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Outdoor Exercise in humidity

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Hi All!


My family is moving to Maryland.  Coming from up north, this means shorter winter for me which is great.  However, I learned that summers are very, very humid.


My question is, do you exercise (like running 30 minutes or more) outdoors, or is it too humid/hot.  I would like to train for a triathlon and/or a half marathon.


Should I look for a house near those wonderful paths, or should I find I house that can accommodate a treadmill/exercise equipment?


Which would you choose?


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We have code yellow days where they will announce on tv that those with breathing problems should stay inside. I used to workout a lot, pre-baby days, and never had a huge problem, most people exercise outside either early morning or late evening. My BIL is from New york and a runner, and he has run around here during humid days, but he runs everyday.


Not all summers are humid. Last year was a fluke with how hot and humid it was. It's usually not too humid until late July and August and maybe first few weeks of September. Just try to keep the workout around the cooler times of day. Usually around 6-8pm it gets better, humidity wise



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Wow, you are a fast responder!  Thanks for the reply.  That makes sense.  I am glad to hear that the humidity does not make it impossible to go for runs.


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Basically the same thing here. My husband trained for a marathon over the summer, and I have spent many summers working outside all day long in the heat and humidity. But, intense exercise is best done in the early morning (which I think is best) or in the evening. And you will sweat--a lot. But I would definitely go for a house near some nice trails if I were you!

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You can definietly exercise outside in summer here, but mornings are best.  I say live near the paths/trails!

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Why not both?
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