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Back pain and babywearing

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We're looking for a carrier for my husband with sacroiliac joint problems.  Anybody out there with this problem that found a comfortable carrier.  I already have a ring sling and pouch sling that I don't think will be suitable.  Thanks!

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i have an old herniated disk so babywearing was very hard for me. the wraps worked the best at the onset but once the kid hit 12 pounds or so, it would stretch, baby would hang too low and not close to the body and it would huuuurt!


i ended up getting a mei tai by maya wrap which i found to be the perfect solution for me. it hugged tight like a regular mei tei AND it has the wide wrap-type shoulder straps that distribute the weight over a larger area. plus, it's easy to do back carries with mei tais which is easier for us bad-back types.



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I'd never seen this Maya wrap before.  Thanks for the suggestion!  I'm wondering if any of the soft structured carriers like ergo, bebo or olives and applesauce are suitable for someone with back pain as well--sacroiliac joint to be specific or are the straps still not wide enough?

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A family member of mine has had 3 back surgeries (I think something to do with the discs) She has worn both of her children from birth to 3 years old in a wrap similar to Moby or EllaRoo.  She says this is the only carrier she's found to work with the back problems she's had.  I think the trick is making sure the baby/child is nice and snug to your body.  If the wrap starts to stretch so that your child isn't close anymore, you might need to try a woven fabric as opposed to a knit fabric .  I really like wrapyourbaby.com  as a tutorial on new carries using a wrap.

Good luck!!!

PS, I think it's so cool your husband is willing to wear his baby...there's not much cuter than that! thumbsup.gif

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I have a lot of back pain from the epidural and some days its so bad I can't even pick up my son. I guess it doesn't help that he's 23.6 lbs and has been since about 6 months (he's almost 1 now.) So, I've tried an EllaRoo, Moby, Mei Tai, Ring Sling and finally a Ergo. And I have to say that the Ergo is by far the best as far as support goes. I can carry my son for hours and my back doesn't even hurt. We often go on hikes and that doesn't hurt either. So, I'd definitely say spend the extra money and buy an Ergo. It's worth it.

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i'm not sure if the straps haaaave to be wide...just that the wide straps helped with weight distribution for me. an ergo might work great for him since it is easy to load them in back carries in that thing.

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I have scoliosis and the Beco Gemini is the most comfortable carrier I have. It has wide straps that criss cross on your back so the weight is spread evenly. It is super comfy and quick on and off. I can wear it for hours and not have any pain. If I wear my mei tai or ring sling longer that about an hour, I'll start to feel pain from the scoliosis.

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