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Qatar 2011?

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Anyone?  We are moving in 6 weeks to Doha.  I have 2 boy ages 5 months and 4 months.  We love to meet other AP moms.

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If anyone is in Qatar we are here and would love to find other AP moms out here. 

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My husband is considering a job in Doha. We're just looking into it and I thought I'd learn what I can. Can you tell me something about your experience there-- what you like/dislike? How has it been making friends there? (I have two kids, ages 2 and 5.) Thanks in advance! 

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So far not to bad.  We have been here about 6 weeks.  Ramadan was not fun at all.  There is basically nothing to do during the day for that whole month.  The first thing I did was joined the Doha Mums group and that helped.  I also joined the home school group although that one hasn't been very active during the summer.  I hear that it will get much better for everything once summer is over.  Alot of people leave Doha for the summer.  We have made some friends already and I have had some luck finding moms that are more open minded.  We are even working on organizing a small AP group through Doha mums.  My husband wants me to put my sons name on a waiting list for school for kindergarten and I have yet to find one I like.  I would much prefer to just home school because the schools here tend to be very academic from what I have seen.  A lot of them follow the British system. 

We live in West Bay at Pearl Qatar which I love!  That part is awesome! 

I find it weird that there are so many people working here that get paid next to nothing.  You can get someone to come clean you place for 4 hours for under 30 bucks.  There are lots of people that have live in help which cost around 400 a month.  I still haven't gotten my drivers license and we have been having a driver take me.  I find that weird too. 

Oh and if you come here planning on having more kids they will have to be born in a hospital.  Homebirth and water birth are not allowed.


Hope that helps.  Let me know if you have specific questions and I will try and answer them for you.


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Thank you so much, Melissa! It sounds really interesting and I know I'd love to meet you if we end up in Doha! I will keep in touch (and ask more questions) if this job works out for us. I wish you the best! -Lisa

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