecting it and was worried.


cananny - f/x, this sounds good!!!


nosreves - Ghana, besides being a pretty homophobic place, is my favourite place in the world. I wish I could go back a third time but am too stressed about the laws, etc, now that I'm married to my DW. But yes - hospitable, warm is very true. I consider some folks family there. My wife and I both lived in Ghana for a year and our two communities were near each other. They have given our DD a Ghanaian middle name (though they don't know she is our daughter - just my DWs). Now that there are alot of cell phones floating around we hear from them regularly. I hope to visit them soon. We support a great organization working for LGBTQ... rights in Ghana that are moving things along. Very conservative christian though so lots of work to do.


BTW I hope you Af is not around the corner but that it was inplantation. My DW had bleeding at DPO 11 with our first. FX!


rainbowvm - I'm in Canada so my DW took a whole year, and is now teaching 2/3 time (which is half a day if she does planning at home). So we have our DD shared between us each day. I work in the office in the am and she plays with DW, then my DW drives to work and we hang out in the aft. She also has a nap, so I get some work done then.


When she was a babe she was often in a sling or a little blanket ont he floor playing or sleeping in the office. Now she is into tearing things apart and down and so she is mostly not in the office - but I want to set up a space for her now that we have a bigger office space for her art and writing. As she gets older I can imagine us spending time together while I work in here :)


afm -  well my spidey senses are wearing down a bit. Probably my imagination but I could feel pressure on my right side getting closer and closer to what I imagine is my uterus in the first days (each day closer). Today I don't feel much at all. My mom says she could tell by her eyes when she was pregnant (!?) I can't tell if my eyes are different :)


I am enjoying eating protein every 3 hours as recommended by the Brill book. roasted almonds - mmmm...


QOTD -  I could use some of your advice on how to fill the TWW. What do you do? Do you let yourself feel hopeful about being pregnant or do you try to downplay it until you test? Do you do anything special? What do you do to keep busy? When do you test? How often? ANy tricks to pass on?


AND for those who have had DP or have been pregnant - when did you know? Did you feel anything different during the TWW?


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Insem went well. I ended up having to put DD in front of the computer to watch an elmo dvd (we don't have tv and very limited computer/dvd time)...I had it all set up before KD got here. I didn't get to lay around with my legs in the air and then have a nap like I used to on insem days but I think it still went well wink1.gif If my temp doesn't go up tomorrow I'm not sure if I want to insem again tomorrow or the next day. For those of you who have used the CBFM, did you get a Peak reading day of O, 1 day before O or 2 days before O? Off to buy pineapple this afternoon.....


1mommy1mama: My days fly by being so busy with DD so I think my tww will be quite different this time. I temp during the tww so of course I scrutinize each temp I get so that takes up a lot of time each day haha. DP and I try and do fun things during the tww and yes, I tend to get hopeful and feel really positive about it. For me, being negative about it doesn't make much sense.....I'd rather be hopeful and happy for those 2 weeks :) That doesn't mean I don't get disappointed....oh, I do get disappointed! I test at 10dpo.


And, I really felt like I knew early on when I was pregnant with DD. I had been pregnant twice before (m/c) and I recognized the feeling. Hard to describe but it felt the same. Could have been a fluke feeling though!

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nosreves--Yes, it would be super groovy (we were hoping for it to happen with Mr. March..but I guess that wasn't meant to be!). His baby pic is listed and you can get a ton of other info...if you pay for it. smile.gif I figure I have enough info now and will pay if I become pregnant. I will be using fresh from a KD also...so we won't really know if we have half siblings...which is a bit unsettling to me!

Carmen--I never answered you about Vancouver. Yes, BC. It is a bit embarrassing, but I saw something about Vancouver on the Travel Channel (years ago...back when we had tv...) and have, since then, wanted to go. I think the idea of so many different landscapes and terrains is the biggest appeal (one of the reasons why I love the island so much...swamps, beach, hardwoods, inland lakes and marshes, farmland, dunes...). PLUS...it would be nice to have our marriage recognized...Do you live in Vancouver?

1mommy--When I was pregnant (m/c) I was totally caught off guard...didn't expect it at all. I have hundreds of symptoms when I am not pregnant--and the one time I was, being tired and having an extra strong sense of smell were my only symptoms...and it took until the day before I tested to feel them. I really think everyone is different. I am absolutely terrible when it comes to the 2WW so am no help with that...the time that I actually got pregnant, I drank one glass of red wine every night until day 10 (some online doctor recommended it to help implantation) and that helped. I am considering trying that again...but don't know if I should...

CD 5...ordering sperm tomorrow (or tonight maybe...) I am so hoping this is the month. I will be inseminating the weekend of the 10th if all goes according to plan. What do you all think about when we should use fresh and when we should use our frozen IUI? We will have two fresh donations and two IUIs. Should we do both fresh first since they live the longest? Or should we do an every other thing?
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carmen: wahoo! inseming and your cycle both sound great! I'm so happy your cycle is being more 'normal' now! Maybe your body new this was the month the start baby making again?!


nos: yes, you can buy the full donor profile and baby pictures (there is one small, free baby picture) and you can also buy a recording of an interview with the donor and kirsey tests as well (I find them rather boring and weird). You can also have a free 'staff impression' of the guy. He looks rather cute! And I think it would be great to half siblings with anyone on this board! Good luck with AF staying away, I'm with Carmen, its just implantation spotting!


Isa: He is really cute! Don't be jealous! There are NO other people on the sibling donor registry that use our bank. You'll find siblings for your little one, very easily I'm sure! Hooray for a good ultrasound!! When do you start inseming?!


Alphahen: The injectables sound like they are gong well! I'm sure the IVF will too! 


Cananny: Hope the days fly by till she feels ready to test!


Rainbow: Your studio's sound wonderful! I want a dark room in our house, but I need to find someway to set up ventilation for it because the chemicals wreak and are NOT good to inhale! Hope your DP's dream comes true! 5 days isnt too many more days! 


Onemommy: Your spidey senses sound great! Protein every three hours sounds like a lot. Dumb question: do you have to wake up at night to eat too? For the TWW, the first one was aganizingly long, but the second one I was working two jobs so it went by much more quickly. This next one, I'll be traveling a lot so it should go by quickly again! 


Lise: I'll go to vancouver with you! I've wanted to go for ages and ages! Just seems like a great place! I would personally insem with the fresh first and follow it with the frozen (or alternate fresh and then frozen) because the fresh lives longer! I hope this is your month girl! I o'd over the weekend, so right about when you're finiding out you're pregnant I'll be getting ready to pee on sticks to insem! 


AFM: Not getting enough hours at work and I'm stressed out about it. I guess I'm going to look for a second job (or just one where I can be guareteed more hours a week). 









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can i just say DP is CRANKY.. Oh my.. she is a super emotional mess.. Im really going to be having some words with AF is this is her way of messing with us.. 

DP is usually not in funks or moody but today she said shes mad that we are not preg yet and wants to be mad about it.. so Im letting her.. I know this is super stressful for her and Im just being supportive... 


The last few days until we test are going to be long.... 



FX for you carmen.. Great that DD was able to be entertained with some Elmo!



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Alpha—good for you on the shots! My DP can’t give them to me (even the ovidril makes her nervous, and the last thing I want coming at me is a shaky, freaked out wife with a needle in her hand) so I applaud yours for being able to do the deed! No-cyst vibes coming your way!

CaNanny—I agree—those sound like great symptoms!

RainbowValley—Hmm..I forgot that the shot would make pregnancy tests go positive. Maybe I should take one just to see what it looks like for future reference…Never had more than one (that I’ve seen) so it’ll be interesting to see if this round is any different. The shots don’t affect me too terribly much, but I’m notorious for not noticing what medications to do me. Last night, though, it seemed worse than usual. I definitely got really emotional and sort of PMS-y after the shot and then had a hard time sleeping because I was too warm, so I think that maybe I was reacting to the hamsters.

OneMommy—I’m euphoric for the first week and then I get steadily more depressed and whiny. Haven’t found any good tricks to get through that last bit, but I do find pineapple at the beginning helps me count down the first few days. We’ve got two weddings in this one, so I’m hoping that’ll keep me busy/entertained enough to not think about it constantly.

Carmen—fingers crossed! I think rationing tv so you can use it when you REALLY need it is a great idea!

Lise—ooo…I’m going to try the wine thing. It would be good for my soul to have a drink and not feel guilty about it, I think. Other times I’ve snuck one or two and felt bad about it, but if I go in knowing I’m planning for a small glass every night it might make the wait less painful. Also, no good advice on the timing. Are you doing the IUIs at home? I guess I’d do the KD first and last, and the frozen in the middle.

AFM—insems today (in about 2 hours) and tomorrow. DP can’t come to either, which sucks, but the times they had available are both in the middle of the work-day and she has a dentist’s appointment tomorrow so there’s no way her boss would let her take off for two things on the same day. Today’s also the day that our marriage is counted (well, as a civil union) in IL, so we’re officially wives again! I’m hoping it’s a good sign and that maybe our baby was just waiting for a little governmental recognition before joining the family….
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lisedea: Yes, I live in Vancouver...born in Victoria but moved across the water in grade 1 with my mom and brother. I adore Vancouver. It is so beautiful and I love the moderate climate. It's definitely an outdoorsy person's paradise. I have heard nightlife people complain about it in terms of our bars close too early, not enough excitement at night, etc. And of course, there is the infamous rain. But it's not really all that bad actually. I think if you came from somewhere where it was sunny all the time it might be hard yes, but other than that it's bearable ;) The one downside in my opinion is it is VERY expensive to live here for housing.


I hope your insem plan goes as expected! I've never used frozen but I would do fresh first because, as you said, they live longer. Maybe others with more experience with frozen will have some better advice for you though!

sara: sorry you aren't getting enough hours! That would be frustrating when you're counting on it!


cananny: cranky is good thumb.gif Good for you for letting her work through it!

isa: I hope your insem went well yesterday and again today! We are going to be 2ww buddies! And yes, elmo came in handy yesterday...we don't even have cable tv so I'm glad we had a dvd to pop in the computer!!


Afm: Peak on the monitor today! It was SO exciting to see the little egg pop up (it was my first time seeing it) biggrinbounce.gif KD is going to head over again today at lunch time and then we'll call it done for this cycle.

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Rainbow:  I am so sorry the waiting is driving you crazy.  I am strongly in the camp of trying to find as many distractions as possible. I hope you can find some so the time will pass a little more quickly.  It is our first IVF cycle so we are learning as we go.  We have talked a lot about the potential or multiples.  While we are well aware of the extra work twins would be, we do eventually want at least two and the IVF process is so expensive and labor intensive that it might be nice not to have to go through it again.  I am not sure I would want to test the possibility of three though as triplets seem to present a lot more potential for health issues, etc.    


OneMommy:  The tww wait can be agonizing.  I distract myself as much as possible and I also try to wait as long as I can to test as testing adds to the agony for me.  Two things, in particular, seem to work for me (1) I find a project – preferably something that will take several days.  Right now, I am working on a small veggie garden.  Working in the dirt feels pretty soothing for some reason.  (2) I try to do something different. Go somewhere I have been wanting to go or someplace new and soak it in.  Festivals, museums, state parks, concerts all work for me.  Unfortunately, trying new restaurants is a favorite as well but does not do much for the waistline.  Good luck!!!


Lisedea: Yay for more sperm!  I wish I had an answer about how to sequence KD vs. frozen but we have never been lucky enough to have a KD.  


Carmen:  FX for you.  Sounds like a great insemination! I find Elmo pretty mesmerizing myself so I can see how he would be a good distraction.


Sara:  Sorry to hear about the hours L  I hope you don’t have to get a second job!


ISA:  Congrats on becoming official again! I agree that it sounds like an omen of great things to come!


Cananny:  Sorry about the moodiness but I believe it is a good sign.  Way to tough it out!


AFM:  Started Provera today to sync my cycle with DW.  The days pass slowly but we are inching there.  It has become oppressively hot in Virginia but our yard is in desperate need of work so I am going to brave it this evening (as a distraction).  Looking forward to a couple of days at the beach this weekend and some much needed time with the missus.  


Happy hump day to everyone!

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sorry I forgot it was June you guys! Come on over here!

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