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spiral scout alternative:  kamana.org -- i've thought about doing this program but i think it would be more worthwhile with at least a few other families.  most of ds's friends just aren't into this sort of thing.


ds graduated from kindergarten on friday.  still waiting to hear if he's being considered to the alternative school.  but my mother is soooooo peeved that we are even considering something other than public school (she's a retired Canadian ps teacher - that Canadian part being somewhat important)


Aeress - i hear ya on the "i'm not on MDC so often".  i'm not at all liking the new format.  or the ads that slow down the browsing.  and part of me wants to teach younger moms all about how to search archives.  "young lady, meet google.  google, meet young lady."  the new MDC users probably have grown up with google.   and it isn't like MDC archives aren't searchable without an account.  maybe i'm just getting impatient and cynical in my not-quite-crone years.


but still... DoK mentioned a few posts ago about incorporating more spirituality into daily rhythms.  Does anyone have suggestions?  At mealtimes, do you use the same prayer every day?  What other ways to incorporate spirituality?  I grew up going to church once a week but otherwise that was largely the "spirituality".  It was more of a thing you had to do than something you wanted to do.  Though I must admit, I went because of the music (I was in the choir) and snoozed during the spoken parts.  But now it is a struggle for me...  I'd love ideas.

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Wolfcat, I'd love to make the stepping stones to sell. That was my first and only so far. I have so much that I want to do, but I think it will be more realistic when the kids are older. I can barely steal five minutes, let alone enough time to make a mosaic! I make jewelry too, but the little beads are too much to keep track of right now.


Daisy is almost ready to walk & gets into EVERYTHING! She is so funny. Prahlad is fascinated with playing "little baby" lately. He pretends to nurse & asks for diaper changes, etc,etc. It's driving me kind of crazy, but I'm trying to just let him get the attention he needs that way for now. I hope it passes soon though. He has also developed a new unreasonable terror from having a bug near by. Even a little beetle. *sigh*  And somehow the other day, he managed to pee on his forehead, hair, clothes and the door. We were at my friends' house & I had to give him a bath and clean up their bathroom. It's really all worth it.kid.gif

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Hi all! treehugger.gif


Last day of the month... June will be another very busy month... I need idea for the Solstice... beside eating strawberries. lol.gif  Something simple enough to be done during the week as the week-end before and the week-end after are already taken... Any idea?


DD2 has her first wiggling tooth... If I can go to the bead store before she loose it, I'll get special beads to leave under her pillow from the Tooth Faery. I already have Faery Dust. loveeyes.gif



No signs of Faery Circle in the yard yet...

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Mornin' Glories!


It's going to be a long day, fingers crossed it goes well.  I've already burned through my spoons I think.  Or at least the ones related to being calm/cool/collected/sane.



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Morning Dear Ladies! We had a really nice time with my fam yesterday but then we brought home, cranky, sneezy, hot children. Allergies are bugging all 3 kids, and it was 80 some degrees in their room when we got home, so we had to put the air in. They are in good moods so far, which impresses me, since I am exhausted. We plan to relax and do some math today.


June meal ideas- all grilled or food from the garden? So, strawberries, salad with whatever is ready, and maybe some grilled veg seasoned with basil, oregano, onion, garlic and olive oil? This sounds good to me for the entering of summer.


Clay- is Tor teething by chance, getting his 2 yr molars?



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Clay, I sure do hope you can find more spoons, because it's early still!


tomorrow, we're headed to Maine, up past Bar Harbor a bit. My aunt is there at the house now, and she told me last night that there are newborn baby robins under the porch. I can't wait to show my DD. She'll be so thrilled! We'll be up there for about 10 days, and we'll have to go to the library and internet cafe if we want to go online. I think I'll have to dig out an answering machine to bring because my friend is technically overdue (she's 41 weeks with her first), and honestly, I was hoping the baby would be born by now. But she went offline suddenly last night while we were talking, so I hope something happened! But if not, I want to know as soon as possible.


Okay, I'm rambling. Everyone have a nice cuppah of whatever your fav morning drink may be, and enjoy the day!



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Originally Posted by witchygrrl View Post


What about school choice, though? If the town can't provide services for Roo, then the town should pay for him to go to another school elsewhere. Have you tried that tack?



We've been trying that for months.  We even hired an attorney.  The attorney ended up telling us that it will be VERY expensive, won't be resolved before September, and there's no guarantee of winning.  


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Incorporating spirituality into daily life:  I've decided that I'm going to blog about it.  Once I've posted it on my blog, I'll let you all know.  smile.gif

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teething- I'm not sure about the molars, but he does have four other teeth breaking through.  But these dipes are more like the ones he had with rotovirus... just nasty nasty mucus and gas you can hear from the next room over.  It's gross and unfortunately in the last week or two he has been fascinated with poop so if the diaper isn't removed within seconds of his making a deposit, he starts trying to get his hands in there to see what there is to see!  Ack!


The temps are into the 90s now and I'm dying... I hate humidity and heat, and today is a big ol one two punch.  I'm drinking non-stop (which means my bladder demands its due every 20 minutes or so) and keeping my hair wet to cool down but I just can't seem to reach that "not flushed, not dizzy" zone of happiness.  Thankfully the kiddos are calming down a bit, but it's been a long long day.


Maybe spirituality in every day life would be a good camp topic?  I still have my Spiritual Home binder on the shelf from a few camps ago...

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I know in a few weeks I will be too hot all the time, but here it is still cloudy and 60 degrees all the time. greensad.gif I want some sun!
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Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali View Post


We've been trying that for months.  We even hired an attorney.  The attorney ended up telling us that it will be VERY expensive, won't be resolved before September, and there's no guarantee of winning.  


That's such a UAV.


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