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VBA2C in Dayton Ohio?

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Hi Ladies! I'm posting for a friend who just found out she's pregnant with her 3rd baby. She's interested in a VBA2C and I know that she'll need to switch to a doctor who is supportive of VBAC to make that happen. Does anyone recommend any doctors in dayton who would could help her with this? 

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AFAIK, Dr. Horlacher and Dr. Guy both do VBAMC. I personally know a mama who has had 2 VBACs after 2 c/s who sees Dr. Horlacher. While I love my OB (who is very supportive of VBAC), she personally isn't 100% behind VBAMC, so I can't recommend her in this situation.

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If she doesn't have luck in Dayton, Dr. Mark Landon at Ohio State will support VBAmC.


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