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i'll be full term in like 4 days. yikes!!! there's only a few things left to get on the homebirth front, like pads and the birth pool (the midwives are looking after that though) and...i have to fix some cloth diapers and pick up some others. oh man. this lady on freecycle is giving us 24 BUMGENIUS that have only been worn for 8 months...isn't that insane?! i am so excited!!!!!! we should be good on cloth now, we'll have 32 BGs and 6 fuzzibunz i think and about 10 other ones...that seems like enough i hope. at least for now. we've never fully done cloth before so i'm a bit nervous but it can't be that bad...right? especially in the summer, lots of air drying outside. should be a good time. that being said...i am still in shock that our baby is due in like 3.5 weeks...and the midwives don't think i'll make it to 40 weeks. man...i could be holding a baby this month?! crazy.

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Every single day I wear down just a little bit more....I really don't know how I will be able to function in 6 or 7 weeks.greensad.gif

DS has decided to flip a whole bunch lately too. My midwife isn't worried because he keeps flipping so she thinks he'll go head-down when he needs to....but it's PAINFUL and annoying.

I also have a yeast infection I'm working on getting rid of. Whee.
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Ugh, I'm sorry, SpiderMum.  If it helps any, I've had up weeks and down weeks, and my pregnancy doesn't seem to be taking me in a direct downward direction.  I hope the babe settles and the infection goes away fast!


Yesterday, I had awful back pain and I am pretty sure the baby was OP.  Today, I've had belly button pain and I can feel the baby's spine again.  I am not entirely sure what is worse, :)


We had a bunch of people over on Saturday evening--the first people invited over to our new house.  I was sore and tired at the end of the day, but at least my bathrooms were cleaned, my kitchen mopped, and most rooms reasonably straightened.  It felt good to go to bed after all that.


My goals this week are to get DD's room ready and wash and organize baby things.  Today we were prepared to go to the mattress store and pay $260 for a mattress set and frame, but on our way to church, we saw a practically new mattress being sold in someone's yard for $80.  Then the free bunk bed my parents were handing down to us turned out to be really pretty and didn't even need us to go buy the frame or box springs.  Yay!  I hope to paint her dresser, wrap and set up her mattress, paint picture frames and hang pictures, and put her things away.  I'll be on the lookout for cute sheets, a good curtain option, and maybe some cute knobs for her dresser.  She was so cute tonight wanting to sleep on her new mattress, but we don't even have sheets, so we'll see what we can come up with by tomorrow!


On the baby things front, I was so disappointed to find that the sweet white bassinet that I used for DD (and sewed a natural fiber mattress for) has been ravaged by squirrels in my parents' shed!  So frustrating!  I will see what I can do to repair it; it seems to be mostly the outer lace that was attacked, but still, I feel like I don't have time for this!  I did buy an arms reach co-sleeper, but I am getting nervous about it because the vinyl covered mattress for it includes the supporting board to make the whole bed work.  I don't like the thought of putting my baby to sleep on vinyl, but the wraps for it are $41 (not sure if shipping is included) and the organic replacement mattresses are $120 (plus shipping to Alaska is atrocious!). I could make a mattress out of cotton batting, like I did for the bassinet, but I don't know if it would be supportive enough.  Anyway, I KNOW I'm over analyzing this, but who knows how much it matters?  Anyway, it will be fun to wash and fold the baby things and I have a little dream of setting up a little girl and a little boy's layette (sleeper, hat, blanket, socks, etc.) for our little one right after the birth. :)


Anyway, I should go to bed.  Five weeks to EDD and three until I'm safe to home birth (theoretically).  I'm just praying that when this baby is ready, I will be too!  Hope everyone feels good and stays productive!  And Smokering, I wish I could share one of those yummy cakes you're making this week!

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I'm not sure if I'm excited or terrified that May's here already.  We still have SO much to do, and I'm so dang TIRED.  I'll be "term" in 8 days, but have been in denial the entire pregnancy since both girls came at roughly 41 weeks.  And then I have a day like Saturday, where a simple trip to the grocery store takes 2 hours because I'm contracting so badly that I have to keep stopping, sitting down, leaning over the cart, and breathing through them and I'm not sure I'm going to even make it to 40 weeks, let alone go past the EDD this time.


This weekend was definitely busy!  Tracymom, I'm SUPER impressed with your yard-sale!  I've had stuff set aside for months & months with the plan that I'd do one ... sometime.  This weekend I snapped.  I made up an itemized list for tax purposes and carted bags & boxes of stuff to Good Will on Saturday.  I have more in the car today, and expect that there will still be more to come.  We just don't have room in the house to store anymore crap that we're not using, or planning to use in the very near future.  Sure could have used the extra cash, though.  :/  I'm hoping that, if we keep LOTS of receipts for donations, work expenses, medical stuff, etc., that it'll all add up come tax-time next year.


I decided I'd try to stock the freezer with some baked goods this weekend, to help out in the just-after-birth days.  I made a triple-batch of whole-wheat biscuits, half of which didn't last the weekend.  The other half is hanging out in the freezer, ready for baking.  I've never tried freezing this recipe, so some time this week I'll pull a few out and test them.  I also made a double-batch of ww pumpkin-choc chip muffins, half of which lasted until last night.  I pulled the rest out this morning, thinking that they'd at least be breakfast for the kids for the week, but they BEGGED me to let them take the whole batch to daycare to share, and I relented.  I'll be baking more muffins tonight.  Lastly, I tried a new recipe for sandwich bread, which never actually rose like it was supposed to.  :(  It still tasted good, but definitely NOT for sandwiches,  So after spending the morning trying the new recipe I spent the evening baking a 4-loaf batch of my stand-by bread.  Out of those 4 loaves, 1 MIGHT make it to the weekend.


Stocking my freezer is HARD!  I'm gonna have to make bigger batches of ... everything.  dizzy.gif


OH!  High heels!  I tried so hard to wear my cute platform sandals to my friends' wedding last weekend.  DH and our girls were both in the wedding, so we got there 2 hours before the ceremony was supposed to start (it started 1-1/2 hours LATE).  I was in flip-flops before the 1st hour passed.  I live in them now, and just don't care anymore.  :P

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Josie, I am with you on the vinyl. I am going to cover the pad with another pad I made out of organic hemp batting. I can't afford the organic mattress pad for it, so this seems like the next best thing.

Smokering, I wish I could come to your playdates! Homemade cake sounds divine right about now eat.gif

Ryleeee, that is an AWESOME freecycle find!! I am sure you will be totally set - it sounds like you will have a LOT of diapers!! You will be able to get away with washing every few days - nice!!!

heathenmom, I have been trying to motivate myself to get my freezer stocked. I wish I had the energy and forethought to actually get it done. Maybe you have inspired me into action!

So let me ask you guys about this - I am thinking about sending out an email to friends and family asking for help when the baby comes. I know a lot of people who would probably be able to help out, but might not necessarily feel comfortable contacting me right after I have given birth. I am feeling like I need to reach out this time because I am a little scared about how overwhelmed I might be. Would you feel weird about receiving an email asking for food, company or what-not?
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I'd be totally okay GETTING (and responding to!) an email like that, but I'd feel weird sending one out.  But I'm way-too-independent-for-my-own-good like that.  bag.gif  I'm very lucky that I have family and friends who know me well enough not to wait until I ask; they just do stuff.  LOL

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Originally Posted by tracymom1 View Post

So let me ask you guys about this - I am thinking about sending out an email to friends and family asking for help when the baby comes. I know a lot of people who would probably be able to help out, but might not necessarily feel comfortable contacting me right after I have given birth. I am feeling like I need to reach out this time because I am a little scared about how overwhelmed I might be. Would you feel weird about receiving an email asking for food, company or what-not?

you could set up an online schedule like the one from http://takethemameal.com/. you could also include in your introduction letter that you would also appreciate company, help around the house, whatever, from anyone who wants to stop by.


i would not at all feel weird about receiving such an email. i think it is awesome that you want to ask for what you need. many people are not able to do that. and it helps people who want to help, to know what to do, how to behave when they drop off a meal, etc.




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Definitely feeling the strain...headaches and cramping and all around yucky feeling. Waiting impatiently for the mail to get here. I'm ready for this pregnancy to be over. It's officially that point. It is very apparent for me that my body can not handle anymore babies. I'm content with this.


The restlessness is what gets me the most. I remember feeling like this when I went into labor with my daughter, and that coupled with my multiple dreams of going early, turn me into a mess.

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I realised today that the baby could come this month, and it's making me nervy. I'd rather go slightly early than late (my EDD is June 9; my birthday's June 17, and I'd really rather not give birth on or near my birthday!). My productivity has tanked of recent days due to depression, so I'm not exactly plowing through my to-do list. :(



I really don't want baby arriving in June actually. MIL's birthday, that passed away last June, is the 7th. She died on the 10th and I definitely don't want that day. Dh's family think that would be great, but the only time I speak w/ them is if we are there, they never call, FIL never calls us. My mom's birthday is the 9th as well. She is not close to me, she has chosen that over the years, into my brothers instead and she would be all excited about baby being born on "her" day. Quite selfish of me, but I am thinking of willing baby out, LOL. 


My productivity is pretty much nothing. I sit and direct. I can barely walk. Baby is very low and I can feel the head just inside. I don't recall baby being so low at 33 1/2 previously, this seems sooner. 


The snow is still lingering and it is cold. Just going to to sit by the fire today.


Oh, dh's jury duty request for postponement was denied, so now that starts May 18th. I am so annoyed and frustrated about it. I hate stuff hanging over me and not knowing how it will play out.


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We are using a bassinet for several months in our room. It has a vinyl mattress as well. I don't like vinyl either, but baby sleeps on a sheepskin over that so I feel ok w/ it. I definitely cannot afford an organic mattress. That is my biggest purchase left, two sheepskins, otherwise just a few birth odds and ends.

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I wanted a sheepskin SO bad with dd#2 (didn't know about them with dd#1); that may be my one splurge with this baby.  They're just so dang snuggly!

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Thanks for the suggestions, I think I will just add a thick baby friendly layer over the vinyl mattress.


Ryleeee, I missed reading about your amazing freecycle find!  Wow!  I am really impressed.


TracyMom1, definitely ask friends and family for help!  I think people really, truly want to know your wishes and how they can help.  I love going over to see new babies--I don't even have to hold them, but it is awkward if I don't know what the mom really needs and wants.  I am thinking of making a kind of home birth "order of events" plan for family because it will be so counter cultural (in my circle), I am not sure if people will know how to respond.  For example, would my mother be willing to fix some food quick after the birth?  Can my dad bring DD over and let her come see her new brother or sister without my young uncles trooping in at the same time?  When do MIL, FIL, and the rest of the family get to come by?  And so on.  Where the pug dog goes, when and where DD goes after the birth, who is bringing meals (I think the ladies in the church will have that covered, but I may make an additional request for snack food as well--muffins, fruit salad, cold veggies, etc. If I'm not organized enough to get those ready myself).  Then I am going to sit back and try not to worry about all the ways the plans go awry, but I think that things will be smoother for all if expectations are set out in front of everyone.


Wow, everyone sound like their bodies are really getting ready for birth!  Two weeks ago, I was sure I was going to go early, but now things feel a lot more normal. I'm thankful, but I sure wouldn't mind my body doing a little birth prep so I can have a faster labor!   DH says that me going into labor on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend would be perfect. :)  I don't think I'll go at 38w5d, but who knows!


So, last night, after staying up to write on here, I took my vitamins, minerals, fish oil, etc. right before going to sleep, because that is the ONLY way I can take most of them without loosing my cookies.  But about an hour later, about 1:30 am, our smoke/CO detector started to go off.  DH and I assumed that the battery was dieing or something, but he went to go check it out.  He stopped it once, but when it started again 10 minutes later or so, he got a little more concerned and took it apart to read that the beeping was actually the CO detector going off! (Remember, we are in a brand new -for us- house).  Now DH and I are really awake.  Of course, we were groggy and foggy headed and trying to decide how to determine the danger, whether to call the gas company or 911, what to pack, and where to spend the rest of the night.  DH went through the house collecting CO detectors and plugging them into the area right around our bedroom door (the first one had gone off in the room next to ours).  When he had accumulated 3 working CO detectors and none of them were going off, he determined it was safe enough to go back to bed.  The funny thing was, when we went back to bed, DD, who had been asleep on a toddler mattress on the floor, was sound asleep in the middle of our bed, but neither of us had moved her there.  The sad thing is that because I hadn't slept through the digestion of my vitamins, I then spent the next 20 minutes throwing everything up again.  :(  No fun, but at least we didn't all die in our bed!

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Ah, Josie, what an AWFUL way to spend the night!  (hugs)

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Wow, I have a lot to catch up on!


Spidermum, I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling yuck. Dealing with the aches and pains of the 3rd tri on top of a yeast infection sounds like Hell to me. I hope you're feeling better soon!


Josie, your bed/mattress find sounds amazing! I just love getting good deals on things. The vast majority of the furniture in our house is either free or was bought on CL or from garage sales. Several things were even found on the curb in front of houses in the neighborhood. :)  I'm using a pack'n'play for the first few months and just covering that with a couple of cotton sheets. The nice thing about the PNP is that the mattress isn't vinyl. But I will need to put down some kind of protector for when baby makes a big mess all over it. It's bound to happen sooner or later. I would think that covering the vinyl with a few layers of cotton or something would be fine.


Tracy, I totally think you should send an email out asking for help for after baby is born. I'm one of those people that would love to help, but I feel kind of awkward asking because I don't want to impose on a family with a new baby. Even though I know that most of my family and friends would welcome the help, it's still kind of uncomfortable to just put it out there. I would have loved to have gotten an email with a schedule and suggestions on how I could help.


Sarah Lynne, I'm feeling the restlessness too. I feel like there is so much to do and not much time left to do it in. Coupled with the fact that sleeping is uncomfortable and difficult and I can't seem to turn my brain off, it's been a disaster over here in the sleep department lately. I think I'm going to have to take some melatonin at night for a few days to be able to get some better sleep.


Erigeron, HUGE congrats on your graduation! You must be so excited! I know that I would be beside myself with happiness over finally reaching that point. And hopefully the baby will wait until afterwards so you can be there and walk and fully participate.


Annabelle, I'm sorry you're hurting so much. Having baby be so low at this point is hard. This guy is lower now than any of the previous 3 were at this point in pregnancy (33w5d). It's definitely putting more pressure on things, like my bladder, and it's uncomfortable. The only reason I can still walk is because of the chiropractor and the exercise ball.



I had my 34w MW appt today and it went GREAT! I seriously adore the MW that I saw today. Baby's HR was 159, my BP was 122/70, my weight did go up about 7 lbs since my last visit (according to their scale, which is WAY different from what mine says) which freaked me out a LOT, but my MW wasn't concerned. Baby is measuring at 34 weeks and he's vertex with his body on my left side. He's been in that position for at least 3 weeks now and I'm really hoping that he stays there! I think my deep squats while weeding and hip circles on the exercise ball help keep his head pretty far down so I'm going to keep doing that stuff. The MW and I also talked about my visit with the OB/medical director, which was 2 weeks ago and went well. I told her that he had suggested a few interventions in case we needed to speed labor up and I had told him that I didn't want them (AROM and pitocin, specifically) and that he was fine with whatever I wanted. She said that since I'll be up and moving around or in the birth tub that those things aren't really necessary anyway and she has the ultimate confidence in my ability to give birth however I need to. I just wanted to KISS her!


She also said that one of the 3rd year OBGYN residents (of which one is my sister) said that she thought the residents needed to do a rotation with the midwife group. My MW said that she thought that was a fantastic idea and that if the resident's director was okay with it then the MW group would be on board. I think it would be awesome if they did that because they're so steeped in the culture of risks, problems, interventions and surgery that a few months out of that and seeing normal births would do them a world of good. The other thing that my MW said that she talked to my sister about (which I've been doing for years) was the fact that if the OBs have a more hands-off approach then the patients that come see them tend to be more educated, more informed and generally less work overall because they know what they want and why they want it. That makes for a better practice overall, and the OBs won't get left in the dust. It's a valid point and I hope that my sister and the other residents really take it to heart. Options in birth are a good thing for mommas, babies, nurses, and MWs/OBs.


I have my first of two finals tomorrow morning, so I'm going to go study some. It's been pouring down rain since around 1 am the night before last so at least that helps me feel like there's nothing better to do. :)


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Wow! So much is going on! 

I'm going to give a big hug hug2.gif to all of you who are feeling "not so great" and a big high fivethumbsup.gif to those who have accomplished great things so far! Graduating, amazing furniture finds, baking yummy things:)... sounds like Heaven to me :)


Definitely feeling super pregnant. My legs are just ridiculous. The muscles are so sore ALL the time. My feet hurt, my sciatic is out of control, there is no sleep happening, and I can only eat about one meal a day without feeling like I have swallowed a cow. I just don't remember feeling this bad with DD. I remember feeling super tired and fat at about 38-42 weeks but at 33-34?? no way. It takes all I have in me to get through my to do lists and even then I just lay in bed exhausted with charlie horses and RLS.


I'm due June 15th-- went 3 weeks late with DD.... so I don't know what will happen with this babe. The BH's are sometimes teeth grittingly painful. It's funny to watch me go about my day I'm sure. All weekend while working on the house projects, I would have to take a mini break and let the contractions roll through...it's almost like labor that comes and goes--- not fun at ALL!

I definitely do not want this baby to come out until June. AND we have a big party for DD's 2nd bday all planned so after that would be nice :) I honestly can't imagine going early.... but then again (if it weren't dangerous for the baby..etc) I have been imagine just popping him out now and THEN getting on with the things I have to do hahaha


The labor dreams have started. I suppose it's the looming thoughts that stay with me pretty much all day. DH doesn't seem to have this panic feeling like I do about getting the house finished. He can lazily go about things and I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I just really need a handyman to come over and do whatever I say for about a week. <---- That would be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but unfortunately DH doesn't want to spend the $$ :(  I AM going to schedule a carpet shampoo (the upstairs bedrooms and the actual stairs are carpet) and start interviewing a cleaning service to come RIGHT before and then about every 2 weeks after the baby gets here. If we are going to be showing this house for a few weeks or months... I need HELP! And it will nice to have someone fulfill my need to have everything scrubbed and cleaned.

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Just came back home from what, for me, was a mammoth day out. Playdate with a friend, library, kids' clothing shop, lunch out, MW appointment, supermarket. Now I'm absolutely zonked, but proud of myself - I had to drive to two new places today and I didn't get lost! (Well, I thought I did at one stage, but it turns out that if you just keep on going, usually everything works out OK.  Not always, as I learned over Easter... but usually.)


Nothing much to report at my MW appointment. Fundal height is now 36 weeks (I'm 34); BP 108/70; baby is still vertex and anterior and all that good stuff; and I briefly met the backup MW. My next appointment is with her, so it'll be cool to get to know her a bit; she seemed lovely.


Singing group tonight! I think DH's best friend is going to quit. There are six of us - four girls, two boys (including DH), but DH's friend has been shirking the last several practices, and apparently doesn't want to come any more. I feel a bit bad, but the guy refuses to practice or learn even the most basic elements of musical theory (by which I mean "this note is twice as long as that note", nothing exciting), and pretty much just sings what DH sings, but won't sing anything by himself, like if the tenor part splits briefly... it's frustrating! So I suspect he won't meet much resistance if he decides to quit. bag.gif The fact that I don't make dessert any more because of DH and Flatmate being on Atkins might also have something to do with his quitting... he comes over for dinner every Tuesday night after choir. :p


MaryElizabeth - wow, that sounds unpleasant! I've never had painful BHs. Do you think you might go early?

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I'm due June 16th

. I have feeling terrible. more so then with my first boy! my legs hurts so bad. my back hurts soooo bad when im walking. i can't even het off the couch or out of bed without the DH helping with an extra push. haha. Im tired all the time!!! and so ready for DS to get here!! its coming so fast. By the way how long does the nesting stage last and what does it usually mean. like I have been non stop cleaning and resorting everything non stop for two days. i even put together the baby nursery together and set up all the beds and everything all by my self while DH was at work.am i nesting, if so does that mean i may not go full term?

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Originally Posted by yongestoneof2 View Post

I'm due June 16th

. I have feeling terrible. more so then with my first boy! my legs hurts so bad. my back hurts soooo bad when im walking. i can't even het off the couch or out of bed without the DH helping with an extra push. haha. Im tired all the time!!! and so ready for DS to get here!! its coming so fast. By the way how long does the nesting stage last and what does it usually mean. like I have been non stop cleaning and resorting everything non stop for two days. i even put together the baby nursery together and set up all the beds and everything all by my self while DH was at work.am i nesting, if so does that mean i may not go full term?


It sounds like you're having some sciatic pain from your nerves being pinched. I get that really bad during pregnancy if I don't see a chiropractor regularly.


Nesting usually starts in the 3rd trimester, and can last for a week or all the way up until baby is born. It's different for everyone. It sounds like you're nesting. It's also in different forms for everyone. I tend to scrub things and bleach them and I want our garden areas to be totally free of weeds. One of my friends bakes like crazy. Another one has to wash windows and mirrors over and over again. Usually there is an aspect of getting the baby's things ready as well, since the whole nesting thing comes on from an uncontrollable desire to make the home ready for the new baby.


There is no connection between when you start nesting and when baby is born. I usually start my nesting insanity around 33 weeks and I always go full term with my babies. Some women don't start nesting until later, some don't start at all. I enjoy the nesting urge because it helps me get things done that otherwise wouldn't. But it drives my kids crazy because I want THEM to nest too! lol


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Nesting!  I am in that awkward phase of having the overwhelming Desire to nest, but missing the compelling Urge to get off my butt and do the things on the lists I'm compiling.  32 weeks now, so I do have some time to get it in gear yet...


My mom threw a baby shower on Sunday, and it was nice!  Lots of dainty treats, ladies chatting in a circle, bunches of useful and thoughtful gifts.  Rounded out the small diaper stash, got some wool breast pads, a few really cute baby shirts, handmade blanket, diaper sprayer, other neat odds and ends... Feeling really lucky right now to have a good circle of support.  Shower was mostly because my mom moved to town since DS was born and didn't get a chance to host a shower for the first baby.  I do think everybody had a good time, so I tried to get over the awkward feeling of accepting gifts.


One month left of the twice-weekly kid invasion - I host a co-op playgroup.  In June, I'll be able to clear out all the stuff we use for that, and will have a lot more space and time to prepare for baby.  Desperately looking forward to that.  We've been doing the playgroup here for 2 years, and it's really been good as a source of income and social outlet for DS, but he and I have both been weary of it for a few months now, so I'm glad its time is almost up!  Someone else will take over in another location.  I asked DS if he would like to go to playgroup at someone else's house this summer, if I wasn't going to be there the whole time.  He gave me an offended look, and declared "No!  This summer I am going to stay home and hold Rabbit in my lap."  Sweet little big brother!


Taking the car in today for repairs and state inspection.  DS and I usually make a day of it when we get the car fixed, as there's a 1/2 price books and a thrift store around the corner.  But he's still asleep, and it's 9:30!  Time to bang some pots around, put on the dancing music...

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Jenni--- right? Why can't everyone else be nesting too?? haha  I nest forever, I have to have everything clean, I end up buying a ton of extra stuff---> this time I'm obsessed with diapers! Too bad my nesting can't perk me up all the time... but the spurts that come are amazing!

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