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A 5-month old kitten

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My daughter brought home a small kitten one day that was supposedly the runt of the litter.  This kitten claimed me as it's owner & from day one, it has tried 'suckling' on my neck, which I cannot tolerate.  I saw the term 'wool sucking' used on another site, meaning kittens are weaned too early from their mothers.  This kitten is now going on 6-months old & still tries to 'suckle', especially when he is tired or sleepy.  My question is How Does one get a Cat to stop this annoying habit???  Any suggestions welcome!  Thanks!


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You have to gradually get her attached to another object, like a stuffed animall or small blanket.
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hot sauce perfume? Just put him down when he does it.  My cat did until he was like 3 years old and the only reason he stopped is because he was banned to his own room where I'm not around often because he can't stop peeing on everything. :/   I think it's an old wives tale about early weaned kittens have a need to nurse on anything. I also think it's mostly a male thing. I have another male cat who nursed on his father's tummy until he was over a year old but never on me. I have girl kittens who nursed on each other.. actually they're a year an a half and I caught one nursing on her own tummy the other day. It's just a happy thing they do when really relaxed. I personally don't mind it but if you do just keep setting him down and he'll grow out of it. Get him a soft blankie and a teddy bear of his own.

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Yeah, I've only ever had tomcats do it. My old brindle cat used to suck his arm. My ginger stripe cat loves my armpit, but it doesn't bother me. He sneaks up in the middle of the night when no one else is awake, like he's ashamed. I think it's adorable. But I get that you don't.
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I think it's both personality and early weaning that can cause this.  Just like our fourth child who weaned at 4yo, later than the others, and tried to pet my breasts and get in my shirt for the next two years.  (She still likes to touch/talk about my breasts on occasion.)  Just some combination of her personality qualities IMO. 


We have an adult female calico who still sucks on wool and hair (dh's beard) and has a bit of a button fetish as well.  She very specifically loves real wool in sweaters and a mohair blanket we have.


If she bothers me I put her down or move her away from me.  If it were personal and persistent I'd probably try to find her something as a substitute, but she already likes blankets and will sometimes love on the sweaters when I don't have them on.  I am not sure since skin is your kittie's tactile preference what might work as a substitute, though.

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