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Erie, PA midwfie

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hello ladies! i just found out I am pregnant, and am in need of a midwife!  Any recommendations?   and please ignore the random "he" that is at the end of my message.  Firefox does not seem to be playing well with MDC right now. He




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I think Valerie Monterrey is still in that area? She's good people. :D

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I am going to see Kim Bennett, at least initially.  There doesn't seem to be many options.

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I second the recommendation for Valerie Monterrey. She's in Erie...dove charity homebirth services. She's a wonderful midwife!

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I had the baby, and really enjoyed Kim's services.  She was helpful and lovely. And she got me through my birth completely unmedicated.  Even when I was acting silly because I was in pain, she told me I could do it just like I wanted.  She was stern with me when I was in labour, but in a good way.

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